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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excerpts from Chelsea's first letter

Believe it or not Chelsea only had 30 minutes to read emails and write her letter and this is only excerpts. I'm amazed at how much info she packed into it.

HELLLLO!!!!!   I can't believe i actually get to write you today1  This has seemed like forever waiting to talk to you!  I have so much to tell you and there is a clock counting down my minutes.  Its stressful!  So I LOVE the MTC.  I was really worried about coming here and not loving it.  Its really cool to be around so many missionaries though. The spirit is really strong.  All the Italians are really close.  We sit together to eat every meal.  So not only am i getting to know my district but also all the other italians.  There aren't that many though, i would guess there are like 25?  Something like that.  Elder Vitali is in my district!  He is a way cool Elder!  In fact, i love all the elders and sisters in my district.  There are 4 of us girls and i love them.  Only 8 of us in the whole MTC are going to Rome.  Isn't that crazy???  We get 18 new rome missionaries in march though.  Well, my second night here i got called as the coordinating sister.  Kinda like the zone leader.  It was SO humbling.  I really don't feel like him qualified to be a leader of missionaries but i am going to do my best!  Since i am the CS, I felt like mom on Sunday cause i was literally in meetings all day. I was supposed to not end until 630 but i decided that i am going to the last meeting next week.  It teaches us what to do when new missionaries come in and stuff.  Cause ill be the sister that is in their meeting and teaching them what to do/expect in the MTC.  Right now i have 8 sisters that im over but we are getting more in march.  I think.  Elder Vitali is our district leader so i have gotten to work with him a lot.  Its been really good!  And we have the best zone leaders. Emily, i am watching out for you! haha.  Oh and really quick, i saw Kevin sunday before he left.  he is doing really good and is so excited to be going to Germany.  He will do great!  Ok.... There is just so much to say.  im sorry this is just random but i have 20 min left.  its scary.  So about my companion.  Its sister lewis who i knew kinda from facebook. 

There is another sister in my ward, Sorella Bishop.  She reminds me of Allie Morgan.  She is way shorter though haha. 4' 9''.  We have really hit it off.  We both have needed each other so much cause her companion is the other one that speaks italian.  We were laughing together so hard last night.  its fun to have her!!!  I really think we will be friends for a long time.  She is going to Milan though :( so we are going to write and keep in touch.  The language.... whoever says that its easy to learn italian is crazy!!!  Im definitely not doing amazing but its coming slowly.  I can say a very simple prayer and bear a simple testimony.  I can also do an easy contact.  I just need to practice is so much more and not get discouraged by my companion.  Both my teacher and my branch pres said not to worry about that though.  They say im doing just fine and understanding plently.  My teacher said in 2 weeks ill be able to understand almost everything he is saying!  So we'll see haha.  Ok so my teachers.  My first one is fratello silva.  SUCH A SWEET GUY.  he knows laramie!  i really love him.  he brings the spirit into our class so strong every time.

My other teacher is great too.  Much more language oriented though.  So its a really good balance.  We are in a pilot course or whatever.  My teachers only speak italian to us.  Sometimes they will say a word or 2 in english just to make sure we know what they are talking about.  fratello silva talks in english more because he is testifying more and wants us to really understand.  I love that.  its frustrating sometimes when they are talking and talking and i have NO idea what they are talking about.  im sure its more frustrating for them though cause they can't get their point across.  Oh and i taught my first lesson yesterday!!  

 I am so happy here.  This won't come as a surprise to anyone but i threw up the first morning and felt really sick the next 2.  I don't know whats wrong with my tummy but i think when im stressed thats my reaction.  I feel great now though.  I love being a missionary.  I am so excited to teach others what i know.  I know i already said this but i love the MTC.  it really is the greatest.  I have only been here a week and i know ill be sad when i have to leave.  I am so excited for Sara and Mary to get here!  2 weeks Mar!  I know they are going to love it.  its really fun even though you are working so hard and are tired.  How is everyone though??  From the letters i have gotten it sounds like everyone is doing well.  Thanks for your letters by the way!  I love getting dear elders.  I get them every night at dinner and it makes my day!  Please keep sending them!  I love hearing how every one is.  I hope you know that you are all in my prayers every day.  Its hard being away from home but i know that we will all be blessed for this.  Em, have fun at sweethearts!  Im not sure when it is so i wanted to say that.  I still have a couple hours to write letters so everyone be looking for some in the next few days!  Thanks again for your love and support.  Im so lucky to have so many people praying for me.  I will write every tuesday and thats the only day i can write letters but don't let that keep you from writing me more:).  I love you all.  I hope you know that i know this is the true Church.  I will talk to you sooon!  Have a great week!!

Sorella Buma
p.s keep using dear elder.  I like not having to read emails cause then it doesn't take away from my 30 min to write.  Plus i get them right away.  thanks again for your letters.  I hope all is well in Sandy and Winston-Salem! oh and im sorry this is such a random email.  Ill try to be more organized next week when i write

For those who don't know what she means by dear elder: is a service for missionaries that delivers letters at the MTC for free (and some missions). Follow the link, choose "write a letter," and put Chelsea's name in the form. Her mission is ITA-ROM and her departure date is 0406. 

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