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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week 13--Fun with public transportation and some good questions to ask ourselves

Hello Everyone!
    How is everyone doing?  I hope all is well!  No big news so I think that is a good thing.  I get to call everyone on sunday!! holy cow im so excited to see everyone's faces!  Moss Family, im going to call you first.  It should be about 430 my time.  Then, Buma fam, i will call you guys after.  Turn your skype on about 515 my time.  Also, if you have a problem with it, email sister bay.  I wont be able to check my emails or anything.
     As for us, this week was good but definitely had its hard moments.  Let me just tell you about yesterday haha.. Ok, so we got up and went to take the bus as usual.  We went to see Tiziana, an investigator.  That was kinda sad because she told us that she doesnt feel anything different in our church than in her catholic church.  she feels the spirit the same in both places.  She watches the priest bless people and they are healed and so its just bad news.  We are going to have to move her into former investigators because she just isnt ready.  Well, then we went to go get on a bus to go to Lia's house.  We waited for 30 min, no bus ever came so we started walking and were just going to catch one on the way.  At this point we knew we wouldnt have time to go home for lunch so we stopped at a store and grabbed some milk and a couple tthings we needed.  Also, something to snack on because we were starving.  We leave the store and decided to wait at the bus station right outside it because for sure at this point a bus has to come.  Doesnt come after 45 min so we continue walking.  We walked all the way to her house without a bus.  about and hour and half just walking and almost 3 hours total... haha.  With a heavy grocery bag.  So we teach her and it was just great.  We leave and need to meet the anziani to go see our investigators that are getting baptized.  We told them the meeting point and just didnt realize how far it was from lia's house.  we here we are walking forever again.  Then, of course my grocery bag breaks and now i am just carring it in my arms.  we meet the anziani and go to our lession.  All was well there.  Then this is just the icing on the cake... haha.  ok, so when we got home, we had to quickly make a cake for our investigator, sofias, birhtday today.  when we were done, i wanted to wash our table cloth.  so we moved everything off, or so we thought, shook it outside and then put it in the wash...  well we couldnt find our cell phone.  Sorella pearson all the suddened froze and was like do you think there is anyway i threw the cell phone outside?  long story but yes our phone got thrown outside, down 2 floors.  we couldnt see it till this morning but there it was.  Its way hard to get behind our building so we used someones phone and the elders came over this morning to get it from it.  The miracle was that it still worked!  Anyway, haha days like yesterday Make me really grateful for days that just go a little smoother.  And for buses that actually come... thats just rare here.
     Other than buses, catania is great and i love the people we are teaching.  we still need to teach the quit smoking program to fillipo and patrizia.  Im not worried about fillipo at all.  He is so determined!  He wants this gospel in his life soooo much.  Its so great teaching him.  He is a little missionary and is calling us when his kids are there because he wants them all to be taught and baptized.  They have 3 kids, 2 older and they are both living with people.  their son is 11 and loves reading the book of mormon.  he is so cute.  fillipo cant read so their son will read for him.  They also had a granddaughter in the hospital and so the son would call fillipo at night and read to him over the phone so he could still hear it!  They are SO great!  The wife isnt quite as on board but she is coming along.
     Language.... Im understanding more which is great.  I still dont understand a lot but its at least growing.  I need to not be scared to speak too.  I know that that is going to be the biggest help for me.  I am going to try harder this week and let you know how its going on sunday!.  Funny story.  When we go teach lia we always read from the book of mormon.  When i start reading she hates it because im so slow... haha.  she is just an old italian lady.  anyway, she always just cuts me off and starts reading.  Its SOOO funny.  haha i just its just miserable for her to hear me read haha.
     Last thing i wanted to say was something i read this week and loved.  a couple months ago our mission president's wife put this story in the newsletter we get.  Pres.  Kelly wrote this story while he was at BYU and it got put in the Ensign.  Its called Ye are the temple of God.  he asked these questions and i have them now hanging in my room.  Am i dedicated to the Lord? Am i peaceful and calm within? Is my mind and heart open only  to worthy thoughts and feelings? is Holiness to the Lord engraved upon my soul? Am i engaged in vital service to gods children? Do i lift my eyes towards heaven? Am i wililng to build myself by sacrifice, toil and patience? Does the spirit of god dwell in me? Am i becoming a temple to the most high God?  I loved these questions.  A perfect thing to constantly ask myself as i really try to be worthy of my calling as a missionary and as a daughter of god.  Sorry to be preachy i just loved what he said.  I have to go but i will talk to you all on mothers day!!!  LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!
Sorella Buma
p.s. Lois, i got the paper that says i have a package to pick up.  someone in my ward is picking it up for me so i will have it soon!  thanks soooooooo much!  and mom i will be looking for yours!  Thanks for everything you all do for me!!!!

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