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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference!

Ciao Tutti!
     Mamma mia!  Sono MOLTO contenta che c'è conferenza generale questo weekend!  Its just like christmas!  haha.  But seriously i love it.  Its going to be different because i think we are going to watch it in Italian because Giorgia is coming and i would feel so bad leaving her in the Italian room and going to watch it in English.  Im excited that she can come.  I dont know if she is going to be able to come to all of it but for sure some of it.  And that is going to be great.  She came to church on sunday and it was just so funny.  Like i said, she doesnt want anyone to know that she is a little softy.  So her eyes were just watering up all during sacrament meeting and it was so funny because then she would have to say something funny to keep herself from crying.  I can see her feeling the spirit more though and its awesome.  We also went with her to a baptism on saturday in rome and one of the speakers gets up and says, " I have prepared something else but i really feel prompted to share my conversion story (he was just baptized 2 months ago)."  Anyway, he needed to change it because it was exactly for Giorgia.  We talked to him after and he said that he knew that someone there needed that talk.  It was sweet!  Its awesome seeing how Heavenly Father works.
    Umberto update is on the recording that we made.  Also enriquetta.  Its just so much easier than typing!  I love that little guy plus its been way too long since i have made one!
     Big news this week!  I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN ITALIAN FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!  it was such a great feeling.  Now im starting it over with Giorgia.  We are going to read the same chapters every day.  With sorella ivory too!  Its great!  I dont think i will finish it again in my mission but im glad that i at least did it once in italian and ill continue that at home.  I read 1 ne 1 today.  I love the last verse.  I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord so many times while i have been here and i know its true.  Right when i have needed it, Heavenly father has shown me he's there.  Me and sorella Ivory were talking about it this morning.  You really can see the lords hand in everything if you are looking for it!
     Other things that happened this week,  well, i did have a quasimodo eye.  Haha. I woke up in the middle of the night on thursday night and my eye was streaming water and i felt like there was sand in it.  Took out my contacts and tried to go back to sleep.  In the morning it was all swollen and we couldnt open the windows because the sun hurt my eye.  Haha.  I think i just scratched it a little bit.  Not a big deal cause it was all better by the next day.  Just kinda funny.  Everyone was making fun of me that day.  And i forgot to take a picture!  ITs the worst.  we really need sorella miles here for that!
     Well, i think thats it for us here this week.  Such a good week.  I love missionary work.  I know that our message can heal anything.  I have seen that so many times.  No matter what our problems are, the gospel of jesus christ can heal us.  I love in 3 ne 11 when christ is so willing to heal the people.  I know that is how he is with us.  I have seen it in my life in the last year and in the lives of these great italians.  We just have to come to him (Matt 11:28??)  Love you all so much.  I hope you enjoy conference!  I wont get to see the last session for awhile so let me know what happens!  Thanks for your love and support!  You are the best!!!!!  Love and miss you all!
Sorella Chelsea

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