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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Ciao!  Benvenuta alla primavera!!!
     We have been soooooo spoiled by the weather in these days.  Oh man.  I know me saying that is going to change everything but i love it.  Its been warm and clear blue skies and i love being outside.  Its a lot warmer than inside our apartment... haha.  Not quite warm enough to not wear tights but i will really be excited for the day when i can take these babies off.  Im a little sick of wearing tights every day.  But the day is coming!  I can feel it!
     Everything is going great here in Ladispoli!  I love it.  So many miracles and i just feel so blessed with all the tender mercies Heavenly Father gives us.  Lets start with the first.  Umberto accepted a baptismal date!!!  April 14th!  I talked to his girlfriend at church without him there and she said he got in the car after as was like "April 14th, ya that sounds good!"  Man he is so ready to go. I dont know if i told you all this but he is sharing everything with his family and stuff.  They dont start eating dinner till he is home now so he can say a prayer for the food.  He is so great.  Reading the BOM every day and coming to church and praying.  Oh and also, March 8th is a holiday here for women and so he brought us flowers.  It was the cutest thing!  Haha. So nice.  Pictures will be coming.  Our ward also gave us Roses.  That is a tradition im bringing back with me! :)
     Next, there is a less-active in our ward named Enriquetta.  We randomly found her before christmas when we were going around and asking everyone if we could sing for them.  Anyway, she let us in and told us she was a member but hadnt seen the missionaries in a little bit.  We have been going to see her pretty regularly since then because she really wants to be ready for the temple to go for the first time.  Since december we have told her that even though its hard (her daughter has back problems and she has a 1 and a half year old granddaughter with downs syndrome or something) so she has a lot on her plate because she has to take care of everything at home.  But she promised us in the next couple weeks she would organize herself and get herself to church.  And sunday in relief society i heard someone come in so i looked back and it was her!!!  I was SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see her there.  Those are moments of just pure joy.  The ward was so happy to have her there too.  Then we went to her house yesterday and her daughter (like 30 or something with 2 grils.  one of them is the one with some handicaps) accepted a book of mormon.  I dont know what will come of it but she promised us she would at least read some!
     I cant really think of anything else huge that happened this week.  We have some other investigators but nothing to report on them yet.  The work is going and we are searching for a family.  They are here we just really need to find them.  Our best bet for a family is going to be through member referals so that is what we are trying to do.  I have never taught a whole family and i think it would be the most incredible thing.
     Well, sorry its not as great this week but i dont have much else to say.  Oh, we did made a cheesecake this week!  Apparently cooking goes a lot better with Sorella Ivory because it was so good and seriously the easiest thing i have ever done.  We thought for sure it would take for ever and then we found a recipe and it was so simple.  Finally a success!  Things are going well here.  Im learning so much about myself, the kind of person i want to be, the kind of family i want to have and most importantly, how much our heavenly father loves us individually.  Sometimes its hard but the knowledge that my heavenly father loves me and is happy that im here in italy serving a mission brings me comfort.  He knows im not perfect and he is ok with it.  I love sharing the You are Special book with people.  Thats what i have really come to know.  Heavenly father knows us individually and by name.  Dont ever forget that!  I am grateful that He knows me enough to have given me the perfect family i needed on the earth.  me and sorella ivory were talking about that the other day.  that everything has just been so tailor made for each of us.  Thanks for all your love and prayers and emails and everything.  ILl talk to you next week!
Sorella Chelsea

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