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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buon Natale Tutti!!!!
      Non posso credere che è gia Natale.  Mamma mia!  Il tempo vola!  Anyways, im soooooo excited to talk to all of you on monday and hear all about your christmas.  Its going to be great.  Im soooooo excited for this weekend.  Let me tell you all the wonderful things we are going to be doing. Well, saturday during the day we are going to pick up packages that have been sent to us at one of the homes of one of the senior couples and they are going to have a christmas eve lunch for the missionaries.  Im pretty stoked about that.  Then that night, an older couple in our english course has invited us to come have Christmas eve dinner with them!  We have never taught them before and are so excited for this opportunity.  They seriously are so great.  The lady tries to speak english with us and comes to the advanced class and its just really funny because she isnt advanced... Haha.  Then on Christmas morning we are going to get up and open our presents and then go to church for an hour and then head to a city about 30 min away on the train to have lunch with an investigator and her whole family.  We have only met with her once and then we never heard from her for a month so basically we thought she read something on the internet or something and was ignoring our calls.  Then she called a week ago and invited us over for christmas!!  What in the world????? Such a miracle.  We feel so blessed that we are going to be spending these 2 days with these people!  We will come home that night and study the life of the savior and do our best to do our reinactment of the birth of Christ.  haha.  We are going to maybe go and have Rosaria and antonella and maria help us if we get home in time.  Then on monday we get to sleep in an extra hour!!!!  Then we are headed to rome to watch Tangled with our district and go have lunch with them.  Then is the best part that we get to come back to Ladispoli and call our families!  Its going to be a great christmas.  For sure one that i will never forget.  
     As for this week.  Man, it was a little rough at the beginning.  The recordings will basically tell you all our miracles but it was probably one of the most amazing couple days.  We did SOOOOOO Much finding this week by asking people on the street if they believe in christ and then ringing people at home and asking if we can sing for them.  We got let into 6 houses this week!!  and i have only been let in one other time on my mission!  SUnday night was literally a night of miracles.  
     Here is our miracle that happened last night.  We were doing house and got into a big Palazzo and were asking people if we could sing.  We get to this door and a lady opens it and says we can come in.  We didnt even get to sing before she is asking us about our church.  Then she gets teary eyed and says, "Right before you rang my doorbell i was so desperate.  My son is 10 years old and is in the hospital right now with heart problems."  I had the strongest impression to tell her that the true priesthood has been restored to the earth and that because of that we are able to receive blessings.   And then i asked her if we could go with someone from our church that holds the priesthood to give her son a blessing.  She immediately said if we really could do that without bothering a member she would love it.  She told us that she is Muslim but is so interested in talking more about christ.  We got her number and told her that tomorrow (so today) we would come to the hospital with someone.  I walked out of that appointment really 100% knowing that i was in the right place at the right time and was able to tell her what she needed to know in that moment.  So tonight we are going with our bishop (who is seriously amazing) to give her son a blessing.  Im soooooo excited for tonight.  I hope that everything goes well and that this mom really feels the spirit.  THis message is exactly what her family needs right now.  
     That is just one of the great miracles we have seen.  I have really, really had my testimony strengthened this week about the fact that none of our work goes unnoticed to heavenly father.  That miracles really do happen all the time but we just need to be willing to look for them and work for them.  Sunday night after we had gotten let into the fourth house i was walking down the stairs to the next floor and just couldnt even believe all that had happened that night.  That people were just so much more receptive to our message and i knew that it was me being able to see the miracles the Lord wants to do and does.  I dont know if that made sense but it was just a great week.  
    As for our investigators, Cristian has moved so Sicilia for a while and we dont know when he will be back.  Andreina SLOWLY makes progress and we love her more than anything.  The girls are great and Maria (10 years old) fell asleep reading her book of mormon the other day:)  So cute!  Raffaela fasted on her own to know what to do with her boyfriend.  We are praying that she receives the strength to do what we know she knows she needs to do.  Pino is doing great but was crying to us yesterday because he really doesnt have a home or a job.  Our ward is being so great about helping him.  yesterday we bought him a notebook to write down what we learn because he wants to study it throughout the day.  He made sorella Miles write every little word that either one of us said about the plan of salvation.  Haha.  I love him.  ANd then we have some new investigators that we are really praying for.  Work is going great and we are happy to be where we are.  
    I should also say that i love sorella miles.  We get along so well and its great.  I cant even tell you how many times during the day we are just crying because we are laughing so hard.  It has made finding so great because we are making the most out of it.  We are praying that we will have 3 transfers together:)
     ANyway, thats it for me this week.  if i forgot anything, ill talk to you about it on monday!!!  You have my phone number so if something isnt working on monday, make sure you call me.  Thanks for everything!  I sure love you all so much!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  eat some honey baked ham for me.  that sounds really good right now!!  Ill be thinking about you this weekend!  Have fun with all you do. BUON NATALE!!! AUGURI!!!!!
Sorella Chelsea
p.s.  I tried to figure out how to send pictures a different way and i have NO idea.  Im sorry that im not good at the computer....  hopefully its fine.  Love you all!!!

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