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Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli (RM)

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Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome RM

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ciao Famiglia!
Come state??  AMO LADISPOLI!  Mamma Mia!   Im so happy that im here.  I know im going to love my time here.  Its going to be cold but ill just bundle up.  Its actually been really good weather the past 2 days.  They all told us that a HUGE storm was going to be in Rome today and not to go there but we are going to go anyway to buy some sweaters and everything.  And there is not huge storm haha.  Its raining but its not bad at all.  Italians are so funny.  If its raining, no one goes outside.

Its so crazy to me how fast you can fall in love with those that you are teaching.  We have a couple great investigators and i love them so much.  And then they just use their agency and break your heart!  Raffaela is AWESOME.  Literally you would think that she is a member already.  SHe comes to church every week with her gospel principles book and carries around her book of mormon like its the best thing she has ever owned.  I think that she has been an investigator for like 3 months??  not really sure on that one.  Heres the problem... She lives with her boyfriend.  We had a good old lesson on the law of chastity the other day and told her that she needs to move out, break up with him, or they need to get married.  We'll see what happens when we see her tomorrow.  I know that she has such a strong testimony and wants to get baptized and if this keeps her from it im going to be so sad.  Im just scared of her just getting comfortable being an "eternal investigator" and then never taking the final step.  At least not for a long time.

Next, there is Andreina.  She is 84 and so with it.  She gets everything about the Gospel that we teach her and tells us about the peace in her heart that she feels with she prays and reads the book of mormon.  and for the first time she was in church on sunday!  She was only there for an hour but apparently they have begged her for so long to come and she finally made the step.  SO great.  Getting people to church is one of the hardest things.  People dont want to give up 3 hours of their sunday to come.  Its really sad.  Anyway, andreina basically just wants a perfect knowledge before she will get baptized.  Somehow we need to get her to understand that that is a process we go through our whole lives.  That we dont just pray and have the answers to everything.  SHe will get it though.  She just needs some more time.  Also, she is a painter and since sorella foote is leaving.  she has given us SO many paintings.  Mainly she does flowers and they are beautiful.  They are all small but i love them.  Im going to take a picture of them and send them to you all next week.  then you can be excited!  Plus i know who spent the time making them so they are really special to me.

We went to see Francesca again yesterday morning.  You just realize how precious life is.  She is only lik 65 and really doesnt have much time left of this earth.  Me and my companions were talking about how important every day it.  Its a choice to hate what we are doing and complain that a mission is hard, but it goes by so fast and before you know it, its going to be over.  I dont want to look back and not have tried my best to make every day here the best day.  Same with life.  Francesca has learned to enjoy the simple things.  It it such a privilege to spend a few hours with her every week.  We were singing to her yesterday and she told us she wants to go while we are around her bed singing to her.  Then we told her she just has to make sure its on a tuesday morning!  Man, i love her!

I dont really know what else to say about this week.  Im really happy!  I love my companions and the ward.  its barely big enough that its a ward but its definitely small.  Its going to be so fun because ill really get to have good relationships with everyone in the ward.  They dont really celebrate Halloween in Italy but the ward is having a party and we are really excited.  Im learning so much from Sorella Foote.  She is probably the most dedicated missionary but still just herself.  Everyone loves her.  Literally.  She is such a good missionary because she just loves the people and really listens to the spirit.  But she has the funnest personality.  Even when we are doing finding and everyone says no, we are laughing and its a good time.  And Sorella Heiner really has a gift with the language.  She is already an awesome missionary and she has only been here a couple months!  Its going to be really interesting what happens with transfer calls on Saturday (SOOOOO weird that its transfers again.  My 5th transfer FLEW by.)  Sorella Heiner could stay or go!  We dont know!  Ill still be here... haha.  So thats all that matters.  I love it here!

Well, thats a wrap i think.  I want to attach some pictures really quick before we have to go.  Thanks for your love and support!  I love my friends and family un sacco!  I really cant ever express how much you all mean to me.  Mom, i know you were thinking that my address isnt right but it should be!  Try sending me a letter and ill let you know if i get it:) Sorella Heiner got a letter today and this is what the address said:
Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli, Italia
Have a great week!  Love you all so much!!!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Pictures arent working so ill try to send another email with them.  LOVE YOU!

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