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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 33: Should I stay or should I go??

I have so much to say this week so I hope i can get it all out in time.  First, TRANSFERS!!!  Let me just say this is going to be a very strange transfer for me.  Sorella Tinoco is leaving Catania and going Mistretta, another city in Sicily.  We were SHOCKED when we found this out.  I have been here for twice as long as her.  But president says thats where she needs to be.  Then, for me.  I am going to be here in Catania with 2 other sisters, sorelle LeCates and Askew, for 3 weeks to show them the city and stuff.  Then, around october 17th, im heading to Ladispoli which is just outside of rome!!!  Im so excited!  I think i will be there for Christmas and that is what i wanted:)  Also, President said that since sorella pearson is there we can do an exchange for one day together before she goes home!  I really hope that that really can happen.  I would love it.  So, in Ladispoli i will be with sorelle Foote and Heiner.  Sorella Foote goes home after this transfer and sorella heiner is new in the mission.  This will be her second transfer i think.  Maybe 3rd... I dont remember.  Anyway, its going to be an interesting transfer.  But im so happy because i will be here for 2, thats right not just one, BAPTISMS!!!!!!  I am so happy!  Also, i will be able to watch some of conference with the Bays and ill be able to really get something out of it:)

Now for our second baptism we have.  Her name is Giorgia and she is 11.  Her parents are members but they arent active.  Her mom has a testimony of the church and would come but she has work.  She comes about once a month on the sunday that she doesnt work.  Her dad, on the other hand, has no desire to change and come back to church.  He smokes and stuff and is content with where he is.  The sisters have been meeting with Giorgia since before i got here and we have been waiting for the day when either her dad decides to change or gives her permission.  Anyway, he gave permission for someone else in the ward to baptize her!  And her mom said, "I have a plan.  She needs to be baptized before sister buma leaves and i want Giorgia to sing Keep the Commandments and sister buma can play it for her."  So that is our plan!  October 8th.  I guess i need to start practicing... haha.

Update on Lidia!  All good things.  So the other day we go over there and we were going to teach faith and the word of wisdom (she smokes).  We walk in and first she wants to show us her plants on her balcony because she loves gardening (I thought of you mom and your love of the same thing!).  Then we go sit at the table to start our lesson.  Lidia says, "First can i tell you guys one more thing?"  We told her sure.  Then she said, "I quit smoking 2 days ago!  I love God more than I love these things and so i decided to quit!"  Oh man!  It was AWESOME!  We still are going to do the quit smoking program with her to give her extra support.  She is seriously a miracle.  Im so grateful for that my Heavenly Father allowed me to witness this miracle.  She is a completely different person.  At the beginning she reminded me of Eyore (I have no idea how to spell it) from winnie the pooh.  Now she has a light in her eyes.  She is so much happier.  I love it!  Im so happy she has found and accepted the Gospel.  its completely changing her life.

Last thing, this is funny.  So last night we were with a member, Maira.  She brought us some dinner and some apple drink.  After the dinner anziano hill tells me that he needs to tell me something really funny.  We get in the car and he says, "so sister buma, how do you feel right now?  Do you feel warm inside?"  I was SO confused.  Then he goes on to tell me that there was alcohol in the drink!!  Not a lot but definitely alcoholic.  So, i guess now i can say that i have drinken alcohol... haha.  Its so weird that this happens to so many missionaries!

I think thats it for this week.  Thanks for the emails and everything!  Im so grateful next week i will write from Catania again!  I love being here.  I love the people and i love serving them.  Its hard but its so worth it!  I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and we are so blessed to have a testimony of its truthfulness.  Have a great week!  I will write you all next week and i hope to hear from all of you!  Vi voglio tantissimo bene!

Sorella Chelsea

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