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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 4--New sisters + Mary arrive

Hey family!  

This is always so stressful.  I have so much to say this week.  MARY IS HERE!!! oH my gosh i can't even tell you how amazing it is to have her here.  and she is 5 doors away from me!  we get to spend lots of time together.  I love it!  I really can't even tell you how happy i was on wednesday when i saw her!  it was soooooooo great!  I think she is doing really well.  she has a really hard companion too.  like almost identical personalities to my companion.  anyway, she is the best!  she is going to be an amazing missionary.  Its nice to just see a familiar face every night and get to just chat with a friend!  so, sorella simkins left today to baton rouge!  ahaha.  i am so excited for her.  sorella bishop joined us today and it is going to be great.  she is the cutest person ever and just wants to badly for everyone to know how much she loves her and she has such a huge desire to serve her father in heaven with exact obedience.  its going to be fun having her in our room cause it has just been me and sorella lewis so far.  i really can't even tell you how much i love her.  and mom, thanks for writing her.  she was SOOOO happy to get a letter from you.  she needs the extra support.  

Well this week i had another really cool experience.  The lord really works wonders when you are called to serve his children.  I have prayed for charity for all my sorelle in my zone especially while i am serving them. it has been really amazing to see my prayers being answered with this.  last week there were a few of the sisters that broke down.  It was so cool that they trusted me enough to want to come and talk to me.  THey are all amazing.  i learn so much from them.  i don't really get why they come to me cause they are all more incredible than me but it was an honor.  I think they are doing much better though now and we are all growing closer to each other.  sorella smith and i were talking the other day.  i was telling her that i never planned on serving a mission but that im so happy im here.  She told me she is so glad i am here and that i was called to serve a mission partly to lift other missionaries.  I couldn't do this without the specific sisters that i am here with.  they are so supportive and keep me going.  i am learning a lot more of why sorella lewis is how she is too.  she had a break down this week and cried to me and said that she was just so sad that people weren't drawn to her like they are to me.  I have NEVER thought of myself in that way.  i think that she has never really fit in and it has affected her.  she has never really been friends with "popular" people she said.  it just brought a lot of things into perspective as i listened to her talk.  and she is really struggling with her boyfriend.  its hard for her to be away.  i could do without the boyfriend talk all the time haha.  OH well!  at least she loves him!  and he just better NOT write her off while i am her companion!  I don't think either one of us could handle that.  

OK so, we weren't supposed to give a lesson in italian until next week... well yesterday we were surprised to find that we got a new investigator that we had to teach yesterday all in italian.  oh it was a joke!!!!!  Haha.  i said things sooooo wrong and they just came out really not in the right way!  haha.  it made zero sense!  anyway, i hope that it gets better.  and it will.  it just comes with practice.  at least i know that it can only go up from here.  haha.  we also did like a "ceremony" thing yesterday with our whole zone and basically threw our english out the door.  we are supposed to speak italian any minute we can.  i really am so scared that i won't we able to communicate for a couple weeks but i know that i will be blessed if i can sacrifice!  Speaking it is really the only way it is going to come for all of us i think.  plus we get new missionaries in 2 weeks and we need to be better so we can be examples for them.  Its really nice when i talk to people that aren't in my zone though cause i can talk in english! :).  

Ok, this is random but someone in my zone had something sent through BYU bookstore mtc same day delivery.  I don't know anything about it but its something you may want to find out about.  I would guess that it is either free or a lot cheaper. OK.  I know i ask for things all the time but this is what i have needed this week.  nothing is way important just things to have before italy.  a brown watch.  i only have black which presents a problem.  the deoderant that is in my closet that i hardly used.  em should know which one is it.  i have 2 dresses in my closet that are just like cotton dresses.  my black and gray one and my all black one.  they are just from like target.  i think it would be nice to have those cause they are just comfortable.  i hope you know which ones i mean.  write and ask me questions if you aren't sure!  my cuticle cutter thing in my nail polish bag.  its brown.  and maybe some of the colored paper that is in the kitchen in the cabinets.  honestly mom none of it is really really crucial so just sometime in the next couple weeks.  thanks for everything fam! 

I love you all more than you know.  Its hard to be away but i am learning and growing so much.  I am learning to rely more on the savior and his atonement.  I am excited to take this message to the italians.  I know that having the gospel in our lives is what makes us truly happy.  Until next week!  ciao!!!

Sorella Buma

p.s.  these are always written so bad!  Im so sorry!  Also please tell grandpa that he can't scare us anymore.  I don't like that.  I sure love them dearly!  All my grandparents! 

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