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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Ciao Famiglia!
   Come State??  I have so many things to tell you.  LIke always.  And there just isnt tons of time...  First things first!  Giorgia was baptized this week!!!  It was such a great day!  Oh man.  I have been waiting with her for these 6 months for her dad to finally give her permission.  It was awesome.  It was such a feeling of pure joy to watch her be baptized.  I am so grateful that i had the opportunity to stay here in catania for it.  I am so proud of her.  Besides her mom, she really has no support.  Her grandma, especially, is really catholic and was not very happy.  But Giorgia knew what she was doing and why she was doing it and she got baptized!  The weird thing was that her dad wasnt worthy to baptize her so someone else in the ward performed the baptism (that wasnt the weird part).  The weird part was that he was in the circle when she got confirmed!!  i guess its up to the bishop to say yes or no and the bishop was in the circle and didnt say anything.  From what we last knew, he was smoking and stuff and hasnt been to church for a long time!  It was just a little stress moment.  Till we realized that really we cant do anything.  Anyway, then the next day he and giorgia's little brother were in church!  I havent told you anything about her brother but he is 9 and really doesnt like to do anything that relates to the church.  Wont listen to lessons, pray, or go to church.  But the last couple times we have asked him to help us teach giorgia and he said yes!  And he will even read scriptures.  Im hoping that soon the sisters can work with him and he can be baptized too.  It was so amazing to see the whole family in church together.  I hope that Giorgia and her example can help her dad get back to church!  Such a nice guy just a little lost.
      Lidia.  SO GREAT.  She had her interview and will be baptized on saturday.  6 pm my time.  So sunday was fast and testimony week here.  She asked us if she could go up.  We said yes but were a little nervous what she would say. she got up and bore a perfect testimony.  The ward was so impressed!  Which is great because its giving them a really good reason to accept her.  You all know how they kind of struggle of that.  But everyone knows who she is know because she got up.  And the ward is really helping will her baptism.  So we are so relieved.  It was a really scary thing talking to them about her getting baptized.  We were just really scared they were going to say no.  But everything is going great and she is really excited.  its going to all come together before i go!
      We also had zone conference this past week.  Im really lucky because i will get to rome right before the zone conference there.  So i get 2 this transfer:)  By the way, our mission goal for baptisms every month is 20 and we got 19 last month!  We are so close!  And president said that for october it looks like we might make the goal.  Which is awesome because its growing! I love hearing about the baptisms happening here!  I love these people and i want to find them all in the temple!  Anyway, i really loved something that my president talked about.  he talked about 1 Ne. 7:17-18.  How when Nephi prayed to be unbound, but asked for strength to free himself.  He didnt say, "Heavenly Father, i dont want this trial in my life.  Make it go away."  Instead, he simply asked for strength.  I thought about how many times i have simply said, I dont want this.  Please take this trial from me.  Which is fine to ask for but more important is to make sure we are asking for strength to do the Lords will.  I loved it!  I cant explain it like President Kelly can but maybe after the second zone conference I can say it all a little better.  maybe thats why i will have 2 this transfer.  So i can learn more.  Man, so many things that im learning and so many that i have to learn still.  Thank goodness our heavenly father is so patient with us!
      The "miracle monday" is recorded on the USB that sorella askew has so im not going to write about it.  But i know that the lords hand is in this work.  i have seen way too many miracle to deny that.  it was such an amazing day!  Especially our last appointment.
      Well thats all for today.  My last time writing from Catania.  Its going to be great coming back here with my family!  I love this city!  wish me luck on my flight to rome by my self.  And that my bags arent over weight... haha.  Im nervous for that.  Talk to you next week!  I love you all.  thanks for everything you do for me!
Sorella Chelsea

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  1. So I have a good friend/former roommate who is serving in the same mission as Chelsea. I was reading her latest update on her blog, and ran across a picture that has Chelsea in it! How crazy! Here's the link to the post the picture is in: The picture is towards the bottom - it's the picture of all the girls at zone conference. My friend is standing just to the right of Chelsea (dark hair, blue shirt/sweater). It was great to see. Crazy though. Two worlds colliding.