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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ciao Famiglia!
     Come state??  I just want to tell you all how excited I am for this weekend.  CONFERENCE!  We are going to the Bays sunday to watch the 2 saturday sessions.  Then the Italian ward will let us watch the sunday morning session (at 6 pm here) in english in church.  So sunday is going to be session after session.  Im so excited for that!  So necessary.  ANd im grateful we can watch it in English.  I dont know how much i would get out of it in Italian.  Its sad here though because we never get to see the sunday afternoon.  I will just have to read it when it comes out in the Liahona.  Man... We have to wait too long.  Haha.  Sigonella is going to do a Relief Society activity and watch the relief society session.  I told sister bay they need to do that while im still here!  I hope that is possible.  Also, you all can know that sunday morning while you are watching conference i will be watching it at the same time!  It will just be 6 pm for me instead:)
       Next, i love my companions!  It has been a great week!  Sister Askew goes home at the end of the this transfer so im trying to learn as much as i can from her.  She LOVES finding and its contagious.  She is always always talking to someone on the bus or any little time we have.  And i am learning to love it even more!  Its a little awkward at the first but then its great!  The first contact of the morning or afternoon is always the hardest but then its just fun.  Its fun talking to people and getting to know them.  I LOVE IT!  S. Askew is an awesome missionary and i really am sooooo grateful to be with her for a little bit.  Her dad lives in Draper and her mom lives in Arizona so she is from both places.  Sister Lecates is great too.  She has been out 2 transfers (3 months) more than me.  She is so fun too!  its fun to be learning together.  She is from Highland.  So we are all just right there in the same area.  Man, i have so much to learn haha.  They tell me my language is good but i just have such a hard time believing them.  I think sorella Lecates and i speak about the same.  Sorella Askew speaks beautifully.  That is my language goal by the end of my mission. To speak like sorella askew:)  She also served in Ladispoli she has been telling me all about it.  Im really excited to go there.  Its going to be a different world!
      Lidia is still doing great.  We are a little worried about the smoking thing because sometimes her breath smells a little like smoke.  but she says that she is not smoking so.... It could be that her kids still smoke in her house.  I dont know.  I really hope she isnt (she has little candies all over her house to help her) but we are just going to be very observant of this.  Other than that she is doing great.   She has to work this weekend and so she cant watch conference and she is super sad.  A lady in our ward told her she could come watch it later on the internet at her house though!  Also, we told the bishop about her baptism date and he said its great.  We were really worred about it after the ward fiasco but it sounds like everything is good to go!
     Giorgia is awesome too!  Right now she is praying to know exactly who she wants to baptize her.  Im really proud of her for sticking with the decision that she knows is right even though her dad and her grandparents dont really support it at all.  She is awesome!  I love her so much!  I hope that i will be able to play the piano for her... Im a little nervous about it.  I need to find some time to practice.  maybe sister bay will let me use their piano on sunday.  that would be great.
      Anyway, I think thats pretty much it for me this week!  Lois, thank you for the package and kimberly for the pictures!  I was soooooo happy to get them!  and now... DONT SEND THINGS TO THE BAYS ANYMORE:)  we are scared that i will be gone before it gets there.  Just send things to the mission home for now!  Thank you all so much for your love and support.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI AND DIANE!  I hope its a great birthday.  I love you all and miss you but really love where i am!  And ill be home before you know it!  Kinda freaks me out!  Have a great week!  Dont forget to email me!  You are always in my prayers!  Have fun with Brother Bradleys (anziano medina) family!  Send pics!

Sorella Chelsea

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