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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm getting married...haha

Hello Family!
     This week has been SO funny because i have had some nice marriage proposals.  Haha.  I dont know why it all started this week but it did.  People always told me there would be the crazy men in Italy that ask to marry me but i didnt really believe it.  Now i do... Haha.  They are all on the bus which is awful because we take the same buses with the same people every day.  The first guy is NOT with it at all and it was just funny.  We see him almost every day and now im just trying to avoid him altogether.  The other 2 were men that work for the Buses.  And they seem totally normal.  But its not normal to just tell someone you want to be engaged to them and marry them.  Anyway, its just funny.  Im SO grateful i have a great excuse of why i cant!  Meno Male!!
    Moving on to the week.  First, i learned so much from Sorella Tutt.  I learned that it really is possible to have a lesson in 30 min and its just so much better!  I think its so much easier for us Americans to do this because we dont know the language perfectly and we cant say as many things.  But its something that is so necessary.  So me and Sorella Tinoco are working on that right now.  Planning lessons that we can do in less time but then try and see people more often.  I also learned from Sorella Tutt (or re-learned) that it is so important to be yourself.  Its sooooo much easier to talk to people when i remember this.  When i remember that im a representative a christ and i need to make sure to remember this but also to be Chelsea.  Because i can connect SO much easier with people this way.  Anyway, I was really sceptical about this exchange because i thought it was maybe a waste of time but i am very grateful for it!  She is an awesome missionary!
     Next, Eleonora.  Ok, so i think i told you all that she got a job.  Which is great because she needs one, but now we can only teach her on sundays.  We thought we could saturday night too but turns out, only sunday.  Kinda a bummer for us because its hard to help them stay close to the Gospel when we can't see them very often.  She is awesome though and continues to read the book of mormon and everything!  Also, we are going to try and set a new baptisimal date with her this sunday for the sunday before i leave.  I hope and pray with all my heart that it happens.  Its going to be hard but i really think we can do it.  No, not us.  The Lord can do it.  She is ready, its just a matter of her saying yes!
      Ok, also this week, i had another random but turned out super cool for me experience.  So we found this new couple last week (I think).  Anyway, we found the mom in the park and started talking to her.  Her and her husband left the Catholic church and have been looking for the truth because they know it's not there.  For the past 6 months they have been studying with an evangelist church and are preparing to be baptized in september or october.  Anyway, she accepted the invite for us to come visit her and her husband.  So we went and they agreed with everything we said but just dont understand the authority.  They dont understand that there is only one church on the earth with the Authority.  And they brought up that they know that their church has the gift of the holy ghost because they have people that speak in tongues...  and they dont understand how this could be possible if they dont have the authority to baptize.  Anyway, we talked a bit about the spirit but then had to go.  We went again yesterday and i had a pretty cool experience.  The husband wasnt there, just the wife.  She brought up the gift of tongues again.  I told her that for me the gift of tongues is different.  I know that i have had the gift of tongues as i have been here trying to learn this language.  That we are blessed with this gift so that others can understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hear our testimonies in their mother language.  That this is not so we can speak in some random language that doesnt exist but to speak in a language that actually exists.  Anyway, it was awesome because as i was talking, i really felt this gift.  Im sure i didnt say everything perfect but i really spoke from my heart and the words just come.  I wasnt concerned about it in my mind but i was just talking.  Mostly, i had confidence.  Through the whole lesson!  It was such a little miracle but a big one in my eyes.  I have been praying and praying that i can learn this language.  I have SO much to learn still but it was a testimony that my heavenly father is right by my side to help me. Something i really needed to feel this week.  Anyway, i just keep plugging along in this language thing.  Its rough but i know its getting better.
    Ok last thing, one of our less actives we go see wanted to talk about talents.  So we planned a lesson about them and invited her to make a little of her talents using the prayer and asking her family to help her.  Then she said, I want you 2 to do it with me too!  So I have started but now i need to ask my family for help.  So... (I hate asking for things like this.  So humbling haha.)  if you think of a talent i have, it would be great to hear so i can add it to my list!  
     Other than that, thats all for the week.  The weather is still hot but it has been SO much better the past 2 days.  i think we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Also, i want to say happy birthday to my Mom and to Jessie!  Have a great birthday this week and know that i will be thinking about you!  Thanks for everything.  I have such great family and friends.  I hope you all have a great week and know that i love you so much!  Keep writing me:)  Friends included:)  Cant wait to hear from you all next week!

Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still in Catania

Hello Family!
    As always thanks for your emails!  I cant believe school has started and next time i write, emily will have started at BYU.  I feel so so so old!  Good luck Em!!  Its going to be so much fun.  I remember my first year.  Haha so many good times.  I remember that i saw the Kjar's (i think that is how you spell it) son my first day and he asked if i was doing ok because i looked like i was going to cry.  I think i was just stressed about getting to my next class or something but it was funny.  I have tried to look happier on campus ever since then. 
     So we had a great week in Catania as usual.  We had Zone Conference this week!!!  That is my favorite thing of the transfer.  There is just such a renewed motivation to give my all to this work.  We had a little sisters conference at the beginning.  It was so great.  We talked about making lemonade out of lemons.  I loved hearing that we all pretty much have the same worries and concerns.  None of us are alone and we can know that we are all in this together.  It make me fee like i wasnt crazy.  One of these is that people, as sisters, dont take us as seriously.  We are the sisters and the anziani are the missionaries.  It was good to hear that not only in Catania but every where else its like this.  So together now we can help each other think of ways that we can change this.  we dont have the priesthood but we are here doing the same thing.  People just see us more as the cute sister instead of missionaries. 
     In Zone conference we had like 4 or 5 missionaries bear their testimonies because they are going home.  Anziano Medina was one of these.  It hit me really hard how short my time here is.  I already have less than 11 months and that is going to FLY!  Its so important that i treasure this time because before i know it, im going to be one of these missionaries that has to bear their testimony and be dreading it.  It was crazy to watch them.  It was like they were in shock that this day had come.  I loved hearing that the mission was the hardest thing they had done but they love the mission more than anything.  I still have time and i need to be grateful for that!  Make sure i use every day to the best of my ability! 
     More things, I got my permesso this week so im officially legal in Italy!  So great!  Haha.  Man its always a good time there.  There are just so many people and its NUTS!  The poor people that work there dont have anymore patience.  It was pretty easy though, and now everything is good to do!  I had to call the office to tell them when my permesso expires and they told me that they had me in the computer as going home in feb!  They were like good thing you called or we would have gotten you a ticket for feb!  Anyway, they told me my going home date which is super weird that i already know.  July 13...  Strange.  Anyway, thank goodness i dont have to think about that yet.  I have lots to do here in Italy before then!
      Right now i have a different companion for a day.  We are doing exchanges.  Her name is sister tutt and she is the same age as sorella pearson in the mission.  We will be together till tomorrow night.  Things are going good with sorella tinoco but its nice to have a little change for a bit. 
     To answer questions, im feeling much better.  Everything is good.  Its super hot here.  Someone told us that after the middle of august it cools down  and that is just not the case.  It has definitely gotten hotter!  Summer can end now.  I wouldnt be sad about that! haha.  My italian seems to be the same.  Im sure its getting better slowly but its hard to see from my point of view.  I dont know.  Its a constant battle for me.  I really know that im understanding more.  Unless its a random topic i understand pretty much everything.  But then i open my mouth and... haha.  I dont know.  Im sure im too hard on myself.  But yes, slowly its getting better.  I dont think i need anything from sister bay.  Just a hug would be nice!  Im so grateful i have them here.  I love that i have been able to have my family in Italy here with me.  They take care of me.  I think im good though.  I have been spoiled with packages (from both families...)  thanks Dad and Lois and fam for the package and letters this week by the way!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!  Im all taken care of here. 
     I dont have time but i want to tell you really quick about eleonora.  She found a job!  Good thing.  BUt it doesnt pay very much and now we can only teach her on saturday and sunday.  So her baptism is going to be moved back and we dont know if it will be this transfer.  Im praying we can make it work!  It just has to!  I have no doubt that she will get baptized, i just hope that i am here to witness it!  And really its good that she found some work.  She needs that for sure.  Now we just need to find a way for her to still get baptized this transfer!
      I think thats it!  It was a good week.  Hot, but good.  thanks for all the love and support.  I got emails from my friends and family this week and also letters from my friends!!!  Thank you so much!  You have no idea how much it means to me.  I know everyone is so busy so it means a lot that you take time to write me.  just know that it doesnt go unappriciated.  I love you all very much.  Good luck in your first weeks of school!  Know im praying for you and love you all so stinkin much!  keep writing!  Vi Voglio un sacco di bene!!!! 
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello Fam Bam!
      Thanks for your emails this week!  I cant believe everyone is getting ready for school.  Thats nuts!  Em, im so excited for you to go to BYU.  I never thought i would say this, but i miss school... haha.  I know ill eat my words when im back in it but enjoy it.  BYU is awesome!  I also never thought i would want summer over but i kinda do.  Just because its really hot.  And also because people will finally be back at home.  Its so insane to me that everyone just leaves for August.  I dont get how it even happens.  But it does.
    Speaking of everyone leaving.  Monday was a holiday here (something for Mary like all the other holidays.  I think it was for the day she ascended into heaven. Anything for a holiday with the Italians.)  Anyway, for this holiday EVERYONE goes to the beach with their families.  LIterally nothing is opened.  No grocery stores or anything.  So for this day, all the missionaries stay home and clean the apartment all day.  Thankfully President said that if we finish cleaning early we can do something fun.  So we cleaned really hard for 7 hours and the rest of the day we did fun things.  First we had a birthday party in the morning for Silvo, the elder's investigator.  It was great.  he was so grateful.  I made pancake with chocolate chips for everyone:)  then we went home and did our crazy cleaning.  Mom, i kept thinking of what you used to say.  Remember when you put a timer on and said that we had like an hour of cleaning and then 10 min of fun.  Hahaha.  So funny.  Instead this time it was a lot more than 1 hour.  After we went to the church with the Anziani and played a game.  It was great. 
     Also this week, i was sick.  I dont know if i for sure had strep throat because i wasnt throwing up but my throat hurt so bad and i had a fever.  Not super high like 101.6 or something.  Anyway, that was a bummer.  We were home inside for thursday and friday.  I called the doctor and he told me to get some amoxicillin.  The anziani were nice enough to go to the pharmacy and get it for me.  That is something super different here.  Especially for me because i worked in a pharmacy.  There are pretty much no rules with pharmacies.  You can just walk in, tell them what you want and buy it without a prescription.  Im glad its not like that in America but it sure makes it easier to get medicine here!  Anyway, my companion was SOOOOOO great.  She told me that she would be my nurse and it was so great.  We had a lot of fun telling stories and stuff.  It was a great bonding experience for us.  Thankfully im all better now and we are back in business!
     Speaking of my companion, mom i wanted to answer your questions.  First, She has been out exactly the same time as sister pearson but since she only did 3 weeks in the MTC she doesnt go home until January.  Im her 5th companion.  The others have either been Italian or leaving to go home so they speak pretty well.  We have some good laughing times with the language.  She served in Bari first, then Sardegna and now is here.  She loved Sardegna and isnt convinced about Catania yet.  Its really different for her to be in the south.  Her family members are all members of the church but her dad is inactive.  We are the same age.  She turns 23 in September though. 
    Other questions you asked mom.  My talk went ok.  I was sick so that made preparing it a little hard.  So basically i was supposed to talk for 15 min and i talked for 25... Ya... Next time i need to watch the clock. It just went by really fast and i had NO idea.  Now i know that i really need to watch the time.  Our work with the members is going better.  There are a couple members that i really have a good relationship with.  There is a lady named Maira.  She was a missionary in temple square awhile ago.  She is 41 and her husband died a year ago of cancer.  She is so funny.  I love her.  We have gotten really close.  I love having her here!  The ward here is great.  Really i love them so much!  We still dont eat with them tons but i think that is because its the summer and they are all gone to the beach all day during the summer. 
    Other things this week.  Um... Well yesterday we were at the Maiori's house (a less active).  The mom is such a sweet, humble lady.  Her husband got in an accident a couple years ago and now is paralyzed.  Anyway, their dog had puppies and the mom and all the puppies died except one.  SO yesterday i wanted to hold the little one that is left.  She put him in my hands and HE POOPED ON ME! haha.  It was so gross but so funny.  He is so cute.  I forgot my camera but next time we go i want to take a picture of the puppy and a picture with Sorella Maiori.  Then i will send them home for you all to see!
      Last thing before i have to go.  Eleonora is doing great.  We havent been able to teach the lessons as fast as we would like and we might have to move her baptisimal date back a little just because with 2 girls is super hard to teach a good lesson because they are always interrupting.  But she is reading the book of mormon and is really excited for her baptism.  And we already have 2 new investigators that were referrals from her.  A friend and her boyfriend i guess you would call him.  They are awesome too.  We have only taught them once but they seem really open. 
     Anyway, the work in Catania is going great and we are all happy and healthy again. Mom, thanks for the package!   Brother Bay brought it to church on sunday!  Sister Tinoco was so excited.  The bug spray is perfect because i can just carry it in my bag!  So thank you very much.  That will be very helpful.  We are going to watch a movie today (we are allowed to watch church movies like the best 2 years once a transfer) and i brought the candy for us to eat while we watch.  So thank you!  Have a great week!  Thanks for all the love and support.  Im grateful for all your prayers and letters and emails.  I love you all very much and hope you all know and feel it!  LOVE YOU!!!!  Keep writing!  (friends included!!!)
Sorella Chelsea

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And I'm...

Hello everyone!
Im staying in Catania one more transfer!  Now my next wish is to go to Rome next so i can be there for Christmas... Haha.  I doubt that will happen though.  Usually sisters go there for their last few transfers.  But Christmas there would be pretty sweet I imagine.  Anyway, for now, im in Catania still.  And im SO happy about this.  Its still a little difficult at times with my companion but we have some great things happening in Catania.   Im really excited for this transfer.  We already have some great things.  First, Eleonora (the lady that came to church and basically has nothing because her husband left her) has a baptisimal date!!  August 27th!!!  Im seriously so excited!  Its going to be great.  We are praying so hard that she will continue to feel this desire to get baptized.  really really needs the Gospel in her life.  

Here is a cool story.  So Sunday, our bishop talked to her and she was crying because she really doesnt have the necessary things to even feed her kids.  So he told the relief society and they are doing so much for her!  its been so amazing to watch these sisters give us so much food and things already this week for a lady they hardly know.  Im so happy she is getting a little help materialisic also.  I am still a little nervous just because i dont want her to be baptized just because the church is helping her have food.  She really is very attentive in lessons though and it seems to make sense for her.  She already gave us a referral too!  So good things are happening here.  Here is another little story.  For some reason, her 7-year-old daughter (the one with some problems) loves me.  Haha.  Its so cute.  When ever we see her she runs to me screaming "BUMA" and kisses me on the cheek.  Then she always makes sure to tell everyone im her favorite.  Also, she wont pray unless im the one that helps her.  its so cute!  I love it!  She turns 8 in November and i hope and pray that she will be baptized close to then.  She is a handful for sure but has such a sweet heart.  
Other things, The elders have 2 baptisms aug. 20th so this is going to be a month full of baptisms.  One of them is another philipino and the other is Italian.  Silvio is the Italian and he is AWESOME.  He is almost 50 and is pretty much homeless.  He is living in a room at a friends house or something but for some reason left home.  (In Italy it is completely normal to be living at home still when you are 50 if you arent married...)  Anyway, he doesnt have a job or anything but is so prepared for the Gospel.  His birthday is on monday and he says that the second half of his life is going to be so much better.  Im really excited for him.  Since he doesnt have family or anything, we are having a birthday party for him on monday.  Im going to get him a white shirt i think and anziano hill is going to get him a tie.  So he can be all prepared for church and his baptism.  Ill be sure and send pictures.  
Another thing.  We had an open house in the church on friday to give people an over view of who we are.  We had been doing publicity for 2 or 3 weeks and were really excited for people to know that we are christians and what we know to be true.  it was SO sad though because we only had 3 people come that werent members of the church.  One was Silvio, and the other 2 had zero interest in the church.  It was really sad.  We did our best and that is all we can ask for but i just wish people knew what they were missing out on!  
I think thats pretty much all this week.  Oh ya.  Im speaking in church this week.  In the Sigonella Branch so in English.  My topic is Sacrifice.  Im really excited to study about it.  I have so many examples of sacrifice in my life.  My biggest 2 are Christ and Joseph Smith.  With each day im understanding more and more what they did for me so that i could be here today.  Im grateful for the atonement.  Im understanding more that he suffered for me.  For Chelsea.  He knows me and knows what im going through.  He knows when im having my struggles and i love that i can turn them over to Him through the Atonement.  One of my goals during my mission is definitely to understand the atonment more.  Then, im grateful for the sacrifices Joseph Smith made.  I cant even imagine all the things he went through and he never denied what he saw.  He went through so much so that we could have the Church of Jesus christ on the earch again.  And this is what i want everyone here to know!
Thats all for this week!  Thanks for all the sacrifices you are making so that i can be here.  I have such a great family and i cant thank you enough for all you do for me.  You all are the best!  Have such a great week.  Enjoy the last little bit of summer.  School is starting already, i cant even believe it!  before we know it august is going to be over.  Be sure and write me next week!  I love you all!!!!  
Sorella Chelsea 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 months??

Ciao Famiglia! 
     I feel like i have a lot to say this week so I will jump right into it.  First, I am a third done with my mission.  I really can believe that!  Its crazy to me that its august already.  Mamma mia.  It kind of scares me.  Just that this mission is going to be over and i wont have learned the language or all of the things i need to learn while im here. More motivation for me to work harder every day.  I have a lot to learn, thats for sure.  Anyway, we had lunch with the elders yesterday to celebrate.  It was a lot of fun! 
    Next, this week has been really great.  We have a new investigator and she is AWESOME!  Ok, so we met her on the bus last week.  We hadnt even had an appointment with her yet and she came to church with her 7 year old and 10 month old baby.  She cried through pretty much all of church just so grateful that she found us.  Her husband left her recently and she has NOTHING.  Literally it is the saddest thing.  Its to the point that she doesnt know what she is going to feed her kids the next day and knows that soon if she doesnt pay, she will be on the street.  Its been really humbling for me to teach her.  She is so ready to change her life and try to get on her feet again.  She wants to be a good example for her kids.  She has so many problems but is always trying to keep a smile on her face.  I cant even imagine being her shoes.  Twins in our ward got baptized yesterday and she came with her girls to it.  Oh ya, her 7 year old had autism or something and that is another thing really hard for her.  She is very difficult to control.  All over the place and is very immature for her age.  Anyway, they came to the baptism and before we had a lesson with her to explain what she was going to see.  She said that this is something she wants to work for!  We didnt set a date with her but I really think she is going to be baptized.  She has been reading the book of mormon every night when her girls are asleep.  We are excited! 
    Another humbling experience this week.  We went to a lunch appointment to a less active member with the elders this week.  They are VERY poor too (he is a member, his wife isnt.  THey are like 65 or something).  But it was the coolest thing to watch and listen to this man.  He is so happy and has such a desire to serve others.  They made us so much food, im sure it was most of what they had.  And he loved it!  He loved having us in his house and told us that we all need to come back soon.  He has been coming back to church more too.  Which is great.  He is one of the oldest members of our ward.  He kept saying " I know this isnt much but we are pretty poor."  Man, i have so much and i take it for granted.  This week has been very humbling for me.  To see people that have SO much less than me but are grateful for the things they do have.  We are so blessed!  I cant even tell you.  
     Umm... Next, this is short but we had pizza with a family in the ward and some other ward members the other night.  They have a pizza oven at their house and it is SO good.  I loved being there. It was so much to just be with the members and get to know them better.  We had to leave because it was almost 9 and they tied anziano medina down and told us that they would call our president for us but we couldnt leave yet... haha.  SO great.  Dont worry.  We got home on time.  I love that im getting to know the members better.  Im learning how crucial they are in the work.   Sorella Tinoco is great at working with them and im glad im learning this.  Its something we didnt do too much of when i was with sorella pearson. 
     Language... oh man.  I still feel like im struggling so much.  I dont know why.  Its a matter of me really finding more power in my faith i think.  I heard a story of an elder that struggled so bad.  He was praying every night with all his heart to be able to speak spanish.  He was about to give up and one day it was like his tongue was loosed.  Not saying that exactly this is going to happen to me but its a good lesson for me.  Its not going to come because i have a companion that speaks italian.  It is going to come after heart felt prayers.  Many of them.  And its not just a one time things.  Its continual.  Learning another language comes when we put our trust in the Lord and put it in His hands.  I need to learn this language and He knows that.  I need to do my part though!
     Last thing.  I read mosiah 27:4 this week and it hit me really hard.  it talks about when alma the older was praying for his son to change.  It made me think about the power of prayer not only for ourselves but for our family.  I am so grateful to know that my family is praying for me.  LIke alma, my parent's (and other family member's) prayers are heard and are answered.  I felt the love and support of my family so strong.  Thank you for all your prayers for me.  I need them...  Anyway, read that scripture.  Know that im praying for you and that i know the power of prayer is real.
    As for this week, i think thats all.  Thanks for everything.  Have a great week!  Summer is almost over.  Sounds like everyone is going to have a good last little bit of it.  Ill be grateful when its not so hot anymore...  Thanks for the emails.  Cant wait to hear from you next week!  I love you all so very much!