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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 2--Still loving the MTC

Hey!   How is everyone?  Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for the Valentine's day packages!   It seriously felt like christmas!  The mail place was PACKED.  It was so funny.  I think i have enough chocolate for a long time ahah.  its great!  Mom, everyone loved the cookies.  thanks for doing that!  It was really great for everyone to have something that was personalized cause not everyone recieved and package from their family!  First off really quick, could you guys send me some stuff?  I need some tanktops.  like 2 white and 2 black?  mediums?  That would be great.  I also want some Bath and body works antibacterial hand sanitizer, baby power or baking soda for our shoes, and one of the sisters in my zone has a birthday on the 19th.  if you could send some birthday supplies before then that would be great.  even just like party hats for us to wear when we sing to her.  I would also love if you could print the talk "the love of god" by elder uchtdorf and send it.  that would be marvelous!!  

Ok So really quick about my week!  I still LOVE the mtc.  its interesting that i really do feel like this is exactly when i was supposed to be here.  I know that i was meant to have my teachers.  Espeically my morning one.  he brings the spirit so much and really says something everytime that i needed to hear that day.  We have taught investigators twice now.  it is a really cool experience even though i get SOOOOO nervous everytime.  we have only taught in english so far but we have to contact in italian.  it freaks me out so bad.  My italian has been slow since saturday.  I guess i feel a little stuck.  I know that i need to put more trust and faith in the lord.  he has called me to italy and will help me learn the language in his own time, in his own way.  Patience.  Man, i am learning so much of that here!  I really can't tell you all, though, that even though it is so hard and frustrating because i don't understand a lot of what my teachers are saying to me i am so happy.  I really thought i was going to get here and struggle.  Its cool how different it has been.  The spirit is so strong here as many of you know!  I dont' even know how missionaries don't love it here!  I know im going to be sad to leave it.  I love being around missionaries every day and learning from them.  

Our teacher said something really cool earlier this week.  he said that missions are something we earned.  Heavenly father has known me so much longer than 22 years.  this was something i was called to do so much longer than a couple months ago.  Anyway, it just so amazing to think of it that way.  That this is SUCH a privilege to be here serving the lord and preparing myself to teach the people in italy!  I can't wait!  

Oh, total change of subject but reemember the random photographer?  KSL has been here all the time filming and taking pictures of us.  They were at every one of my meetings the first day.  I guess the special between conferecnes one day is going to be on the MTC.  SO you will probably see me!  Don't forget ok!  I want you to watch and tell me what they did.  its been funny just sitting in the cafeteria and they take all these random pictures.  That brings me to my next point!  

The food, hahah.  its not terrible but i know i am going to be so sick of it.  Every meal they have a salad though so thats at least a pretty safe option.  I weighed myself today... no weight gain so far.  Hopefully it stays like that:).  

Some have asked me what a day is like at the mtc.  So here it goes.  Wake up at 630, breakfast at 700, lunch at 1130 dinner at 430 and pretty much everything else is class!  its crazy!  We have teachers like 5 hours a day but that differs.  and we always get an hour break to go to the gym but the time differs on that.  when i first got it here i was blown away at how much time i was expected to just sit and study.  Now i wish that i had double the time every day.  I don't get to accomplish everything i need/want to to do!  I really didn't think i would get to that point so fast!  

Oh and i have a kinda funny story.  So i was laying in my bed on friday night, in my night gown, writing in my journal.  I hear the intercom come on in my whole building, "Is there a sister chelsea buma?"  I ran out and the guy on the intercom said i needed to put some sweats one and come to the front desk to pick something up.  Well, apparently if you over night things they make you get them that day.  I had class so i couldn't pick up my package that day before the mail room closed.  Everyone was  asking me what was so urgent that i go get.... haha oh just a valentine package from my mom... anyway, i LOVED the package and pictures but if it is possible, try to not send them over night just in case i don't have time to get them that day.  

Oh and i wanted to ask if any of you have ideas of how you got into houses when you were tracting.  Apparently you have to be pretty creative so i wanted to hear how you did it!   I think that about does it for me this week.  I am taking a walk around the building with my comp every hour cause im really scared about my back.  I hope that helps but it is just so much sitting.  Do you think sitting on a pillow would help me?  It doesn't kill or anything it just gets sore.  

Thanks again for all the support everyone is giving me!  I love hearing what everyone is up to!  Its great!  It sounds like everything is going ok!  Send everyone my love and know that my prayers are with each of you every day!  Im sorry these emails are so random but i just have to throw it all out there in the short amount of time I have!  Io so che la chiesa e vera!  Keep writing!!!  
Sorella Buma
P.S. Thank you brynne and brooklyn for sending me pictures!  They are hanging in my room next to a picture of you!  Love you so much!

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