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Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli (RM)

Address for the mission home in Rome:
Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome RM

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Mamma Mia!
      Well, this is really weird.  I never really saw the day coming that i would be writing my last email.  I wish i could explain to all of you how im feeling right now.  But i cant.  Im definitely excited to be home again but its been really hard saying bye to everyone.  But then at the same time it doesnt seem real and im going to really be hit hard on friday i think.
     This week was sweet though!  Baptism in the sea!  It was the coolest thing i have ever seen.  I spoke and all went well.  The mom was there and bore her testimony as well.  I really hope this is her stepping stone to come back to church.  (im soooooo hot right now this is going to be a short email because we are all dying!!!!)  Elisa was so happy!  She is just the cutest thing.  Gentile is the perfect word to describe her.  Hopefully i can send pics today, if not, just know that you will see them all this weekend!  It was so nice not having to fill a font!  There were no problems in that area.    Sunday she got confirmed and her mom and dad were both there.  I have a really strong connection with her mom.  I know i needed to meet her and there is a reason Elisa was baptized before i left.  I love her.  Im so grateful for internet so i cant continue to talk to these people i love!
    We are leaving but we should come back to finish this.  hopefully ill write more tonight.  If not, know that i love you and that ill see you and talk to you soon!!!  Holy cow!  LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     A couple hours later im finishing this.  We just went bowling with some other anziani and it was great.  Its too hot to be outside so it was perfect.  Ill get some pics attached to this.
    As far as the rest of the week, its pretty much just been saying good bye to everyone.  We had an awesome fourth of july bbq with a couple in our ward.  They have been married since september and are the best ones.  It was so fun.  We made sloppy joes for them, ate hotdogs and pancakes.  Plus sorella ivory shared her tradition with us and we made a flag cake.  It was so cute.  I LOVE them.  He is counting on me being here in Italy next May for his birthday.  I hope i can really make it!!  I am so grateful for the people i know here in Ladispoli.  President Kelly always says its the best ward and it really is.  It has grown so much in the past 10 years and the members are all really strong.  We dont even have tons of less actives that we can really visit.
     On sunday, bishop passed me a note asking me if i wanted to say bye to the ward before i go.  As soon as i read the note i got choked up.  It was a disaster.  I just cried the whole time.  Literally.  They have become my ward and it was the hardest thing to look at these people i love and know it wasnt going to be the same the next sunday.  For the first time, standing up and bearing my testimony to them, it hit me that i really was leaving.  I hope one day you all get to come back here and meet them.  Friends and family included.  They have such a big piece of my heart.  I served here for 9 months and have loved every minute of it.  Im convinced that i couldnt have done that in any other city.
     Tomorrow morning ill finish packing my bags and be on the train at 11 to go to Rome.  The dying missionaries are all going to see the temple and then we have to be at the office at 230.  It doesnt seem real at all.  I have finished saying bye to most people here, just another family in the ward tonight, and then tomorrow morning ill have to say bye to Raffaella and Giorgia.  thats going to be the hard one.  I think Giorgia is coming with us to the Termini station in Rome.  Im sure some tears will be shed there.  I just love her with all my heart.  Oh, and also Umberto is soooooo cute.  He is coming to say bye to me in the airport!!! haha.  We leave early but he didnt care.  He just wants to come and salute me one last time!
     I wish i could explain to you how i feel.  I had a really cool experience during the sacrament on sunday and i know i have done what i needed to do here.  I love being a missionary.  I love it.  I have learned and understood the importance of our message a little bit more every day.  I didnt serve a perfect mission but with time i have understood that that was never expected of me .  I love this Gospel.  I love my Savior.  I have developed a much closer relationship with him over the last year and a half.  I know that He loves me and im grateful for His sacrifice for me.  individually.  Thank you family and friends for your support during my mission.  We are far apart but i have felt your love and prayers.  Literally.  I cant wait to tell you about all the people I love!  I might even try and cook something italian for you!  Haha.  Thanks for being with me through all of it!  I love you!!!!  I cant wait to see your faces!!  Pray for me during my travels!  Its going to be friday the 13th!  Love you all!!!!!
Sorella Buma

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy 4th of July!!!!
     I hope you all enjoy some good food today and fireworks and think of me!  For english course yesterday we talked all about the fourth and the things we do.  I took the pictures you sent me of you guys last year and they loved them.  Then we ate brownies together.  It was great!  I hope that we can do fireworks the 24th of july for pioneer day.  I cant believe all of these fires.  Dani, i hope you guys are ok!  I heard that Alpine has been evacuated.  You are in my prayers and i love you!  That is out of control!  HOpefully it all gets taken care of in the next couple days.  Someone was talking about it here so its HUGE news.  THey only had heard about Colorado though.
     Well, i cant believe that its my last week.  Im stressed.  Trying not to be but you know how I am.  I just get stressed easily.  We are trying to see everyone and figure out time to get with everyone before i go.  Its nuts.  Its nice having that excuse though. Paola actually saw us yesterday and it went so well.  I just talked to her about the Book of Mormon and why its so important.  The spirit was there for sure and she promised she would read it.  Even if it meant that she would have to take it on the train with her and read it on her way to work.  I know it will change her life and i want her to be able to experience that.  She also told me she would let the sisters come and see her.  It was a really good lesson.  Im going to try again today to send a pic of it.
     At zone conference president kelly told us that taking the sacrament and thinking of its importance throughout the week is the key to success for this mission.  He told us that if we tried even harder this week to use it in our lives we would see miracles this week.  Then for District meeting I did my training on the sacrament.  It was SO awesome.  I have learned a lot about it in my mission and especially this week.  I have really understood the significance of having a clean slate every week. I remember when i was younger and being mad that i couldnt have just gotten baptized when i was old.  I thought it was unfair.  Then i understood the sacrament.  what a gift!  Heavenly Father has given us everything!  I love repentance.  I am such an imperfect person and missionary.  But i know that repentance is real.  Its all a process.  And im grateful for second, third, fourth and thousandth chances.
      Ill tell you about a cool lesson we had with a Young Woman the other night next week.  Maybe ill make a recording.  IM just learning a lot!  I love it!
     Well, i have one week left.  Dont forget to write me next week!  Its going to be the last one!  Im going to just soak it all in and let the tears roll, like Lois said.  Haha.  I love it.  Its going to be hard.  I love being here.  THis is going to be a good week!  ILl take pictures of everyone!  Im scared about coming home and dealing with the real world.  You will all have to help me with it!  Thanks for your letters and prayers. Im so grateful for all of you!  Have a great week!  Give grandma joyce a big hug for me and tell her ill be there to keep her company soon!  Thanks for your examples!  Talk to you next week!!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


     Im sitting in an internet point in Rome just dying!!!  Its soooo hot.  Holy cow.  I dont even know how the elders do it.  At least im in a short sleeve shirt with sandles.  Thats a plus.  I dont know how it is back at home but its just hot here.  Im so glad that im in ladispoli.  Its better there because we are right on the sea and there is a breeze.  Plus there just arent as many people.  Its insane how many tourists there are here.  And really weird when hear americans talking because in my 2 areas that pretty much NEVER happened on the streets.
      First i want to tell you something SWEET!  Cristian.  Remember him?  he had a baptismal date but then had to move.  Well, i heard from him the other day and he got baptized!!!!!  he was so excited to tell me and it was just so great to hear!  He needs the Gospel and he finally did it!  I was screaming when i found out and im sure that my companions thought i was nuts but i really was just so happy for him.  that baptism was a long time coming.
     Other news is that Elisa is getting baptized!  Its going to be on the 7th instead of the 8th.  And we are going to be doing it in Ladispoli in the sea!  Im really excited about that.  She asked me if i would talk about baptism at her baptism and im honored.  I love her so much.  She prayed to know if the church was true and she said that heavenly father answered her and said it was true but she will understand it all more as she gets older.  It was the cutest thing.  Also, her mom wants to give the talk about the Holy Ghost and we are just praying that this will be something that will bring her back.  Its the craziest thing.  She is the most normal person and has such a strong testimony.  I really havent meet tons of people in my mission like her.  But she just cant take the hard step of getting back in church.  Even though usually kids are baptized and confirmed right after, i hope that she gets confirmed in church on sunday because then her mom would come and i think thats what she really needs.
      We havent seen that family in a while.  They have been out of town and they are going to be moving soon so its been hard.  Mom, the pic you saw from Sorella Ivory is of a family in our ward.  They are so great!  Im trying to be better about taking pictures... Thankfully sorella sudweeks is a photographer so she makes up for what i dont do.  Giorgia is doing well but still working.  Im proud of her though because she is working a lot and it is tired but is still reading the book of mormon every day.  I hope its something she will keep doing when i leave!  Right now we are in alma 14.  we should be finished in august or something.
     No one else really has updates.  we have some referrals we are going to be meeting and hopefully that all goes well.  I need to make sure i leave ladispoli in the best way possible.  I just love this place.  the members and everything.  i know i have life long friends here. And free places to say:)  We have been doing lots of finding these days.  I love finding.  the best stories come out of it.  I talked to this lady yesterday and this is what she said to me, "Im Catholic.  Anyway, we'll see each other in heaven."  Then she tapped my shoulder and walked away.  haha.  it just kills me the way people respond.  We also were ringing people trying to get in an apartment complex.  one guy says "Ya.  Im on the eighth floor."  So we get up there.  HE IS A WEIRDO!!!!  haha.  he is in the middle of shaving his face and he curly strange hair and it was SOOOOO awkward.  Then he pretended like he wasnt the one that let us in... haha.  Knocking doors is so great cause you just never know who is going to be behind the door!
     I think thats it for me this week.  Its hot and im getting hungry:)  We are off to see the Vatican for my last time!  Im soaking it all in.  I LOVE ROME!  its such a beautiful city.  Hopefully i can come back and visit many times.  Im also going to get in the sea the next time i come!  thats a little hard when its so hot outside.  Thanks for the letters by the way!  On friday i got 9 letters!!!!  its was sweet!  Postcards from my family in Ireland and letters from Utah!  I felt so loved!  Thanks for your love and support!  I have 2 more weeks to really work hard!  Its going to be busy and good!  Tomorrow is zone conference and i have to give my "dying testimony" (weird mission terms).  I cant even believe that day is here in my life.  Its coming to the end of a chapter in my life.  I want to finish it off well!  Im grateful for the time i have to serve my heavenly father.  I know this work is important!  And im grateful for my savior that gives me the strength to do it every day.  Have a great week!!  Until next week!
Sorella Chelsea

Being weird...

Me and Delby

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's heating up!

    Che Caldo!!!  Mamma mia!!  This week has been insane.  Its like 95 to 100 degrees and just so humid.  Oh man... At least gelato in Italy is soooo good so that keeps us motivated.  They say that today and tomorrow are going to be worse and then it should cool down a little bit.  Thats all i can pray for!  Thanks for the emails and for the letters!!!  Mom, its been sooooo great getting some letters in our mail.  Brynne and Brooklyn, thanks for your pictures!  They are hanging on our fridge and we love them. Grandma Joyce, im glad to hear that you are doing better.  What a scare!!  Hang in there.  We have a birthday for you to celebrate!!  You are all in my prayers.  I hope you know that and i hope you feel that.  I love my family.  I feel so blessed to have so many people that are at home supporting me.  I can feel your love!!!  2 families and lots of love!  Heavenly Father knew i would need having a big support system.
      We are doing well here in Ladispoli.  Its different being in 3.  I hope sorella Sudweeks feels our love.  She is doing great but having all the hard times that come in the beginning.  I remember how frustrating the language was.  Looking at my trainer and feeling like i would never speak that well.  And somehow, through lots of prayer and faith, it comes.  I have been reading my journal entries from the past in these days.  haha.  Its so crazy.  I know i have grown so much.  I really struggled at times.  ITs interesting though that i dont remember those hard times.  I had totally forgotten that till i went back and read it.  I love my mission.  I cant imagine being anywhere else.  Sorella Ivory is doing good too.  I think that she will be transferred when i go.  She is going to need a change up.  We have become SOOOO close and i think it would be better for her to have a change.  President agrees with me.  We are going to be life-long friends.  I know  i needed to serve with her.  I dont know how much i actually did to help her but i know that she is in such a better place than when she came to ladispoli.  She is a hard worker and i know she is going to do great things for the rest of her mission.  We have just become like sisters and its awesome!
     Oh, i also need to say that i forgot about Fathers day!  So happy late fathers day to you all!  They dont really celebrate it here.  But know that you are loved!  I have such great examples in my life!  Im so grateful for the priesthood that you hold as men in the Church.  I have really come to appreciate knowing that i can ask for blessing whenever i want.  Iknow there is a difference in families with a priesthood holder directing it and those that dont.
    Also, mom, I dont know if i acknowledged this last time.  I know my homecoming was changed to the 22nd and im ok with that.  I think the topic actually is better.  So we'll see how this goes....
     All of our investigators are spending lots of time at the beach... SO that is putting a little dent in our work.  haha.  I dont blame them.  We need to do some finding and keep ourselves motivated.  Giorgia is doing great and is regularly praying on our knees.  If only you all knew her!   You would know how big of a deal that is!  She is great!  I love her so much.  We are going to see the family this week and im excited for that! Elisa is doing well and praying to find her testimony.
     I dont have much time this week so im going to have to cut it short.  Just know that i love you!  Ill tell you everything in good details over the next while.  Thanks for all being examples to me.  I love hearing from you and learning from your testimonies.  Have a great week and know that i miss you!  We will see each other soon enough!!  Thanks for supporting me always but mostly while im here as a missionary.  I know that thisis the true Church.  Im so happy to be where i am sharing what we all know.  THe Gospel changes lives if we let it!
Sorella Chelsea

Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving Ladispoli!

Ciao a tutti!
    Well, its been a good week here in ladispoli.  we have lots to
get done in the next month and its going to be great.  Basically im
thinking that its going to involve lots of eating.  Lots of members
have asked for us to come over before i leave.  Haha.  So we have
already started our list.  Yesterday we ate lunch with the famiglia
Torelli.  They are SOOOOOO great and she is the best cook!  Her
lasagna is to DIE FOR.  Seriously. Im really going to miss this food!
Im trying to write everything down but im sure its just never going to
be the same.  So im going to live it up while i can!
    As for this week, I just want to tell you about the conference we
had.  I thought about mary the whole time!  It was an area conference
broadcasted from SLC for like 6 countries in europe.  Italy and france
just happened to be there together.  Anyway, Elder Nelson, President
Eyring, one of the 70, and sister jean stevens spoke to us.  it was
soooo good and just so great seeing our little italians so excited to
hear from apostles.  elder nelson gave a shout out to sorella miles
and im sure she was just distraught!  haha.  She is in Bari now and i
wont see her for a long time and that makes me sad!  The conference
was so great.  It was really focused on the family and how parents
should be raising their children.  I loved it even though it really
doesnt apply to me yet.  Anyway, its always such a treat to hear from
our leaders.  Before i forget, Jessenia and Delby are going to be in
Utah for general conference and i need to get us some tickets.  Anyone
know how that is possible?
     here is some sad news, and some good.  Ill give you the sad
first.  Well, Paola has been dodging us for like 2 weeks now and
finally yesterday we got a hold of her.  She said that she isnt ready
to be baptized and doesnt really even want us to come over.  I was SO
sad!  Its so hard to see people give up something that you know is so
good.  I love the metophor of the church being like a hospital.  We
are all sick in our own ways but chirst and his gospel can heal us.
Paola desperately needs this but hasnt understood yet how incredible
it is.  I hope that we can see her again and help her feel the spirit
     The good news is that Elisa has a baptismal date again!!!!  July
8th, my last sunday here.  It really should go down this time.  We
explained that coming to church is so important so if her parents dont
want to take her they need to find a way to help them (elisa and her
brother) get to church.  The mom was really open to it and said there
will be a way to have them there.  I hope that just one time the mom
will bring them.  I know she has a testimony and she just needs to get
over the big wall of coming back to church.  Hopefully this baptism
will help.  she will have to come to church at least the sunday that
elisa is sustained as a member.
    I think thats about it for us here.  Its been cloudy the past
couple days (besides today) and i cant even tell you how grateful i am
when i see the clouds.  It just means one less day that im going to
melt away!  I want to make a promise to you all that im going to work
hard and finish giving it my all.  Thank you for your emails this
week.  It was so great this week to get so many emails.  Mom, ill be
waiting for all the mail!  Thanks for doing that!  I love you all so
much!  Ill talk to you next week!  Until then, know that you are in my
prayers!  The Church is true!  I know it and i love it!
Sorella Chelsea

I cant figure out the pictures!!  sorry!  Better luck next time!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome Sorella Sudweeks!

      Well, we are now here in 3 in Ladispoli and its going great.  Definitely a little harder always in 3 but we are making it!  Its been great and Sorella Sudweeks is so great!  She is from Provo and studying photography.  She graduated in 2009 so me and sorella Ivory just feel like grandmas... haha.  Its always so fun to have a greenie.  She fits right in though and i keep forgetting that she doesnt know where we are going because it seems like she has just always been here with us.  She has a great desire to use time wisely and get things done.  Its going to be a good transfer!
      As for the week... First paola.  We had a little mishap with her this week.  The lady in our ward that found her is a little off.  She is new member and just hasnt quite got this member missionary thing down yet.  Anyway, she took Paola to the beach with her on saturday and i dont think that went over so well.  She first told paola that she needs to dress more modestly and that she cant run around like that because she is over 40 now and needs to change...  Then she also explained the word of wisdom and law of tithing.  Lets just say that i think  it was too much for Paola.  We have seen her once since but now she started working and its hard finding time to see her.  I dont know.  Pray for her.  Pray that we can find time to see her this week and that all will go well.  She needs the gospel, just like we all do.
     We saw the Family on sunday!  It was so great!   we are going back to see them on friday.  The dad has ADD im pretty sure and so the bishops wife took him and distracted him so we could talk to the mom.  She is so great and sooooooo prepared for the gospel.  I seriously love her.  The catch is that sometime between now and the midde of July they are moving to another city on the other side of rome.   Im pretty sure there is a church close there though and i know that if its not here, they will get baptized there.  Ill take a picture with them when we go on friday.  They have twins and they are the cutest little girls.
     Giorgia is doing good and we had a sweet lesson with her.  Listen to the recording for a few more details on that.  She just needs to give in because she is so ready.  Its crazy being able to really see how heavenly father has just prepared people for the Gospel.
    Sunday was a SWEET day in church. First of all, the family came!  Salvatore, antonella and there 3 kids.  That was sooooo sweet!!  Then during sacrament it was incredible.  Ok, there is a girl here, Mariangela, that has been less actve for a while.  She is 21 and always wanted to serve a mission.  But then she really got off the right path.  We have been seeing her for about a month now and she is a completely different person.  for the better.  She wants to go on a mission again and is getting everything back on track to go.  She bore her testimony about the book of mormon and how she is reading it now and she knows its true and that it has such a power.  it was sweet!  I loved it!  Then jessenia, shy little jessenia, got up and bore her testimony about the book of mormon too.  Doesnt stop there.  Then umberto bore his testimony too!  All of them for the first time.  He talked about how the gospel just makes us a happy people.  His dad asked him why he was so happy and he said it was because he was going to church. I felt the spirit so strong.  I love the book of mormon. THe power it has is incredible.  This gospel gives us the opportunity to change and its great!  Ilooked at these 3 people and was so happy to see the difference that has come into their lives because they allowed the gospel to change them.  I love being a missionary and seeing this in people.  In those i teach, my companion, and more than anything in my life.
      I have to go for this week but just know that i love you  and miss you all.  Thanks for holding out and writing me!  YOu are all the best ones!  Im finishing strong and so happy to be here.  Thanks for your love and support and prayers.  I say it a lot but i know i couldnt be here with out you all.  So thank you.  Have a great week and ill talk to you next week!  LOVE YOU!!!!!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Transfer!!

Mamma mia!!!!
     Non lo so dov'è andato il tempo!!!  Its my last transfer??  I just cant believe it.  I still feel like im just going around not really knowing what im doing.  yes, i know a lot more than when i started 15 months ago but i still just feel like i have so much to learn.  I have learned that a mission isnt going to change me into exactly the person i want to be, perfect.  I just have always had this picture in my mind of a return missionary and they seemed perfect in my eyes.  So starting out, i expected to come home like them.  the ideal return missionary.  What i have learned though is that a mission is giving me a good jump start on that process.  I have a lot more to learn and a lot more to change that isnt all going to happen in my mission.  Im so grateful i have my whole life to keep the process going.  This is just my jumping point!   I have learned so much and i know this last transfer is going to be another good one!
     So, yes, we are training!  Im really excited.  Im glad i have the chance to train again.  When i trained sorella miles i was SOOOOOO scared.  I was so stressed for our first 2 weeks.  Poor sorella miles had to deal with that.  This time im just excited.  I want her to just love ladispoli!!!  and love the mission!  Love the people!  I think i really needed just a little change up though for this last transfer.  So this morning we got our house ready for her.  I packed half my stuff so she would have some room to put her clothes away, that was really weird.  We got out a bed for her and we are good to go.  Tomorrow morning we are taking the 7:00 train to go to the mission home and pick her up!  It should be interesting training in 3...
      Next, I saw Sarah and Chad!  That was sooooo nice to just spend a couple hours with them.  I was waiting for them on the spanish steps and they came around and surprised me.  I was sooooo happy. haha.  I was nervous to see them but it was perfect.  It was like we just hadnt seen each other in a couple days.  they look just the same and told me every thing at home is pretty much the same.  thats always good to hear!  I was grateful they took a couple hours out of their trip to come see me.  We ate some pizza and gelato and walked around rome.  it was great!  Thanks sarah and chad!  Hope you made i home safely!!
      Ok, next.  Our bishop had to cancel our dinner appointment with this family (Salvatore and Antonella) this week.  So we havent seen them since last time i wrote.  We will make sure that we see them this week.  If our bishop cant do it with us, we are going to see them!  They didnt come to church either like we were hoping.  But thats ok!  THey are great and we just need to get over there to see them.  They are from southern Italy and i loved being around them because they are a lot like my beloved Sicilians.  Man i miss them.  Haha.  Keep praying for them!
      we have some new investigators that are SOOOO great.  The first is Diana.  I talked to her a long time ago on the street and FINALLY she came to english course.  She is probably my age and seriously one of the cutest girls i have meet in Italy.  And she just loves us.  She came to english course last night just to see us!  she said she was dead tired but wanted to come to see us.  then they invited her to stay for institute and she did!  We are seeing her today and we will see how that goes.  She is really religious and ports her prayer necklace all the time.  SO have a little explaining to do.  haha.   But she likes what she sees so far!
    Then there is Paola.  I think we found her last thursday because she came to an activity with a member.  She is a little off but really great.  She has been severly depressed but has already changed so much in the past couple days.  She writes poetry but for the past several years hasnt been capable of doing it.  we went to see her monday night and after church the day before she wrote like 4 poems for the first time!  and they were beautiful!  She came to church and loved it!  singing all the hymns with us and closing her eyes and so concentrated during the sacrament.  it was sweet!  We also invited her to baptized June 23 and she agreed!!!! So we will be busy getting her ready for that!  ILl have to take a pic and send it to you.
    By the way, somehow i deleted the pictures on my memory card... just of the past month and a half but im still really sad.... im glad i at least sent a couple in emails.  man.  Im not very smart.... Giorgia always tells me im a disaster!  haha.  Its sometimes very true.  She is doing good but is now going to be working all day, every day.  Yesterday i asked if she thought the chruch was true.  She said she didnt know.  Then i told her that I knew that she knew it was true and she couldnt deny it at all.  She just needs to get some courage to forgive heavenly father and let the atonement heal her heart.
      I think thats about it for us today!  We have seen so many miracles in the past week and i know this work is the Lords work.  I have had the goal to go to bed every night exhausted because i had given it my all that day.  I know as we give it our all the lord makes up for the rest.  And he blesses us more than we will ever know.  I love being apart of this work!  Being a missionary makes me happy every day!  I have one more transfer to wear my tag and ill wear it proudly!  I love Ladispoli and i want to give it my all.  They deserve it!  Thanks for you love and support.  I love my family and friends.  I miss you but ill see you soon!  Until then, know you are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Sorella Chelsea

Sorry but i had to send this picture... haha.  Italy has changed me.. haha.  Ill be working on this before i get home.  Its bad though because italians are just really open with their weight and they dont really care what anyone thinks about it.  and that is what i have acquired.  HELP ME!!! haha.
Us with Sarah and Chad.  Im so glad sarah took some pics cause i lost all of mine!!

(I'm having trouble getting these pictures. Once I get them, I will add them.)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Crazy Week!

     Mamma Mia!  Che settimana!!!  I dont even know where to start this week!  I guess ill start by saying thank you to all the emails i got this week!  YOu havent forgotten about me yet!  Hang in there everyone.  We are all finishing off strong ok!!  haha.  It really is so nice hearing from everyone though.  SO thank you!  Saturday we have our transfer calls.  When we were at the mission home on wednesday president asked to talk to me for a bit and he asked me if would be willing to just stay in Ladispoli.  He laughed when he said it because he knows how much i love it there.  Then we laughed because now im 95% sure that i really will have only served in 2 cities and one for half of my mission.  i just love it here and im glad at least until now no one has taken me away from it!  He also told me that he wants me to train but wants me to be with sorella ivory too so we are probably training together!  I think that would be the perfect set up!  SO who knows??  Thats all the info i have for now.  Ill let you know next week!
     As for our week.  First i should say that Elisa isnt getting baptized this week but we are just putting if off for a month.  She needs to come to church and there are just little things we need to figure out.   We are going tonight so hopefully we can set another date with her towards the end of june.  We almost thought we were having another baptism this week too....  It really has been the craziest week of my life. haha.
      SO thursday we go see Raffaella (sorella askew was here and she came and did the lesson with us!  It was sweet!!!).  Raffaella told us that she broke up with Carmine and wanted to be baptized may 26th!!!  Such a miracle.  we planned to go together with a member the next day to talk to her mom about it.  So me and sorella ivory leave and make big plans.  We called ward members that know her to pray for her, bishop announced in ward council to pray for her, me and sorella ivory fasted for her and everything.  We go the next day to talk to her mom.  we walk in her house and i just knew she was different, in a bad way.  She told us that carmine didnt want to break up so she cant get baptized right now.  Talk about test of my faith. she had turned into a completely different person.  We explained that when we want to do something good, like make covenants with our heavenly father, there will always be opposition.  Then we invited her to come to church with us and she came.  In church she was a disaster.  We all had to go talk to bishop and she cried and said she just isnt happy.  Bishop kindly told her that she wont be happy till she makes a decision and plan to get baptized (either break up with carmine or stay together but move in with her parents).  We set up an appointment and went to see her monday afternoon.  We get there and she told us that she is going to be baptized on saturday and that carmine was coming home so we needed to stay so we could be her support while she told him.  she was sooooo strong at the beginning and told him she was moving into her parents house and they wouldh ave to figure out if they were staying together or not.  somehow by the end of the conversation carmine had changed her mind into not getting baptized on saturday.  So we kinda made one big huge loop.  I just know how unhappy she is and how happy she will be when she decided to make that step.  We are still praying for her so much.  I LOVE HER!  It makes me so sad to see her how she is.  Sorry for all the detail but this is a lot so that i have it all written.
     We did see a huge miracle among all of this though.  Friday night we went with our bishop and his wife to eat dinner with a family.  It was PERFECT.  They are so prepared for the gospel is crazy!  We are having dinner with them again on saturday and im so excited.  Its even more of a miracle because at the begining of the transfer we made goals.  We wanted to find a family.  But we went further and said a family ready for the gospel and the blessing of being sealed as a family with 3 kids.  Well, this family has 2 little twin girls and a little boy.  Such a miracle.  I know prayer works and really works when we are specific.  ILl have to tell you the whole story.  Its pretty sweet.  anyway, we are really excited to start teaching them!
     Other investigators are doing good but not really progressing.  Giorgia starts working full time soon and cant come to church anymore.  She will work every day from 8 to 8.  I dont even think thats legal... She is still reading though and LOVED mosiah 2.  we read it together and she was underlining which is huge for her!  The Russians we havent seen.  Hopefully this week but they said they are busy.  The work is going good though.  I love my little Ladispoli.
      Well thats it for this week!  I cant think of anything else that i need to tell you except that i love you!  Thanks for everything.  Especially for your prayers.  I love you all!!!  have a great week and dont forget about me!  ILl be waiting for my emails next week:)  KNow that you are all in my prayers every day.  I know that we are so blessed because we are members of Christs church on the earth.  And with that comes a huge responsiblity to share what we know.  Dont let chances to share the gospel go by!  Love you and miss you!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Email!

Ciao a Tutti!
    It feels like i just talked to you all.  Which is because i did.  I dont know how much i really have to tell you today because i filled you all in on everything.  Im grateful for everything that you said to me.  I really can feel your love and prayers.  I LOVED seeing all your faces and just being able to talk to you for a minute.  It was really weird to just say, "see you in 2 months!"  I cant believe how fast time is flying.  These next 2 months are going to fly by.  Everyone here reminds me of it ALL the time. Im like, "hey!  I still have 2 months left!"  Then they always just say, "Thats nothing!  Its going to go by so fast!".  Thank you.... I guess thats what happens when you know everyone well enough that they all remember when you are going home.  Its all really weird, and exciting and scary and sad to think about.  I got my "death papers" at zone conference on thursday.  that was a really strange moment.  I didnt open them for a couple hours.  Im so grateful though because heavenly father has really blessed me with a desire to do everything i need to do.  To study, to find, to teach.  I never wanted to end on a low note and i have been praying to not have that.  I know prayers are answered and heavenly father is taking care of me.
     Well, Im not sure the baptism of Elisa is going to happen on the 26th.  Our bishop talked to us the other day and he said that he doesnt want her baptized until her parents are active.  Which make sense but really puts a huge stumbling block in the way of her getting baptized.  Which is what she really wants.  Today for pday we are going to the mission home with the other sisters for lunch and we are going to get some advice from President there.  pray for her and for her family.  She is the cutest thing and just wants to do the right thing.  I just dont want her to have to wait for years to have the gift of the holy ghost.  As she is growing that is going to become so important.
     Raffaella, not any news.  Still with her boyfriend and doesnt have the courage to do anything. Sunday we went over there for her birthday with bishop and his wife.  I dont remember what was said but she started talkinga bout how she just wants a family and to be a mom.  Carmine, the boyfriend, then said, " im not saying never..."  Basically he has NO desire to get married and have a family.  She is 29 and he is 35 almost 36.  I just feel like she is wasting time that she could use to get baptized and find someone great in the church!  I hope soon (Preferably in the next 2 months) that she can see that.  That she can get over the fear of being alone for a min and have faith in the plan heavenly father has for her.
     You all saw Giorgia.  She is doing good and making progress a little at a time.  I know she will come around but its going to be a slow process for her.  You will all meet her one day!  She LOVED both my families. She loved getting to see where we come from and who you all are because we talk all about our families!
     Last thing, Pray for our referral family that our bishop has for us.  we are going with him and his wife to eat dinner with a family on friday night.  the brother of the husband is a member in another ward in our stake but they both came to our ward on sunday.  Bishop set up an appointment for us and im really excited for it!  I just want to teach a family!  This could be it!  Me and sorella Ivory are praying so much for them!  Ill let you know how it all goes.
     Well i think thats about it.  I have been so blessed in the past couple weeks. I feel like heavenly father is teaching me so many lessons.  Patience through finding, the importance on setting goals and really working towards them.  Im still not a perfect goal maker and doer but im working on it.  Im learning a lot about progression.  Heavenly father doesnt care where I am but where im going.  I can be hard on myself that im not better in so many aspects of being a missionary and daughter of God.  Im learning though that the key is progression.  I can do a little better every day and that is all that Heavenly Father asks of me.  Which leads to repentance.  Im learning the importance of repenting lots of times every day and then setting my mind to do better.  Im so grateful for the thousands of chances heavenly father gives me through the atonement of jesus christ.  There is an article in the april ensign by elder bednar about the atonement and he talks about good people using the atonement to be better. its sooooo good!  READ IT! :)
    Have a great week!  Thanks again for saturday!  I loved talking to my family.  YOu are the best ones!!!  And i really mean it! ILl talk to you all next week!  vi voglio tanto bene! A dopo!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Jenna!  Thanks for the pics!!!  YOu are just going to have a baby soon and that is SOOOOO weird to me!  Keep me updated.  Which brings me to my next point... DANI BREE!!!!  You are going to have a baby??  SEND ME AN EMAIL!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 More Days!

Buon Giorno a tutti!!
      Mamma Mia!  Ci parliamo fra 3 giorni!!  Che Bello!!  Ok, just so we are all set.  We are talking THIS saturday.   I will be using emily's account again.  If im not there, if its not working, Call me!  we are going to try at Giorgias first and see if it works, if not we will come to internet point!  Either way we will talk to each other.  Moss family first at 11 your time and buma family after the ivory family at 11 your time as well (5:00 and 7:00 my time).  Be there or be square!
      As far as the week goes.  Elisa is still on for baptism.  may 26th at 5:00.  Man, she is the cutest little thing.  Haha.  I love teaching children.  It really helps me remember how simple the gospel really is.  THey are so in tune with the spirit and its so great to see.  We taught her the plan of salvation this week. Its crazy hearing her mom teach with us.  She has been less active for a little over a year now but you would never guess.  You can tell how strong she was in the church just from listening to her teach.  We still dont really know what happened with her but we will figure it out.  I know it started with the fact that they got divorced and then she didnt like going to church because they talked about families being together forever and she just was sad and didnt like it.  It kind of scares me though.  I have really learned that even the strongest can fall if they arent careful.  There isnt any point in our lives that we can just say, "ok from now on i can just cruise it out."  Its a constant process.  Satan works on everyone.  Its really interesting being able to learn so much on a mission about my future life just from getting to know and watching others.
     We had a lesson with GIorgia this week on the word of wisdom...  She smokes and she knows we dont like it and that we want her to quit but we hadnt ever really explained why yet.  Well, lets just say that that was a little hard.  It was such a hard lesson because its something i know is hurting her (from a gospel stand point and also a physical) but she just doesnt care enough.  I just love her and i want her life to be better and i know it can through the gospel.  I love free agency and im glad we have it but sometimes i just want to force her to just try it because i know she would be so much happier after.  She is making tiny steps but just at her own speed.  She hardly ever smokes around us and i love that.  I told her she just has to be around us all the time!
      Ok, i think that is the last story i can tell today.  We went and had a lesson with Raffaella yesterday.  It was AMAZING!  I really have never felt so guided in what i was saying before.  She told us of a dream she had of her grandma that passed away crying.  Then raffaella said she didnt exactly know why but she felt like it was because they feel the same.  They seem to be happy but just really arent.  I felt and knew so clearly why her grandma was crying.  I felt so strange but i told Raffaella exactly what i felt i needed to say.  That her grandma is crying because she's not happy where she is and is waiting to be baptized.  That they both do feel the same way and that's because they are both missing the gospel in their lives. the spirit seriously was so strong.  I hope it really hit her.  She knows what she needs to do and just won't do it and it's hard.  I know heavenly father is just waiting for her and doing all he can to help give her the faith and strength she needs to do it.
     Well, i think that's all for  this week.  I'll just be talking to you all on saturday and it will be perfect.  Ill try and think of all the good things i can tell you.  Love you all so much.  I thank heavenly father often for the family and the friends i have been blessed with!  Thanks for your emails every week!  I feel your love and i cant tell you how much that helps me.  Talk to you all soon!  Have a good 3 days till then!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May!

Ciao a tutti!!
    ITS MAY???  What happened?  I dont even know where my life is going.
 Its crazy.  And really is scary how fast time really goes.  But im just
taking it one day at a time and making sure im loving it.  Im grateful
every day to be where i am.  We have had some pretty sweet miracles this
week and im so excited to tell you about them.  Im learning how much
heavenly father knows me individually and really hears and answers our
prayers.  I had a really cool testimony builder of prayer and the love
heavenly father and the savior have for me, sorella buma, this week.  Ill
share it with you guys when i talk to you a week from Saturday!!!  it was
so sweet.  Man, im grateful for the gospel!  I often am walking on the
streets and just thinking about all the people that are around me that dont
know what they are missing.  Its motivating to open my mouth even if its
hard.  Share what you know!  I have good plans for when i get home.  We are
blessed to be the angels that can share the beautiful message of the gospel
to those who are kept from the truth because they just dont know where to
find it.
   First miracle of the week.  THis is going to be hard to explain but i
will do my best.  Ok, so Andreina, the old lady, has a russian family
(Grandma, daughter and grandson) that live next door to her.  The grandson
about 2 months ago go hit by a car and has had to have surgery on his leg.
 He doesnt really have friends and so andreina invites him over to just
keep each other company.  One time we went to see her and he was there.  We
left him a book of mormon and explained it a little.  THat was about 6
weeks ago.  Flash now to 3 days ago.  We saw him and his mom walking on the
street.  We remembered it had been his birthday so we asked if we could
bring brownies over (everyone here LOVES brownies).  So the next day we
went over there.  They were soooooo appreciative.  THe mom was so touched.
 Her son is 23 and just kind of awkward.  Really not socially mature for
his age.  Then there was the grandma who doesnt speak a word of Italian.
 So we are talking about the book of mormon and she was so anxious just to
touch it.  I handed it to her and watched her flipping through the pages
just with this desire to know this book.  we invited them all to read the
introduction so we could talk about it more the next time.  THen we said a
prayer and got up to leave.  THe grandma hugged me and looked me in the
eyes for a good minute just crying.  SHe didnt need to say anything.  I
know she was touched so strongly by the spirit.  Im so excited to see what
happens with them.  They are great.  Pray for them.
  Other big miracle is that we have a baptismal date!  the 26th of this
month!!!!!!  THe little girl i told you about last week.  We went and saw
her sunday.  She is the cutest thing and just wants this so bad.  The mom
was great and has such a strong testimony of the church.  Her and her
husband are seperated now and have both stopped coming to church but have
the strongest testimony.  The dad was there for the last part of the lesson
was so happy she is getting baptized.  I hope this is something that can
help bring this family back to church.  IT was so sad for me to see them
both know its true but not be doing what they know is right.  I know the
mom has stopped keeping pretty much all the commandments now.  Its hard for
me to see this family that was so strong in the church be on such a
different path now.
    Giorgia told us she wouldnt be in church on sunday but came anyway.
 She fights it but she cant resist it!  haha.  I love her.  She NEVER prays
while we are there.  But this week she did it!!!  We wrote it down for her
(she told us what she wanted to say) and then read it.  It was the first
time she has prayed outloud in a LONG time and she felt the spirit.  Piano
piano she is coming around.  im excited for you guys to get to say hi to
her when we talk!
    Our other investigators are doing well.  No one that is making really
good progress but we are going to find so new ones!  Finding is hard but so
funny and great and necessary.  ANd thats what we are going to do!
    Other things for this week?  Yesterday was another festival here so we
went to a big forest with our ward.  It rained the whole time but it was
fun anyway.  I say it a lot but i love our ward here.  They are the best
ones! I think thats pretty much it though.  It was a good week!  So many
blessings and so many things to be thankful for.  And my family and friends
are right at the top of that.  Thanks for your emails you send me every
week!  I really love you and pray for you daily.  Have a great week and ill
talk to you all next week!!!  Love you and miss you all!
Sorella Chelsea

no pictures... sorry but this computer is STRUGGLING!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Double digits!

Ciao Famiglia!!
     Well, yesterday i started my 10th transfer!  Can you believe that?  Double digits... I dont really know what to think about it.  I feel like i should know a lot more than i do.  Its crazy.  Sorella Miles and Sorella Ivory started their 5th!  I feel like they just barely got here.  Its all going too fast.  I guess i pictured feeling like i had a lot under my belt at this point in my mission.  But heavenly father is keeping my humble and making sure that i know that no matter how far along i am, i have to rely on Him and there is still LOTS more for me to learn!  Its going to be a good transfer!  I just know it.  Our goal is to have a baptism in the sea before I come home.  ANd its going to happen!  I just know it!
     First good news is the hope of 2 more baptisms here in Ladispoli.  Nothing is set at all but im telling you because you need to pray for us here!  The first is a little girl named, Elisa.  She is 9 and her parents are divorced and both less active.  She comes to church though with a member that has a daughter her age.  I talked to her sunday and asked her if she wants to be baptized. She got the biggest smile on her face and said yes.  I told her that we needed to talk to her mom and then hopefully we could come over and visit her.  She was soooo cute about it immediately gave me her moms number so that i could call her and talk to her.  Then i called her mom later that day and Elisa had already gone home and told her mom she wants to be baptized.  We are going to go and see them on sunday and hopefully we can set a date with them!  Maybe it will give the mom some motivation to come back to church too!
     The next is Raffaella who has already told her boyfriend that she wants to break up with him and now we are really confused at the situation.  Pray for her to have the courage to do what she needs to do so that then she can get baptized.  She is clearly so unhappy with him and him with her.  Its just not a good situation.
     Other than that, not tons has happened with us.  Its getting a little bit warmer and they told us that it should start getting pretty hot now... and thats what im really scared about.  Maybe it will just stay mild for a couple months... that would be nice!  We are trying to do a lot of less active work and its been great.  We have seen 2 less active ladies that we havent been able to see since my first few weeks here.  Neither one would promise but both told us that this week they are going to try and get to church.  We will help them by giving nice phone call reminders and picking them up if we need to:)  we are talking about the temple with all our less actives and helping them really have a desire to prepare themselves to enter the temple when its finished here.  Thats going to be so sweet.  I miss the temple a lot.  You realize how important it is when its not right next to you.  That will be the first place i go!  I miss the peaceful feeling of being in the temple.  Im so happy that these italians are going to have a temple of their own.  its going to bring lots of new converts!  I just know it!
     Oh, before i forget.  We are going to be calling on the saturday before mothers day if its alright with you guys.  we are going to go to Giorgias but if it doesnt work we will have to go to internet point and we dont want to do that on sunday.  So President gave us all the option of doing it on saturday.  Our plan is to go Moss family at 5 our time, Ivory family at 6 our time and buma family at 7 our time.  If that doesnt work for you, make sure you let me know next week and we will try and work something out. Hopefully its perfect though.  Im so excited!  YOu can all say hi to Giorgia too.  haha i love her.  She is doing good and came to all 3 hours of church this sunday for the first time!  Go Giorgia!!!
    Oh man, i almost forgot to say that Umberto go the aaronic priesthood this week!!!  SOOO sweet.  That really was a sweet moment.  He invited us to be there in the room when they set him apart.  He is incredible.  He is going to be such a strong member.
     I think thats all for today.  Oh and i should tell you that today is il giorno di Liberazione.  Today is the day that the american came and saved Italy from Hilter!  There is also another holiday on tuesday.  Their labor day.  I love italy haha.  There is always an excuse to not go to work and eat lots of good food:)  Have a great week and dont forget to let me know about the saturday before mothers day!  I miss you all so much.  Thanks for all your support.  Missions are hard but like sorella ivory says, i wouldnt trade one day of it.  I love the people here.  I love this ward!  I love all the great responses, some not so nice, when we talk to random people on the street.  I know the true church is guided and directed on the earth by a living prophet and i love sharing that!  Thats what makes me happy every day!  vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baptismal Success!

      Well, this week was great!  Saturday ended up being perfect!  Im going to make a recording that explains everything but it went so smoothly once we got to the church... THat was the hardest part because obviously there was an articoke (spelling?) festival in ladispoli and the buses werent coming in at all.  But we made it there and the font was filling up nicely and with warm water!  It was a miracle!  Not even one problem with the font this time!  I was so nervous to speak but everyone told me my italian was really good and that they could understand.  Thats mostly what i was going for.  I just get to nervous that nothing that comes out of my mouth will make sense.  Umberto was so happy and it was perfect!  He got confermed right after which usually doesnt happen but we got permission to do it that way.  So he is officially a member of the church and him and his girlfriend are planning on getting married in the temple in a year!!  and they told me and sorella ivory that we are invited!!!  So sweet huh!  That would be a pretty cool moment!
      Next piece of great news is that last night jessenia told Sorella Ivory after english course that she is praying to know if going on a mission is right for her!!!!  Wouldnt that be sooooooo sweet!  I was dying when i heard that!  She would be such a great missionary.  She has the strongest testimony and i love her!  I dont know if she will go but i really see it as a big possibility!
       I guess i should also tell you that Im staying in Ladispoli with sorella Ivory!  I might just finish my mission here.  2 cities... haha.  I love it here though and i couldnt be more grateful.  I seroiusly love the ward here.  I havent talked enough about them but one day ill get around to that.  We have the greatest members.  2 families on sunday told me that i have to finish my mission here and then i have 1 month to go home and be with my family and then they want me to come back and live with them.  I just love them.  Its so great staying in places for so long because i really have been able to build relationship that i know ill have forever.  Especially here in Ladispoli!  By the end of this transfer i will have been here for almost 8 months!  Crazy!
     Our Bishop gave the most amazing lesson in RS the other day.  He talked about charity and then we did the best activity.  He said, ok today there are 19 sisters here in this room.  Plus the sisters that are in primary and some other things so i think we counted like 30 present that day.  Then he said, on the roll there are 61 sisters.  Look around and tell me who is missing.  And then we all said names of people who werent there.  (It was like a dream for us because we just had a listed handed to us of people to search for!.  Anyway, it was awesome! I think it was really eye opening for the sisters to really think about who they know that wasnt there because we just get to used to the people that are there.  If that makes sense.  Anyway, it got me and sorella ivory so pumped up to do less active work!  and that is something i really want to help with when i get home.  There are just so many people that have gotten lost in the cracks!  And they need to be helped back.  I dont think we realize how hard it would be to come back espeically without a friend in the ward to help.  I just think about what Christ would do.  Leave the 99 to find the one!
     Sorella Ivory did a spiritual thought for our district meeting the other day that was awesome and has been on my mind so much.  She talked about how our families can be our best friends as well.  But making them our best friends is a choice.  Just like Christ is our brother and that wont change but we can choose to have him as our best friend.  But that really takes effort on our part!  I have been thinking about all the things that i can and need to do to keep building that relationship.  We know our best friends in and our and would do anything for them.  And thats how it should be with us and our Savior.  I loved the analogy she used to describe it.  It really hit me.  I am determined to keep developing that friendship and make sure im doing all i can to be worthy to be called one of Christs friends.
      Well, its about time to wrap this up.  We are going to the museum at Villa Burghese today!  There is sweet stuff there!  Its a zone activity and sorella Kelly reserved our times there a long time ago.  Ill be sure and take lots of pictures.  Thanks for everything!  You are the best family and friends i could have asked for.  I struggle sometimes at writing back but i hope you feel my love.  YOu will never know how much your emails and letters mean to me!  Thanks for being such a great support system for me!  Love you all and miss you but im really happy where I am.  we have lots of work to get done here in Ladispoli!  Hopefully more baptisms to see:)  Have a great week!!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buona Pasqua!!!

       Mamma Mia!  Conference was amazing huh.  There were so many times in the first session when they were talking about missionaries and i just felt soooooo humbled to be here.  I cant believe where i am and how far into i am.  It really is so crazy when people ask me how long i have been out.  But im so grateful to be here.  I love the response that a missionary gave elder Oaks about why we are willing to serve missions.  We are willing because we understand the sacrifice that Christ gave to us and giving a year and a half or 2 years is such a small sacrifice to make so that others can know of the sacrifice christ made for them.  I know that makes no sense but you can just read exactly what he said... haha.  I really felt the love of my Heavenly Father for me at the end of that session when the choir sang.  I love conference.  It was just like christmas and i couldnt have been happier.  We are watching the last session with Giorgia at her house cause its too late here for them to broadcast it.  So i still have some to look forward too.  And next conference im going to be right there in the conference center.  Its necessary!
     So whats new here?  Umberto is still good to go for his baptism.  He got in an accident and so hasnt had a car this week so we havent seen him.  But he came to conference and should have his interview for baptism this satruday.  Keep him in your prayers.  Satan works hard right before a baptism.  Giorgia is doing great and came to conference.  She goes slow but is progressing.  She is reading the BOM every day and still saying a prayer every night.  We are all on 1 ne 13.  Raffaella was supposed to come to conference but then was sick... It was the worst cause she really needed that.  I am hopeful that she will watch it online at least though.  Others... We still go and see andreina but not often. She is SOOOOOO interested in the church but is so scared to make that step to baptism.  She is 84 though...  She thinks she hasnt received an answer strong enough even though she had told us of at least 2 experiences of when she was reading the book of mormon and felt something in her heart that she cant explain.
    Yesterday we had a SWEET hour of finding.  Anziano Roe, in our district, told us yesterday to try and ask people about their dreams (Italians have crazy dreams.  lots of converts gained their testimony through dreams).  So we planned well, said a good, specific prayer before going out and expected miracles.  I love talking to the first person i see or i get nervous and its way harder.  So, the first person i saw, i asked him what he has been dreaming in these days.  Answered something, dont really remember what, and then i asked if he has ever had an ancestor come see him in his dreams.  He said yes, lots of times!  I explained and bore testimony of the plan of salvation and eternal families and asked if we could exchange numbers and come share with his family.  He said yes!!!  Seriously that never happens on the first person!  miracle!  We ended up getting 3 numbers in 1 hour!  It was insane.  I felt so guided by the spirit!  It was such a sweet day.  I also talked to this young mom.  Her and her husband are in medical school and have a little girl.  She was so interested in eternal families and I hope so badly we get to teach them!  Anyway, the best part is how happy we felt.  Sorella Ivory really loved missionary work in that moment and it made me soooooo happy!  This is what i want to help to feel.  A real love for doing this work.  Its great and miracles happen if we put our faith in the lord!
    I think thats about it for me this week.  We still dont know what we are doing for Easter but im sure that something great will come up.  Oh and about the christmas family.  We still havent gone to eat with them again because they were all sick that weekend.  So hopefully soon.  We also have zone conference this week!  Its going to be such a great week.  General conference, zone conference and easter all in the same week!  Thanks for everything!  YOu all are the best and i love you will all my heart!  Dont ever forget that!  I love my friends and family.  I hope you all have a great week!  HAPPY EASTER!!!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference!

Ciao Tutti!
     Mamma mia!  Sono MOLTO contenta che c'è conferenza generale questo weekend!  Its just like christmas!  haha.  But seriously i love it.  Its going to be different because i think we are going to watch it in Italian because Giorgia is coming and i would feel so bad leaving her in the Italian room and going to watch it in English.  Im excited that she can come.  I dont know if she is going to be able to come to all of it but for sure some of it.  And that is going to be great.  She came to church on sunday and it was just so funny.  Like i said, she doesnt want anyone to know that she is a little softy.  So her eyes were just watering up all during sacrament meeting and it was so funny because then she would have to say something funny to keep herself from crying.  I can see her feeling the spirit more though and its awesome.  We also went with her to a baptism on saturday in rome and one of the speakers gets up and says, " I have prepared something else but i really feel prompted to share my conversion story (he was just baptized 2 months ago)."  Anyway, he needed to change it because it was exactly for Giorgia.  We talked to him after and he said that he knew that someone there needed that talk.  It was sweet!  Its awesome seeing how Heavenly Father works.
    Umberto update is on the recording that we made.  Also enriquetta.  Its just so much easier than typing!  I love that little guy plus its been way too long since i have made one!
     Big news this week!  I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN ITALIAN FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!  it was such a great feeling.  Now im starting it over with Giorgia.  We are going to read the same chapters every day.  With sorella ivory too!  Its great!  I dont think i will finish it again in my mission but im glad that i at least did it once in italian and ill continue that at home.  I read 1 ne 1 today.  I love the last verse.  I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord so many times while i have been here and i know its true.  Right when i have needed it, Heavenly father has shown me he's there.  Me and sorella Ivory were talking about it this morning.  You really can see the lords hand in everything if you are looking for it!
     Other things that happened this week,  well, i did have a quasimodo eye.  Haha. I woke up in the middle of the night on thursday night and my eye was streaming water and i felt like there was sand in it.  Took out my contacts and tried to go back to sleep.  In the morning it was all swollen and we couldnt open the windows because the sun hurt my eye.  Haha.  I think i just scratched it a little bit.  Not a big deal cause it was all better by the next day.  Just kinda funny.  Everyone was making fun of me that day.  And i forgot to take a picture!  ITs the worst.  we really need sorella miles here for that!
     Well, i think thats it for us here this week.  Such a good week.  I love missionary work.  I know that our message can heal anything.  I have seen that so many times.  No matter what our problems are, the gospel of jesus christ can heal us.  I love in 3 ne 11 when christ is so willing to heal the people.  I know that is how he is with us.  I have seen it in my life in the last year and in the lives of these great italians.  We just have to come to him (Matt 11:28??)  Love you all so much.  I hope you enjoy conference!  I wont get to see the last session for awhile so let me know what happens!  Thanks for your love and support!  You are the best!!!!!  Love and miss you all!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   Hello!  Man, Im so excited to be writing you right now.  I love you all and im grateful for you.  Thanks for all you do for me.  I just wanted to start off by telling you all how important you are to me.  its been a good week.  Im excited to tell you all about it.  Mostly about all the things i have been learning about my Savior and Heavenly father this week.
   I dont really know where to start.  I guess ill start with our lesson with Raffaella.  Man i wish i had my journal here to just copy it sometimes.  Ok, so Raffaella has been an investigator for almost a year now and seriously LOVES the book of mormon and the Church.  She is incredible and knows that she needs to be baptized but lives with her boyfriend and doesnt know what to do about it all.  She used to come to church every week but since christmas she has made some sort of excuse every time.  Anyway, we went to her house last week and she starts off by telling us that she doesnt want to come to church and stuff anymore.  So we asked her questions and tried to figure out why all the sudden it has been so weird.  She said that she had been questioning whether there even was a god and if so, then why he has abandoned her.  We then had one of the best lessons in the world.  Really speaking through the spirit and telling her lots of feeling we have had in our lives that really we would never share with others.  It really almost like i was teaching myself too though as i spoke to her.  I cant really explain it.  But I told her that she couldnt tell me that she didnt have a testimony because i have seen her love for the book of mormon and she had told me personally that she knows this is the right church and through prayer she knows that she needs to get baptized.  I was just thinking about all of the people, myself included, that when times get hard, we doubt what we know.  We forget that we have a loving heavenly father that is just so willing to help us but if we turn away and forget him, he cant help us.  In the end we all felt the spirit and Raffaella came to church with us Sunday:)  It was soooooo good to walk with her to church again.  I had really missed it!
    Little experience but it will all make sense in the end.  On saturday morning we went to civitavecchia to find a less active member.  It took us forever to get there and she wasnt home...  So we are standing and waiting for the bus pretty much in the middle of no where.  after 40 min i was getting a little frustrated.  Mostly probably because i was hungry and i just felt useless.  Anyway, while we are standing there the husband of one of our investigators rides past us on his bike and stops (husband of Roberta.  The family we had christmas lunch with.)  I had been trying to get a hold of Roberta and she never answered.  Her husband tells us she is at home and we needed to call her.  So we called her and she answered and we are going to have dinner with her on sunday!  ill finish this in a minute.
 Next experience.  Really the highlight of my mission so far...  I am going to try and explain but this is going to be hard.  Ok, i know i have told you all about Giorgia.  She is the one that is in my english course and i just love her so much.  Anyway, she really has interest in the gospel but we could tell that something was really holding her back and its been pretty hard talking about the gospel with her.  In a serious, lesson way.  Anyway, we were there monday and had the best lesson ever.  She refuses to pray and so i just started talking a little bit about the prayer and asking her why she doesnt pray.  She said she gets embarrassed so i asked her if she ever says personal prayers.  She said no and then started crying.  Keep in mind she is a tough girl.  At least she wants to play like she is a tough girl.  Anyway, she tells us that she has something that really hurts her inside but wouldnt tell us because she hates crying in front of people.  She told us that she knows that we came into her life right now to help her.  She also explained more of her religious background and it really helped us understand why she is going so slow.  so we go on and are talking and i felt SO promoted to tell her that I know i am here on a mission, in Ladispoli, so that i could meet and help her.  Me and her just have a different connection.  I know that Im here right now because she is here.  And i know that it is me that needs to be here.  SHe told me that she knew for years that the Mormons did a free english course but never had actually done anything about it even though she has really wanted to learn.  For some reason when she saw me and my smile with the english course sign she knew she needed to come.  A lot of times i have just thought that anyone could have done what i have done here in Italy but its just different this time.  I cant explain it well but it was so amazing and i felt the spirit so strong.  Knowing that I was there, at that moment, in the exact place i needed to be.  We still dont know all about her problems but its going so good.  She said a personal prayer that night!  That is HUGE for her.  Im soooo happy for her.  She needs a little time but i know the gospel is what she needs right now to heal her.  
    This week i feel like heavenly father has really been teaching me that he is putting me right where i need to be at the exact moment.  That He cares so much for me and everyone i meet and knows us so intimately.  My testimony has been strengthened so much.  I also am feeling the pressure of really making sure that i recognize that im where i am for a reason and not miss out on opportunities the Lord is giving me.  I know they are there and sometimes i just miss them.  All of us are in His hands and he is constantly there so remind us of that.  Im grateful to be here right now.  Im grateful for all the things I am able to learn here in Italy serving these great people.  I love them with all my heart.  That is one of the biggest blessing heavenly father gives us i think.  Being able to feel the love, in a very small part, that he has for his children as we are serving them.
   I have to go but i hope you all know that i love you and i miss you but im happy where i am.  Thanks for your love and all you do for me.  Dont forget how grateful i am for all of you!  have a great week and ill talk to you all soon!!!!!
Sorella Chelsea        

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Ciao!  Benvenuta alla primavera!!!
     We have been soooooo spoiled by the weather in these days.  Oh man.  I know me saying that is going to change everything but i love it.  Its been warm and clear blue skies and i love being outside.  Its a lot warmer than inside our apartment... haha.  Not quite warm enough to not wear tights but i will really be excited for the day when i can take these babies off.  Im a little sick of wearing tights every day.  But the day is coming!  I can feel it!
     Everything is going great here in Ladispoli!  I love it.  So many miracles and i just feel so blessed with all the tender mercies Heavenly Father gives us.  Lets start with the first.  Umberto accepted a baptismal date!!!  April 14th!  I talked to his girlfriend at church without him there and she said he got in the car after as was like "April 14th, ya that sounds good!"  Man he is so ready to go. I dont know if i told you all this but he is sharing everything with his family and stuff.  They dont start eating dinner till he is home now so he can say a prayer for the food.  He is so great.  Reading the BOM every day and coming to church and praying.  Oh and also, March 8th is a holiday here for women and so he brought us flowers.  It was the cutest thing!  Haha. So nice.  Pictures will be coming.  Our ward also gave us Roses.  That is a tradition im bringing back with me! :)
     Next, there is a less-active in our ward named Enriquetta.  We randomly found her before christmas when we were going around and asking everyone if we could sing for them.  Anyway, she let us in and told us she was a member but hadnt seen the missionaries in a little bit.  We have been going to see her pretty regularly since then because she really wants to be ready for the temple to go for the first time.  Since december we have told her that even though its hard (her daughter has back problems and she has a 1 and a half year old granddaughter with downs syndrome or something) so she has a lot on her plate because she has to take care of everything at home.  But she promised us in the next couple weeks she would organize herself and get herself to church.  And sunday in relief society i heard someone come in so i looked back and it was her!!!  I was SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see her there.  Those are moments of just pure joy.  The ward was so happy to have her there too.  Then we went to her house yesterday and her daughter (like 30 or something with 2 grils.  one of them is the one with some handicaps) accepted a book of mormon.  I dont know what will come of it but she promised us she would at least read some!
     I cant really think of anything else huge that happened this week.  We have some other investigators but nothing to report on them yet.  The work is going and we are searching for a family.  They are here we just really need to find them.  Our best bet for a family is going to be through member referals so that is what we are trying to do.  I have never taught a whole family and i think it would be the most incredible thing.
     Well, sorry its not as great this week but i dont have much else to say.  Oh, we did made a cheesecake this week!  Apparently cooking goes a lot better with Sorella Ivory because it was so good and seriously the easiest thing i have ever done.  We thought for sure it would take for ever and then we found a recipe and it was so simple.  Finally a success!  Things are going well here.  Im learning so much about myself, the kind of person i want to be, the kind of family i want to have and most importantly, how much our heavenly father loves us individually.  Sometimes its hard but the knowledge that my heavenly father loves me and is happy that im here in italy serving a mission brings me comfort.  He knows im not perfect and he is ok with it.  I love sharing the You are Special book with people.  Thats what i have really come to know.  Heavenly father knows us individually and by name.  Dont ever forget that!  I am grateful that He knows me enough to have given me the perfect family i needed on the earth.  me and sorella ivory were talking about that the other day.  that everything has just been so tailor made for each of us.  Thanks for all your love and prayers and emails and everything.  ILl talk to you next week!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Battesimi!

Mamma mia!  Questo weekend (and yes thats how you say it in italian) è stato bellissimo!  When we were sitting last night on the bus i was thinking about people i needed to call and stuff to do to get ready for today and then i realized that it is pday today!  HOw did that come so fast?  We were doing so much this week I just lost track of time.  Seriously a good week though.  Its not very often in this mission that 3 baptisms happen in the same weekend.  We are tired from our travelling because we dont have a font so we have to go to rome for baptisms but it was all worth it.

Ill start with Jessenia.  So her baptism was saturday.  We get to Rome at like 11 in the morning.  First i want to say that Giorgia from english course was with us all day and saw the baptism.  It was incredible!  I was shocked at her willingness to give up her saturday to come and see a baptism. She doesnt want to show it but she is so curious about the church.  We are just taking it slow with her and its going to be great.  Anyway, we get to the church and the Anziani had already been filling up the font for an hour and there was NOTHING in there hardly.  The font is huge and i dont think either of them had ever seen a baptism there so they werent aware of how long it would take.  So that was our first freak out.  THe baptism was at 3:30 and at 3 there still wasnt enough water.  These 3 random young guys from Norway show up (they are hear visiting or something and found out about the baptism and came.  So random.  Members and spoke PERFECT english.  We are now thinking they were the 3 nephites).  They figure everything out and find some hose and hook it up and solved the whole water problem and were the heros of the baptism.  As for jessenia, she was glowing. I have never seen that many people at a baptism. SHe had such a great turn out because everyone loves her.  Even president and sorella kelly were there!  It was amazing.  SHe looked like and angel and was so happy to be there.  I love her!  It was just such a reminder about how important that step into the gospel is.  I think for us as members we forget that so much.  What actually or baptism meant for us in our lives.  She is so ready for it and has had to wait for so long for that day.  NOw she is a baptized and confirmed member della Chiesa di gesù cristo dei santi degli ultimi giorni!  There were so many people in our sacrament for her confirmation that people had to sit in chairs in the hall because there wasnt space in the chapel.  SO GREAT!

Sunday was the baptism of Giorgia and Edoardo.  Another great day.  ANd the font was filled this time without any problems:)  Our ward was so happy to be there because they have watched these little kids have such a desire to be baptized but not been able to because the dad said no.  They were so excited!  THere dad came and actually was really pleasant.  I think it was so good for him because until this point he has thought everything in our church is just a mystery that we dont want people to know. So his wife just told him to come and see for himself was a baptism is.  Its not a mystery and anyone can come and see.  We are hopeful that this has struck something in him.  A curiousity to really know what it is.  THat would be great!  I just can see them being an eternal family.  I know their dad needs more time but i also know that he will come around.  His kids were sent to him because they are the perfect example.

Another miracle is Umberto.  He is the boyfriend of Jessica in our ward.  Jessica is INCREDIBLE!  Such a good strong member.  SHe is like 26 just great!  Anyway, she has been dating this guy for a month i think and has come to church 3 times.  This last week jessica told us we could start the lessons with him.  So we met with him Friday.  Oh i cant even tell you how great he is.  Another person that is sooooo ready for baptism.  He has already read the first 16 chapters of the bom.  When we asked what he thought about it he said that it has already changed the way he is seeing his life and the lives of his family members.  That things that didnt used to bug him, bug him now because he knows how it should be now.  He also has already done a fast to gain a testimony and came to all the baptisms this weekend.  He knows about the word of wisdom know and has already stopped drinking coffee!  ANd the best part is that you can tell its really coming from him.  THat its just how he is.  Not just because he is dating Jessica.  He has a real desire to do the right thing and find out if this is all really the truth.  So we are going to invite him to be baptized tomorrow!!!  WAHOOOOO!!!!  Miracles are happening in Ladispoli!!!
Which reminds me, i dont think i said anything about transfers yet!  IM STAYING!!!  Im soooooo happy.  Me and sorella Ivory are going to be here in ladispoli.  ANd the best part is that sorella miles is going to Rome 1 so she is still going to be in our district and we will see her all the time.  It all worked out perfectly!

I wanted to share a part of a scripture that anziano and sorella krueger shared with us yesterday.  We had lunch with them in Rome so they could finish explaining the atonement lesson they had started with us.  ONe scripture we read was 1 ne. 21:16.  I love it.  I love the part that says, "they walls are continually before me."  Too often i think of the atonement as something in the past.  That the savior already suffered for me. But i really understood yesterday that its not like that.  The savior is suffering for me now.  The atonement is continual.  That when i have a wall in front of me, the savior is standing in front of that same wall.  It helped me understand the saviors intimate relationship with me everyday.  One thing im really learning is how much i dont know about the atonement but how grateful i am for it.  Im so grateful for the book of  mormon that really explain more what the atonement is and what it means for us.  I love the book of mormon!  We learned yesterday how it really is the key to using and applying the atonement in our lives.  SOmething i really need to continue to study.  Sorella Krueger also answered my prayers.  She said "Heavenly father is happy with your progress that you are making today."  That is something i have been struggling with recently.  Just feeling like im not learning and growing like i need to be.  I was so touched by the spirit in that moment and could feel my heavenly fathers love.  A good reassurance that yes i have a long way to do but he is pleased with where i am.

Thats all for this week.  I love wednesday and getting to write you all about whats happening here in italy!  I love it here.  Its getting to be springtime and things are looking good.  We are really seeing miracles here.  Im going to miss Sorella Miles but me and sorella Ivory are going to do great!  Its going to be good.  I can just feel it.  THanks for all your emails this week.  Its just what i need, some good advice from home.  Vi voglio un mondo di bene. Sono multo grata per tutti voi!  Per il vostro sostegno per me.  So che non c'è un altro posto dove vorrei essere in questo momento anche se mi mancate!  Buona settimana!  Vi penso ogni giorno!  Grazie per tutto!
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ciao Tutti!

Man, i love getting to come and write my family about all the great things!  This week has been good and we are going to do some great things in the next couple days.  I just want you all to know first how grateful i am to my heavenly father for all of you.  I pray for my family and friends a lot and i hope you really know that.

First things first.  Its going great in our 3 some.  Its so fun!  In some aspects, yes a little bit harder but its been great.  This is my 4th 3 some for just a couple weeks.  haha.  Heavenly Father knows that i have a lot to learn so he has given me lots of companions to learn and grow from.  Hopefully im learning what i need to be learning from all of them.  we get transfer calls on saturday and it will be interesting to see what happens.  For sure either im out or sorella Miles.  I would love to stay here but lll be happy with whatever.  I love Ladispoli though and everyone that i know here!  The thought of leaving makes my stomach hurt a little bit.  Not that it was easy by any means to leave my family and friends but its just so different on a mission.  I know my family (and most my friends.  At least the ones that write me.... haha) will be there when i get home.  Yes, some things will be different but for the most part its going to be the same.  Leaving a city in the mission though is hard!  There are so many people that even though i want to stay in contact with, i know it probably cant be that way with everyone.  Definitely one of the hardest parts of a mission.  BUt maybe im not even leaving here so i dont need to think about that yet:)

We had zone conference this week and it was soooooo good.  I love Anziano Texiera.  Im so glad that he came to us twice since i have been here.  He and his wife are just incredible.  I always have such a strong desire to work harder but it was especially big this time.  I had a little break down in the train on the way home.  Not big but so many missonaries just kept telling me that im pracitically  dead (a mission term for when you go home).  Its not even true but it just scared me a little.  So it got me thinking and i was just a little overwhelmed at how many more things i want to learn and change before i get home.  I dont really think about how long till i go home so it was just a weird moment for me.  Anyway, its not over so i still have time to work hard and develop into the person i want to be.  We are hitting the pavement though.  ITs great!  I cant tell you about our goals yet but next week i will.  We want to see some good things here in Ladispoli!  Pray for us and our goals this week!  We really need it!

As for our weekend here, we are really excited.  All the baptismal interviews are done and everyone is good to go.  Keep Jessenia, Giorgia and Edoardo in your prayers this week.  I hope saturday and sunday are such special days for them.  Our ward is so excited because they havent had a baptism in like 3 years.  Hopefully that will help with the turn out.  Also president kelly told us that he is going to try and come to at least one of them.  That would be awesome!  They are all so ready and so excited.  Jessenia is telling all her friends and wants them to be able to be a part of this.  She has waited for so long and she is just dying to be baptized.  I hope all goes well.  We arent the ones filling up the font so hopefully that goes over better this time:)  The baptisms will be at the Rome 1 building and there will be pctures to come next week!.

Thats all for me this week.  I want you all to know that i know this is the true church.  What we have is incredible.  I love the plan of salvation.  That has brought me so much comfort so many times!  We were teaching Jessenia's mom the plan of salvation and she was just so confused about who God is.  That he and jesus christ are not the same person and that he isnt not just some spirit floating around but that he is a person that has a body and we are literally his children.  KNowing that makes our prayers so much more meaningful and real.  Joseph Smiths vision is proof that this is right.  And the book of mormon is proof that he was a prophet.  It just all goes together and i love it.  sorry if that doesnt make sense.  I hope you all have a great week and know that i love you!  Talk to you next week!!!
Sorella Chelsea
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