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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buona Pasqua!!!

       Mamma Mia!  Conference was amazing huh.  There were so many times in the first session when they were talking about missionaries and i just felt soooooo humbled to be here.  I cant believe where i am and how far into i am.  It really is so crazy when people ask me how long i have been out.  But im so grateful to be here.  I love the response that a missionary gave elder Oaks about why we are willing to serve missions.  We are willing because we understand the sacrifice that Christ gave to us and giving a year and a half or 2 years is such a small sacrifice to make so that others can know of the sacrifice christ made for them.  I know that makes no sense but you can just read exactly what he said... haha.  I really felt the love of my Heavenly Father for me at the end of that session when the choir sang.  I love conference.  It was just like christmas and i couldnt have been happier.  We are watching the last session with Giorgia at her house cause its too late here for them to broadcast it.  So i still have some to look forward too.  And next conference im going to be right there in the conference center.  Its necessary!
     So whats new here?  Umberto is still good to go for his baptism.  He got in an accident and so hasnt had a car this week so we havent seen him.  But he came to conference and should have his interview for baptism this satruday.  Keep him in your prayers.  Satan works hard right before a baptism.  Giorgia is doing great and came to conference.  She goes slow but is progressing.  She is reading the BOM every day and still saying a prayer every night.  We are all on 1 ne 13.  Raffaella was supposed to come to conference but then was sick... It was the worst cause she really needed that.  I am hopeful that she will watch it online at least though.  Others... We still go and see andreina but not often. She is SOOOOOO interested in the church but is so scared to make that step to baptism.  She is 84 though...  She thinks she hasnt received an answer strong enough even though she had told us of at least 2 experiences of when she was reading the book of mormon and felt something in her heart that she cant explain.
    Yesterday we had a SWEET hour of finding.  Anziano Roe, in our district, told us yesterday to try and ask people about their dreams (Italians have crazy dreams.  lots of converts gained their testimony through dreams).  So we planned well, said a good, specific prayer before going out and expected miracles.  I love talking to the first person i see or i get nervous and its way harder.  So, the first person i saw, i asked him what he has been dreaming in these days.  Answered something, dont really remember what, and then i asked if he has ever had an ancestor come see him in his dreams.  He said yes, lots of times!  I explained and bore testimony of the plan of salvation and eternal families and asked if we could exchange numbers and come share with his family.  He said yes!!!  Seriously that never happens on the first person!  miracle!  We ended up getting 3 numbers in 1 hour!  It was insane.  I felt so guided by the spirit!  It was such a sweet day.  I also talked to this young mom.  Her and her husband are in medical school and have a little girl.  She was so interested in eternal families and I hope so badly we get to teach them!  Anyway, the best part is how happy we felt.  Sorella Ivory really loved missionary work in that moment and it made me soooooo happy!  This is what i want to help to feel.  A real love for doing this work.  Its great and miracles happen if we put our faith in the lord!
    I think thats about it for me this week.  We still dont know what we are doing for Easter but im sure that something great will come up.  Oh and about the christmas family.  We still havent gone to eat with them again because they were all sick that weekend.  So hopefully soon.  We also have zone conference this week!  Its going to be such a great week.  General conference, zone conference and easter all in the same week!  Thanks for everything!  YOu all are the best and i love you will all my heart!  Dont ever forget that!  I love my friends and family.  I hope you all have a great week!  HAPPY EASTER!!!
Sorella Chelsea

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