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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Atonement and Black Mold

     Holy Cow!  I seriously cannot believe that today is the 11th!  I keep looking at the date when we are planning at night and time just seems to slipping by.  Man...  We had a great week!  Definitely some ups and downs but a good week.  We will start off with the atonement and black mold.  THat has pretty much been our concentration this week.
     So on friday, a mission couple, the Kruegers, came to our apartment to check it out.  Well, we got an A which is great but we have some black mold on our ceiling and they told us that we need to try and get that off.  So they told us that its important that we try and do it ourselves so to do it in the next few days because if it doesnt come off, they need to hire someone to come and get it all off.  So that was our Monday morning.  Buckets of bleach water and just scrubbing our ceiling.  The good news it that it looks SOOOOO much better.  It took us awhile and some of it is stained but it really looks a lot better.  We should have taken before and after pictures.  The Kruegers also told us that we can use our heating all the time in our house!  (Lets just say the rules on using our heating have changed.  That would not have been ok when i first got here) I felt really bad turning the heating on because it costs so much money.  And we were pretty much living in an ice box...  Its just an air conditioning thing that we use so its still a little chilly but we are feeling a lot better!  Warmer apartment without mold!  Man, we are starting this year off good!
     The best part of the visit from the Kruegers was their lesson they taught us on the atonement of Christ.  It was SOOOOOO good and me and Sorella Miles just had so many lightbulb moments.   We asked a lot of questions so we didnt quite get to finish but they had everything typed up for us to study and so we have been doing that a lot.  Its been so great learning how better to apply the atonement in my life every day!  Thinking of it as something that is still happening now instead of just a moment in the Savior's life.  I wish i could tell you all that i have learned but I just dont have the time.  I love personal and companion study.  I dont know if i ever told you this but there is a new program now that trainers and the new missionaries do 2 hours of companion study instead of just one every day for 2 transfers.  It has been great.  We have lots more time to practice teaching and im definitely growing as much as Sorella Miles if not more.
     As for the not so happy moments this week.  Pino told us our last lesson with him was on monday because he cant find work here so he is going back to Calabria.  He is so great but just has so many problems because of choices that he has made earlier in his life.  Im sure there are missionaries at least sort of close to where he is going that can continue to go and see him.  We will for sure send the referral down to them.  He did call us yesterday though and said he hadnt left yet...  So maybe we have a little longer than he has said.  I guess we'll see.  I just hope in some way he can have a new start to his life.  He wants to change but even after we have repented and changed, there unfortunately consequences that follow.  He is definitely experiencing that.  We love him and want him to stay but i think it will be better for him where he is going, back to be with his mom and sister.
    Next sad appointment (which happened to be the same day) was our appointment with Cristian.  He told us that for now he has somethings in his life that he needs to sort out and doesnt want to see us for now.  I asked him if he would read the scriptures and pray at least in this week because i know it would help him and basically he said no...  He doesnt have a relationship with God he said and then he told us he doesnt even know if he wants to have one.   It was like going through a break up.  It was really sad!!!  There is a happy light to this one though.  Some Anziani in Rome called us yesterday and told us that they were in the train station and Cristian stopped them and wanted to talk with them.  He told them he has some problems that he feels uncomfortable talking with us about and would like to talk with the elders instead.  I cant believe that Cristian stopped them!  Such a sign that he really does have a desire to find this relationship with his heavenly father.  I really really hope meeting with Elders for a little while is just what he needs!  We also met with his sister last week and she is great!  Hopefully we can start seeing her too!
     As for every one else, not much new.  I still love Andreina with all my heart and hope we can help Raffaela find a way to be baptized!  Starting monday this week all the holidays ended and so we are happy to get back to our normal schedules.  More like that everyone else will be back to their normal schedules:)
     Well thats it for me this week I think.  Tomorrow is Zone Conference and im so excited!  I LOVE zone conference.  Its so fun being around so many other missionaries and really feeling the spirit together.  Hope you all have a great week!  Thanks for everything you do for me.  Especially for your emails and letters!  I LOVE getting mail from my family and friends!!!  Vi Voglio TANTISSIMO bene.  Mi mancate!  Ci sentiamo la prossima settimana!

Sorella Chelsea

Present from our best ward missionary, Fratello Papi!  He is awesome!
Cute stocking Teri sent me!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Not such a great pic of me but this is the famous Pino.

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