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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 6: Focusing on service

Hello!!!!  How are you all doing?  I can't believe that another week has already passed.  Everyone was right.  Some of the days are kinda long but the weeks are going so fast.  I can't believe that kevin has been out a transfer already.  That is NUTS!  he sounds like he is doing good though.  i hope i can take advice from him and really just go out and be the best i can be.  I really enjoy his emails because i know that he is using his personality to really connect with people.  that is something that i need to hear and see right now.

sorella lewis and i are getting along so well!!  I have grown to love all the little funny things she does.  she is so dramatic and i just love her for it.  I have a testimony that through prayer, our charity can grow for everyone around us.  I never thought that i would have grown to love her as much as i do but i pray for it every night.  She is so funny and i just love her!  I guess it has been coming gradually but my eyes were really opened to how much i love her last week.  we have turned into a really good team.  Such a blessing.  and the best part is that its mutual!  she has so much love to give.  we talked last night about how at the beginning of the mtc we were both worried this would never work out but how we have grown to love each other even with our differences.  so cool!  

I have another cool experience with one of the sisters in my zone.  Sorella walton.  Last week her district leader came and talked to me about her because she isn't understanding the language very well.  So in my interview with her, i talked to her about it.  Anyway, in branch council i brought it up and my branch president told me to talk to her about the story of enos and the power of prayer.  So yesterday i pulled her and her companion aside to just share that with her.  I started talking about it and it was fine but i wasn't feeling super good about.  I felt like i needed to also talk about enoch and how when he was called to be a prophet he told heavenly father that he wasn't qualified because he was slow to speak.  and look at all the amazing things he did!  his whole city was translated!  we got talking and she asked me what she could do so that when she had these feelings of discouragement she wouldn't start feeling jealous of others in her district and stuff.  I had the strongest impression to talk to her about service.  all three of us together made a deal with each other.  when thoughts of discouragement come in our head, we are going to pray and find someone that needs help that day.  we are going to try give a smile to someone in our district that might need one that day.  basically instead of dwelling on our own discouragement, whatever it may be, we are going to focus on others and how we can lift them.  we aren't amazing at the language but each one of us can lift those around us.  In preach my gospel it tells us that our purpose on a mission is to bring others unto christ.  I think that here at the mtc we forget that and think that it only applies when we get out to the field.  but that is SO satan's way of thinking.  the missionaries here need it just as much.  So we are going to start concentrating more on fulfilling our purpose here in the mtc now and on sunday we are going to meet again and share our experiences.  Sorry that story was a little long but it touched me so much.  not only did sorella walton need to hear that but so did i!  

Ok... what else.  we are getting new missionaries this week.  7 new sisters and 32 elders!  can you believe that??  18 milan, 21 rome!  SOOOO COOOL!  i am really really excited.  so wednesday and thursday night i will be with them in their meetings and me at the zone leaders will try and help them start off on the right foot.  its gonna be great.  its funny how much older you feel just because you have been here 6 weeks.  it seems like forever ago that i arrived here.  I have learned so much its unbelievable.  I just love it here!  I hope i can pass that love along.  this is a once in a lifetime experience to be here at the MTC.  i will never get this again.  even if i serve when i am older.  Its just not the same.  

ok, just a couple more things.  one, anziano free (in my district) has an adopted brother from romania.  a couple years ago he was burned in a house fire and pretty much had his entire body burned.  (he is sitting next to me and told me to say "What's up, emily?" haha).  anyway, they adopted him and he is SO cute.  BYU is doing a special on him for conference or something.  It is going to be in the varsity theatre at BYU and he thinks that it will be the friday before conference.  he is going to ask his family for sure and then let me know.  if you guys can go i think it would be SO cool.  you can meet his family and i think at least one of my teachers will be there.  Ill give you more info but that is just a heads up.  Also, just if you think its ok, will you call keri holyoak and see if there is anyway i can get a couple more months of my medicine?  I am just scared that some of my mail wont make it to italy so i would love to have a little more sent to me while i am here if that is possible.  if not, i understand.  just an idea!  

I think that's all for me this week.  I just can't believe i leave 3 weeks from today.  I should get my travel plans next week!  its CRAZY.  I hope all is well with everyone.  To my siblings that didn't write me this week... i love you so much!  and i want to hear from you:)  Thanks for all the love and support you all show me every week.  i couldn't do it without you.  I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to serve a mission!  LOVE YOU!!!!  write me soon!!!!

Sorella Buma
"from Anziano Rodriguez"
HEEELLLLOOOOO!!! i just wanted to tell you that i really think you guys are awsome. even if i havenlt exactly met you guys really. ha, but, anyway i just personally (through email) wanted to say hello, and hoping you have a super "iper" day!! grazie per tutto!!! mi piace molto sapere que possono capire italiano! que lingua meravigliosa, e anche bellissima, italiano e un grande! in boca lupo con tutto questa settimana!
very sincerely with alot of love,
Anziano Rodriguez
(He is one of my zone leaders.  haha.  he just wanted to say hi!) and anziano free says hello to the "Buffa"  Family.  That is what they call me here... Sorella buffa.  Don't ask....

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