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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another day in Christmasy ROME!

    Ciao!!  Come state??  Man.  I have a lot of things to tell you but first with a little christmas surprise that my companion found this week.  MY FIRST GRAY HAIR!!!  and by that i mean that it was totally white and im going to send you a picture of it.  We laugh and say that it is because it stresses me out to have a daughter and she is giving me gray hair.  Dont worry, Sorella Miles has looked all through my hair and there arent anymore but i was pretty shaken up haha.  She found it in the middle of church and It was just bad.  I didnt even make it till 23... haha.  Hopefully that was just a one random one.  Next, we got cocky in our cooking skills and have had some disasters.  First, it was Rosaria's birthday and we tried to make her pancakes.  Well i didnt want to take the time to look for baking soda so i just thought we could make them without... Turns out that if you dont use baking soda pancakes turn into basically crepes.  SO then we decided to just add some baking soda (because once i looked i found it) but we added too much and they were NASTY.  SO then we had to just start all over.  The good news is that they turned out.. it just took a little longer.  Then, we tried making the cake for Rosarias birthday.  (Basically their family has nothing and so we tired to make her birthday really special for her.)  You would think we would have learned by now that you really do have to follow the recipe exactly.  Well we didnt learn.  We tried using flour that already had yeast in it to make the cake.  All the sudden I smell burning.  Well, i went and looked at the cake and it had exploded and there was smoke all over our kitchen and it was such a mess.  Then we had to make the cake over again.  Haha.  Im learning at least, right??
    Ok, moving on to CHRISTMAS.  Me and my companion both have to make more than 1 call on christmas and we talked to president and he said that its probably better that we dont ask a member because it will take a long time.  So we are going to do it at Internet point instead.  We are wondering it we can call Monday, the day after christmas, instead so that we dont have to spend money on christmas.  If its not possible president gave us permission to go to internet point christmas.  SO im wondering if i can call the Moss family at 6 at night my time (Noon your time right?) and then the Buma family at 7 my time so 11 in the morning.  let me know if that works or not.  If it doesnt work we will figure it out next wednesday but hopefully that will be ok for everyone.  LET ME KNOW!!!
    Attention siblings.  I am sending a TINY package home with something for each of you.  I hope that it gets there because you never know with italian mail.  But know that the thought is there and there should be something small for you from me in Italy this Christmas.
    Ok, really quickly.  Update on our Investigators:
-Andreina.  We went and saw her monday.  She was really busy last week with family in town because it was a holiday here for La Madonna (of course) and so she couldnt see us.  Basically she doesnt feel ready for baptism but still is searching for her answer.  Not much to update there except that i love her so much.  She is like my italian grandma here and i love when we get to go see her.
-Cristian.  He actually came for all of sacrament meeting on sunday!  So great!  But still not ready for baptism.  Yesterday night he asked us if he was going to get baptized on saturday.  I told him that he has to be better about coming to church and doing the things to show the Lord that he wants to follow Him.  He is leaving to Sicily next week and we dont know for how long so we are going to send his number down to the elders near him.
-Rosaria, Antonella and Maria.  I just love them.  Sorelle Foote and Heiner found them in about september.  I have never met the dad but the mom is always there.  SHe is very nice to the sisters but doesnt ever really talk to us.  I think the whole birthday thing really got her though.  She came in and was singing with us and taking pictures and everything.  She is doesnt go to a church but is really religious.  We are trying to get to a point that we can start teaching her too.  Anyway, "The Girls" (thats what we call them) came with us sunday to watch the christmas devotional in Rome.  It was really good and they got to hear our prophet speak so that was great.  I love them so much.  They have so much desire to do good and they are just (mostly rosaria) mixed in with the wrong crowd.  We just need to help her stop smoking but she is pretty private about it.
-Giovanni is an investigator from so long ago.  Has been one on and off for like 10 years.  He just has little hang ups.  Its so sad.  LIke he cant accept why the sabbath was changed from satruday to sunday because gods commandments never change.  Anyway, we are going to really try to help him understand and have a testimony of the restoration and BOM because then all the little things dont matter and we can find those answers out after.
-Pino is a new investigator we have.  Has no family or job because his wife left him and just wants to find the truth because he knows God can help him.  He is SOOOOO great and is from southern italy and just reminds me of my sicily loves.  Its great.  He is really progressing though and i really think that he will be baptized.  Comes to church every week and its great!
     Well i think thats about it for me this week.  Its been a good week and we had Zone conference yesterday and it was so great!  I love it!  I love that i can work harder and be better every day.  Thats what matters.  I love sharing this gospel at christmas time and having this year to really focus on my savior and his life.  That is such a blessing for me.  Thanks for all you do for me!  Im so excited to talk to you next week and then for christmas!!!  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!  have a great week!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  I should probably tell you that sorella miles and i will be together at least one more transfer!!!

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