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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 12--Easter and Pasquata

Hello family!
   I hope everyone had a good easter.  Sister bay in the american branch gave us easter baskets so something to open on easter.  we got necklaces that she made.  it was so cute and made not being with family a little easier.  I took pictures but i forgot my camera so that is a problem... I will remember next week!  or at least try!  It sounds like all is well at home and that everyone is doing good.  I love wednesdays and hearing from my family.  Thanks for the emails!  They are great!
    We had a great week!  We had a goal to have a baptism date by easter and we did it!  First we invited Sofia to be baptized but it was hard because we couldnt say an actual date.  she is leaving to go have a job interview in Rome and we dont really know what her schedule is going to be.  She said that when she knows its right she will be baptized but there isnt like a set date or anything.  She is great!  She was baptized catholic when she was 9 and studied with the nuns.  She understands the apostacy and agrees with it but then doesnt understand that she wasnt baptized with the right authority.  So that is where we are at with her as of now.  Our next baptismal invite was with Giorgia.  She is 11.  Her parents are members but her dad is not active at all anymore.  Her mom really wants her to be baptized so she started having the missionaries come over and teach her daughter.  So, Giorgia wants to be baptized really bad.  She knows the church is true.  THe problem is that they want the dad to baptize her and that is a problem.  Apparently he left the church because he was offended so the bishop told us to go about this really carefully and not to be too pushy with them.  Giorgia wants to be baptized in June once school is out so we just need to get her dad on the same boat.  I just dont think they understand that he isnt worthy to do it...  Oh well!  Heavenly Father has a plan.  I hope that her dad can get his act together though.  I dont know who else they will allow to baptize her.  Then on saturday morning we went with the anziani and taught fillipo and patrizia, a married couple.  It was so great!  The spirit was so strong and we asked them to be baptized on may 28th and they both said yes!  it was the coolest thing ever.  From the minute we started talking to him, he was crying.  the spirit was just there.  he had been to our church 2 weeks before and said that in his heart he just knew it was the right church.  we went and taught him again yesterday and he committed to stop smoking and live the word of wisdom.  So we will be helping him a lot with that.  his wife wasnt their because their daughters baby is sick in the hospital.  Apparently she smokes more than him and he was really doubting that she was going to be able to do it.  We are going to go back there this week and talk to her about it.  I really hope that through the atonement, she is able to stop.  and i really hope that she is at a place that she wants to stop and has that desire.  anyway, that was great!  they are amazing!  I cant understand him much because he speaks a lot of sicilian but i see the spirit working in him through his eyes.  its the most amazing thing to watch!
     OK, what else... So the day after easter is as big of a holiday as easter.  They call it Pasquata i think... something like that.  anyway, the members were at the church eating and stuff from 10am to at least 530.  it was crazy!  i cant believe it!  We were at the church till 1230 and then went to a less active families house for lunch and then went back to the church for our district meeting.  And the members were still there playing Chi voule essere un mormone... haha, who wants to be a mormon?? so great!  The italians are a good time!
    Oh i have to say this before i forget.  we get to skype for mothers day!  Im really excited!  we are going to the Bays for it.  We are going to be there after church so about 5 my time.  I will email next week with exact times but PLEASE set up a skype account.  Do whatever it takes and buy or find a camera and microphone for the computer.  Test it out and make sure it works.  Plus this way its free!  its gonna be great!   Im soooooooo excited.  Send me your schedules and i will see which family is best to call first. 
     Ok well i probabaly need to get going.  I have more to say but i will add it to next weeks email.  Just know that we drive a HUGE bus around. haha.  well the elders do and it makes for some pretty funny stories!  Also, i have thought a lot about pontius pilate this easter.  I really have learned a lot from his story.  HOw often am i like him and know that i know christ is my savior but dont actively stick up for him when everyone around me believes differently?  I really have tried to be more careful of that.  To be actively standing up for Christ all the time.  To make sure that I am really trying my hardest to show him i am his disciple by being 100% obedient, as much as i can, and trying to act as he would.  anyway, that is my little lesson i learned this week from the scriptures.  I hope you all had a great week!  Thanks for your letters, as always!  Get skype and ill give you details next week!  love you all!!!!
Sorella Chelsea Buma

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