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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ciao Famiglia e Amici!
     Grazie mille for the birthday wishes.  It was so great to get on the internet this morning and have all the birthday wishes.  I cant believe that it could even be time for my birthday.  It feels like just yesterday i turned 22 and was waiting to enter the MTC. Lots has happened in this year... haha.  I feel so blessed that i can celebrate my 23rd birthday here in Italy.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this experience.  I have great family and friends and i feel your love and support. So, Thank you.  It means a lot to a missionary in Italy.
     Well, i want to say that this week is going to be great.  Its going to be a miracle birthday week.  I can just feel it.  Our mission goal for everyone is to teach 21 lessons (not including less-actives or new converts) every week.  I have been close to that several weeks but never made it.  This is the week.  We really feel it!  We are praying a lot for this and really doing everything in our power to reach this goal this week.  That is the birthday wish i want from Heavenly Father.  That and a baptismal date:)
   OK, remember that lady that we went and sang for and she let us in and told us about her son in the hospital and i asked if she would like her son to receive a blessing?  Well the blessing never worked out because her husband really wasnt helpful.  Not that he was totally against it, but just didnt allow us really to set anything up (and he is the only one with a phone so it was a little difficult).  Anyway, we have been teaching this lady though.  Her name is Mimoza and she is from albania.  She is muslim but not practicing and believes in Christ as our Savior.  Until 15 years ago she really didnt know who God was or Christ. She had heard of God but because of communism was never able to know who he is.  15 years ago she saw a movie about Christ and cried the whole time.  Anyway, we had asked her to read the introduction to the book of mormon and she not only read it but read it like 5 times to really understand it.  She was like, "can we talk more about this book?"  So i start telling her the story of the BOM and she knew the whole thing!  It was incredible.  Her prayers at the end of the lesson are amazing.  So simple but from her heart.  Our obstacle with her is going to be her husband but I feel like she really is going to be baptized.  SHe just has just a desire to know the truth.
    Anna (romanian lady) and her kids...  well yesterday we tried to set a baptismal date with them... The kids were all for it.  We explained that they still have a lot to learn but that with our help and them doing their part, they can really have a testimony of what we have been teaching them; That the church of jesus christ has been restored.  The mom wasnt so happy and excited about it.  She is evangelist and doesnt see any need to be baptized again.  The hardest and most important thing that people understand is the importance of authority and how our church is the only church on the earth with the right authority.  We are hoping that as her kids continue to grow and desire this her heart will be softened.  And it was so cute because they told us that we have to come on my birthday because they will be waiting with a surprise for me.  haha.  I love them.  Its going to be a good birthday!

     Next thing.  Well in church on sunday i had to do my first translating!  It was just insane.  First of all, there is a guy in our ward that for his job he translates for the church so i was just confused why they would ask me.  (Even though i understand as a missionary it just kind of comes with the territory)  Anyway, is was for these 2 american members that are here in europe to make a video for EFY in europe and they came to our ward to film our primary singing.  He was SO nice and told me how well i did even though it was SO hard.  I could understand everything the speakers said but when i was speaking, i couldn't really hear what the speaker was saying and i got a little lost.  I guess thats a hurdle i would have had to cross at some point in my mission.  Definitely an experience.  That translating isnt easy!
     Last thing, we had zone conference this week.  That is the most inspired thing.  I think all of us as missionaries need that every transfer.  Its one of my very favorite things.  Anyway, president kelly gave us all an assignment to study about Charity for 12 weeks and then to write a little paper on the things we learned.  Im really excited.  He told us that he wants us all to become experts on charity.  Its already been great studying and learning.  Its always been a quality really special to me and something i really want to work on.  We'll see how it goes!  If any of you have learned some great things about charity i would love to hear it!
     For now i have to be done.  I hope you have a great week.  We get transfer calls on saturday.  Im really nervous.  The work is going great here and i love my companion!  I dont want to leave Ladispoli...  we'll see what happens!  Talk to you all next week!  Thanks again for the birthday wishes!  I thank my heavenly father for you all every day!  Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Buma

Sunset literally 2 min from our house.  So beautiful!!!!
last district pic before transfers... President said its going to be a big one!  IM SCARED!!!  I just want to stay here!
Me and Lidia (youngest of the Romanian family) for her birthday yesterday.

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