Address: Sorella Chelsea Buma
Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli (RM)

Address for the mission home in Rome:
Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome RM

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 3--Relying on the Lord

OH my goodness i dont even know where to start this week.  Mom, thank you SOOOOO much for the package.  Sorella simkins didn't get anything from her family so the party favors were perfect!  You went above and beyond just like always.  Thanks though for real.  I know that meant so much to her.  When i have a chance i will print off pics of our party and send them to you.  it was great!  So, this week has been a crazy week.  I hit rock bottom last tuesday.  We had a devotional and i felt so inadequate.  it was terrible.  Such a good talk but basically he was talking so stern to us the ENTIRE time and i guess i am just too sensative.  I also was dealing with a sinus infection that night and had the thought of having to leave because of my back (don't worry it really is doing good the thought just crossed my mind.).  THis night seemed like the worst thing ever.  However, little did i know the lord had his hand in the whole thing.  I was walking back to my room and ran into Tyler, bryce's friend that works here.  I saw him and totally lost it.  I just cried to him and he took me aside and talked to me.  I needed to see him that night.  It was the first time and i had seen him and it couldn't have been more perfect timing.  It was such a testimony to me that the Lord really cares so individually for all his children.  He knew that is what i needed that night to get me through.   Tyler also came and found me the next day and gave me a blessing with elder vitali to get better quickly.  I am 100% better now and it is great!  

So later that night, after i saw tyler, i prayed probably the most sincere prayer i have ever prayed.  I was broken.  I needed the atonement to heal me and help me know that with the lords help, i am adequate for this calling to be a missionary.  It was amazing, i said amen and the exact scripture i needed came to my head.  "Peace be unto thy soul, thine adversities and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment..."  That passage.  It was amazing!  I needed that testimony that not only does the lord hear my prayers but he is ready to answer us.  SInce that prayer, my week has been great!  It still is the hardest thing i have ever done but i know i can do it.  I know while i am here in the MTC it is going to be so important for me to really learn every day a little bit more how to use the atonement and turn everything over to the lord.  I don't do this work by myself.  i need to learn how to really do my best and then put the rest in my savior's hands.  It is something that is crucial for me to learn and remember throughout my whole life.  

So about my infection really quick.  I felt sick for like a week and finally my branch president told me to go to the health clinic and get taken care of.  I thought they were just going to tell me that i had a cold and to wait it out.  Nope, just a nice little sinus infection.  i got some antibiotics and a blessing and im good.  SOOOO much better. 

I also had an interview with my morning teacher that i love so much earlier this week.  its was so comforting.  he promised me that my italian would be better than his when i get home.  i need to hear that.  As much as i try and not worry about it, i do because i know that i need that tool when i go to italy and bring HIs children unto christ.  The lord knows when i am going to learn italian though.  I need to remember that he is the one that called me to italy.  1 Ne. 3:7.  the lord wouldn't command me to do something that he knew i coudln't do.  So i will keep working at it!  and i know he will help me and give me words when i need them.  My teacher also told me that he can tell i am genuinely trying to help my companion.  He told me that she is different, we all know that, but all we can do is love her.  Its hard.  I love her though.  And each day it gets better.  She just needs to learn and take advantage of the MTC.  She thinks the time here is worthless for her but really the MTC is not about the language.  There is so much we can all learn here and she just needs to catch the vision. 

OH and this week the italian zone all sang the efy song (sisters in zion and armies of helaman) in sacrament and in the departing missionary fireside.  it was the coolest thing ever!  Oh my there is so much power in that when you have 30 missionaries singing it!  The older 2 districts left to italy today.  That was weird.  now we are going to be the old missionaries when the new ones come in in 3 weeks.  I don't feel like we will ever be at there level but hopefully we will be close!  They are all going to Milan so it was sad to say bye to them!  

Ok, now some business.  Dad bob, i don't knwo what to do about the W2.  ... Someone at home, can you go in my room, get in my scripture bag and get the $40 out?  I forgot to pay my tithing!  I just remembered yesterday.  Anyway, if you could get $40 in for me that would be great!  Also, dad rick, could you type up my call story from mark and send it to me?  I just want that to be something i have with me my whole mission.  I would appreciate that so much!  OH and sometime could you send me a pack of socks before i go?  Just some white ankle ones.  i have already lost 2 pairs ahah.  I don't know how i thought 6 pairs was going to be enough for me.  Thank you all for the support and letters you send every week.  I really can't tell you how much it means to me to hear how life is back at home.  it makes it so much easier.  It sounds like everything has been good this week.  Io so che la chiesa e vera!  I love you all so much!  You are the best family anyone could ask for!  keep writing!  Have a great week and i will write you next tuesday!  Sorry they are always so random.  and im sure i miss so much every week!  The timer is so intimidating though!!!!
Sorella Buma
P.S.  i hope park city was fun and that you thought of me while you were gone!  I want to hear about it!  OH and also, i haven't been able to get letters since friday so if i didn't answer questions or anything im sorry!  I will write you back next week!  Hopefully i get a lot of mail today from the weekend :)  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!  and MISS YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 2--Still loving the MTC

Hey!   How is everyone?  Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for the Valentine's day packages!   It seriously felt like christmas!  The mail place was PACKED.  It was so funny.  I think i have enough chocolate for a long time ahah.  its great!  Mom, everyone loved the cookies.  thanks for doing that!  It was really great for everyone to have something that was personalized cause not everyone recieved and package from their family!  First off really quick, could you guys send me some stuff?  I need some tanktops.  like 2 white and 2 black?  mediums?  That would be great.  I also want some Bath and body works antibacterial hand sanitizer, baby power or baking soda for our shoes, and one of the sisters in my zone has a birthday on the 19th.  if you could send some birthday supplies before then that would be great.  even just like party hats for us to wear when we sing to her.  I would also love if you could print the talk "the love of god" by elder uchtdorf and send it.  that would be marvelous!!  

Ok So really quick about my week!  I still LOVE the mtc.  its interesting that i really do feel like this is exactly when i was supposed to be here.  I know that i was meant to have my teachers.  Espeically my morning one.  he brings the spirit so much and really says something everytime that i needed to hear that day.  We have taught investigators twice now.  it is a really cool experience even though i get SOOOOO nervous everytime.  we have only taught in english so far but we have to contact in italian.  it freaks me out so bad.  My italian has been slow since saturday.  I guess i feel a little stuck.  I know that i need to put more trust and faith in the lord.  he has called me to italy and will help me learn the language in his own time, in his own way.  Patience.  Man, i am learning so much of that here!  I really can't tell you all, though, that even though it is so hard and frustrating because i don't understand a lot of what my teachers are saying to me i am so happy.  I really thought i was going to get here and struggle.  Its cool how different it has been.  The spirit is so strong here as many of you know!  I dont' even know how missionaries don't love it here!  I know im going to be sad to leave it.  I love being around missionaries every day and learning from them.  

Our teacher said something really cool earlier this week.  he said that missions are something we earned.  Heavenly father has known me so much longer than 22 years.  this was something i was called to do so much longer than a couple months ago.  Anyway, it just so amazing to think of it that way.  That this is SUCH a privilege to be here serving the lord and preparing myself to teach the people in italy!  I can't wait!  

Oh, total change of subject but reemember the random photographer?  KSL has been here all the time filming and taking pictures of us.  They were at every one of my meetings the first day.  I guess the special between conferecnes one day is going to be on the MTC.  SO you will probably see me!  Don't forget ok!  I want you to watch and tell me what they did.  its been funny just sitting in the cafeteria and they take all these random pictures.  That brings me to my next point!  

The food, hahah.  its not terrible but i know i am going to be so sick of it.  Every meal they have a salad though so thats at least a pretty safe option.  I weighed myself today... no weight gain so far.  Hopefully it stays like that:).  

Some have asked me what a day is like at the mtc.  So here it goes.  Wake up at 630, breakfast at 700, lunch at 1130 dinner at 430 and pretty much everything else is class!  its crazy!  We have teachers like 5 hours a day but that differs.  and we always get an hour break to go to the gym but the time differs on that.  when i first got it here i was blown away at how much time i was expected to just sit and study.  Now i wish that i had double the time every day.  I don't get to accomplish everything i need/want to to do!  I really didn't think i would get to that point so fast!  

Oh and i have a kinda funny story.  So i was laying in my bed on friday night, in my night gown, writing in my journal.  I hear the intercom come on in my whole building, "Is there a sister chelsea buma?"  I ran out and the guy on the intercom said i needed to put some sweats one and come to the front desk to pick something up.  Well, apparently if you over night things they make you get them that day.  I had class so i couldn't pick up my package that day before the mail room closed.  Everyone was  asking me what was so urgent that i go get.... haha oh just a valentine package from my mom... anyway, i LOVED the package and pictures but if it is possible, try to not send them over night just in case i don't have time to get them that day.  

Oh and i wanted to ask if any of you have ideas of how you got into houses when you were tracting.  Apparently you have to be pretty creative so i wanted to hear how you did it!   I think that about does it for me this week.  I am taking a walk around the building with my comp every hour cause im really scared about my back.  I hope that helps but it is just so much sitting.  Do you think sitting on a pillow would help me?  It doesn't kill or anything it just gets sore.  

Thanks again for all the support everyone is giving me!  I love hearing what everyone is up to!  Its great!  It sounds like everything is going ok!  Send everyone my love and know that my prayers are with each of you every day!  Im sorry these emails are so random but i just have to throw it all out there in the short amount of time I have!  Io so che la chiesa e vera!  Keep writing!!!  
Sorella Buma
P.S. Thank you brynne and brooklyn for sending me pictures!  They are hanging in my room next to a picture of you!  Love you so much!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excerpts from Chelsea's first letter

Believe it or not Chelsea only had 30 minutes to read emails and write her letter and this is only excerpts. I'm amazed at how much info she packed into it.

HELLLLO!!!!!   I can't believe i actually get to write you today1  This has seemed like forever waiting to talk to you!  I have so much to tell you and there is a clock counting down my minutes.  Its stressful!  So I LOVE the MTC.  I was really worried about coming here and not loving it.  Its really cool to be around so many missionaries though. The spirit is really strong.  All the Italians are really close.  We sit together to eat every meal.  So not only am i getting to know my district but also all the other italians.  There aren't that many though, i would guess there are like 25?  Something like that.  Elder Vitali is in my district!  He is a way cool Elder!  In fact, i love all the elders and sisters in my district.  There are 4 of us girls and i love them.  Only 8 of us in the whole MTC are going to Rome.  Isn't that crazy???  We get 18 new rome missionaries in march though.  Well, my second night here i got called as the coordinating sister.  Kinda like the zone leader.  It was SO humbling.  I really don't feel like him qualified to be a leader of missionaries but i am going to do my best!  Since i am the CS, I felt like mom on Sunday cause i was literally in meetings all day. I was supposed to not end until 630 but i decided that i am going to the last meeting next week.  It teaches us what to do when new missionaries come in and stuff.  Cause ill be the sister that is in their meeting and teaching them what to do/expect in the MTC.  Right now i have 8 sisters that im over but we are getting more in march.  I think.  Elder Vitali is our district leader so i have gotten to work with him a lot.  Its been really good!  And we have the best zone leaders. Emily, i am watching out for you! haha.  Oh and really quick, i saw Kevin sunday before he left.  he is doing really good and is so excited to be going to Germany.  He will do great!  Ok.... There is just so much to say.  im sorry this is just random but i have 20 min left.  its scary.  So about my companion.  Its sister lewis who i knew kinda from facebook. 

There is another sister in my ward, Sorella Bishop.  She reminds me of Allie Morgan.  She is way shorter though haha. 4' 9''.  We have really hit it off.  We both have needed each other so much cause her companion is the other one that speaks italian.  We were laughing together so hard last night.  its fun to have her!!!  I really think we will be friends for a long time.  She is going to Milan though :( so we are going to write and keep in touch.  The language.... whoever says that its easy to learn italian is crazy!!!  Im definitely not doing amazing but its coming slowly.  I can say a very simple prayer and bear a simple testimony.  I can also do an easy contact.  I just need to practice is so much more and not get discouraged by my companion.  Both my teacher and my branch pres said not to worry about that though.  They say im doing just fine and understanding plently.  My teacher said in 2 weeks ill be able to understand almost everything he is saying!  So we'll see haha.  Ok so my teachers.  My first one is fratello silva.  SUCH A SWEET GUY.  he knows laramie!  i really love him.  he brings the spirit into our class so strong every time.

My other teacher is great too.  Much more language oriented though.  So its a really good balance.  We are in a pilot course or whatever.  My teachers only speak italian to us.  Sometimes they will say a word or 2 in english just to make sure we know what they are talking about.  fratello silva talks in english more because he is testifying more and wants us to really understand.  I love that.  its frustrating sometimes when they are talking and talking and i have NO idea what they are talking about.  im sure its more frustrating for them though cause they can't get their point across.  Oh and i taught my first lesson yesterday!!  

 I am so happy here.  This won't come as a surprise to anyone but i threw up the first morning and felt really sick the next 2.  I don't know whats wrong with my tummy but i think when im stressed thats my reaction.  I feel great now though.  I love being a missionary.  I am so excited to teach others what i know.  I know i already said this but i love the MTC.  it really is the greatest.  I have only been here a week and i know ill be sad when i have to leave.  I am so excited for Sara and Mary to get here!  2 weeks Mar!  I know they are going to love it.  its really fun even though you are working so hard and are tired.  How is everyone though??  From the letters i have gotten it sounds like everyone is doing well.  Thanks for your letters by the way!  I love getting dear elders.  I get them every night at dinner and it makes my day!  Please keep sending them!  I love hearing how every one is.  I hope you know that you are all in my prayers every day.  Its hard being away from home but i know that we will all be blessed for this.  Em, have fun at sweethearts!  Im not sure when it is so i wanted to say that.  I still have a couple hours to write letters so everyone be looking for some in the next few days!  Thanks again for your love and support.  Im so lucky to have so many people praying for me.  I will write every tuesday and thats the only day i can write letters but don't let that keep you from writing me more:).  I love you all.  I hope you know that i know this is the true Church.  I will talk to you sooon!  Have a great week!!

Sorella Buma
p.s keep using dear elder.  I like not having to read emails cause then it doesn't take away from my 30 min to write.  Plus i get them right away.  thanks again for your letters.  I hope all is well in Sandy and Winston-Salem! oh and im sorry this is such a random email.  Ill try to be more organized next week when i write

For those who don't know what she means by dear elder: is a service for missionaries that delivers letters at the MTC for free (and some missions). Follow the link, choose "write a letter," and put Chelsea's name in the form. Her mission is ITA-ROM and her departure date is 0406. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Into the MTC tomorrow!

Chelsea's mission journey begins tomorrow as she enters the MTC. We thought the family and friends would appreciate a place to come and check out how she's doing, so I set up this blog. I will post pictures and letters from Chelsea here as a way for all of you to keep up with her.

Here's one of her official mission pictures.
We are so excited. She's going to be a great missionary. I've included her email address and street address just under the title, so don't forget to use them. I know she would love a lot of mail.

If you have any questions, or requests, just put them in the comments.