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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 8: Flight plans in

Hey!  how is everyone??  are you ready for my travel plans???  i really am freaking out.  i don't know what i am going to do... i know i will be fine but this is so scary!  i am soooooo excited but just really nervous too!  ok.  so

American airlines flight #2008 going to dallas.  leaves at 8:10am and arrives at 11:50.
British airways #192 going to london.  it leaves at 5:50pm and arrives at 8:50am
british airways #560 going to ROME.  leaves at 12:45pm and arrives at 4:15pm. 

So that is my plan!  I have plenty of time to call in dallas so i will for sure do that.  and also before i leave the SLC airport so everyone please be near phones!  I want to talk to everyone.  Tell teachers that i will be calling you and see if there is anyway you can leave class. I think i get to email next monday before i go.  Hopefully at least.  just to give a last little update. Tell Diane buma that i would love to see her if i can.  i meet at 5am on tuesday to get on the bus to go to the airport.  im thinking that we will get there for sure by 6:30.  i would guess that it will be closer to 6.  i hope that is early enough.  really quick about calling cards.  i can get calling cards here but they are not for international.  i am wondering if you can send me one that i can use in london.  that would be really nice...  I can't wait to talk to everyone.  this is going to be great.  and hopefully i get to call all 3 times. there are no rules on calling except that we just have to be at our gates 30 min prior to them leaving.  

other than flight plans this week has been pretty much the same.  i thought that you all would like to know that i have improved my basketball skills this MTC.  haha.  i can make 3-point shots.  thats pretty much all i did while i was in gym.  me and sorella smith.  oh and sara casaday is in my gym too!  its been so fun!  she plays with us.  its great!  

Will everyone please do me a favor and send me letters to italy this week so that i will receive some soon.  its going to be weird not having dear elders come every day... i'll survive but i just want to hear from you.  it will be nice though that i will have more email time and will be able to just email everyone individually!  

we had the best sunday ever this week.  i was so happy that i was here for it. the mtc president talked about the last 3 days of the saviors life.  it was incredible.  just what i needed before i flew out.  i just felt his love for me so strong and it gave me so much motivation to just tell everyone about their savior so they can find the same kind of joy in their life that i have in mine.  I can't really explain it but i felt the spirit so strong.  i know that i have a savior that atoned for me.  that is the most amazing thing to know.  i can't imagine what life would be like without knowing that.  the atonement is something i will never understand but i come to know it a little bit better every day on my mission.  I know that when i get to italy, i am going to need to rely on it even more.  it is great knowing that i am not doing this alone though.  my savior will be with me every step of the way.  i couldn't ask for a better companion.  i can do it if i have Him with me.  

I really don't have anything else that i need to say, and i don't have anymore time haha.  so i will let you go but i hope everyone has a great week!  I hope i get to email on monday but if not, PLEASE KEEP YOUR PHONES WITH YOU!!!!  i will be calling!  i love you all so much.  as always, thanks for your love and continual support! 
Sorella Buma
P.S. lois and emily, will you put my italy address up with my MTC address on facebook and the blog?  And tell them that after monday morning, no more dear elders will get to me!  thanks!!!!

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