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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 11--Falling in love with the people

Hello everyone! 
Well it has been another good week.  I feel like i always have so much to say, it stresses me out.  first things first, this is the Bay's address.  i didn't get to see sister bay at  church this week because she was sick but her family was there.  they all said they had been waiting for me.  and they are having us over for easter dinner.  im really excited.
The Bay Family
Attn Sister Chelsea Buma
PSC 812 Box 3360
FPO, AE 09627
That should be it.  it looks really strange but it should be alright.  it should be great.  and i can send stuff home safely through the base too so i will have to send a little package in the near future.  mom, i have something that you are really going to like.  actually i havent bought it yet, but you will love it i think haha.  something that you have been missing for awhile. 
Ok, so the week.  first, during personal study the other day i read about Abinadi because we were teaching a lesson about his sister to a new convert.  in Mosiah 15: 5-7 it talks about christ and all he did/suffered for us.  leaving to come on a mission was hard.  leaving my family and friends.  its a constant struggle with focusing on the language and feeling like you are really doing all you can do.  but, not matter how hard the day is, it just will never compare to what our savior has done from us.  his mission was so much harder.  and he did it because he loved us so much.  its something that i cant understand but i really hope that is something i come to know better.  i want my relationship with my savior to grow and i want to be able to love more like he did.  i love this easter season.  Everyone is turning more to christ.  we taught a lady last night, a less-active, and we talked about the savior.  she left our church and returned to the catholic church and is pretty hardcore catholic now.  it was cool, though, that even though we dont attend the same church anymore, we share a strong love for our savior.  i loved seeing that.  now, i just wish i knew enough italian to figure out why she stopped coming to our church and stuff...  hopefully with time:).
I think i told you last week about sofia, the investigator we found through english course.  she is AMAZING!!!  seriously.  we watched the restoration movie with her last visit and she wanted her sisters to come and watch it with us.  it was great!  and then after the lesson she was so excited to pray and show her sisters how we pray.  she takes it very seriously.  one of her sisters seemed to be really receptive to our message and i think that she will continue learning.  the other sister was harder to read so it will be interesting to see if she comes to our lesson tomorrow.  i sure hope so.  oh and yesterday, in english course, we asked if anyone would offer a closing prayer and she raised her hand!  it was soooooo cool to see.  we are going to invite her to be baptized tomorrow because it is a mission goal to have a baptism date by easter.  i am nervous but really excited!  i love her so much.   its interesting that that love really does come.  she is the first person i met and fell in love with in italy and i have loved being able to see how the spirit has been able to enter into her life.  she will always have a special place in my heart.  oh man, its great!
next... this is more of a sad story.  we went on base friday night to teach melissa.  it was my first time ever meeting her.  we went with bobbi, she is also in the ward.  she is the one we had p-day with last week.  she is so cute and brings us american food. we have good milk right now:)  its so great that i can actually eat cereal.  i dont like the milk they have here.  its only the shelf kind and its SO nasty.  so ill keep having american milk until im forced to make the change.. haha.  so we sit down and before we even got started in a lesson, she said that she didnt want to keep learning about our religion because she had thought about it and wasnt going to be able to live the word of wisdom.  more like she just didnt have the desire.  it was SOOOO sad. sister pearson was so disappointed.  she only has a glass of wine once in a while and coffee.   just sad that even though she knew it was true, that was stopping her from being baptized... oh well.  my first drop. 
umm... oh ya, on sunday, church was about to start and the bishop came and asked if i would bear my testimony!!  it was SOOOOO scary.  i really cant speak italian well.... haha.  it was so simple but i did it.  i had to bear it in the english ward too.  that wasnt so bad.. haha.  i really have learned to appreciate having the ablility to easily communicate with people and share my thoughts and emotions....
to those reading this who have served a mission in italy, i am really starting to see why it is so easy to fall in love with italians.  they are the funniest, most passionate people i have ever met.  more than me, they dont know how to talk in a quiet voice.  they just get so into everything they are saying.  in lessons a lot of times i dont know what they are talking about and sometimes i think they are mad or something but no, they are just talking and they just get really into it.  haha.  i love them.  the old ladies are the funniest.  relief society is just so funny.  everyone has something to say and they say it loud enough so that if someone else was already talking, they are the one that is heard.  its great fun!  so different from our wards haha.
OH and this is just a funny story.  so after i had been here for like 3 or 4 days, i decided that i should probably do my hair for church...  well, we have a blow dryer in the apartment but not a straightener. so i got out my converter and my straightener... and well, it melted haha.  it is now just sitting our balcony because it was just melting.  ahaha.  so i havent really been able to do my hair.  i need to get a straightener but my companion always forgets.  i remind her but i dont want to be annoying about it.
Well, i think thats it.  thanks always for your love and letters.  it means a lot to me.  seriously!  oh and i meant to say this forever ago but thank you kristi for being such a good example.  i got to see the YW broadcast and i felt so proud to be related to you.  that was really cool!!  Tell all the grandparents that i love them so much!  thank you g'daddy and g'mamma connell for sending me a letter and the picture and bookmark!  it was great to get some actual mail!   i love you all so much.  I miss everyone so much but im enjoying serving the lord.  I just want everyone to know that they dont have to go through this world alone.  i cant imagine what it would be like to not know or feel the love of a heavenly father!  cant wait to hear from everyone!!! 
Sorella Chelsea Buma

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