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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a girl!!

Ciao Famiglia!
     Well the big news of the week is that im going to be training.  I dont even know what to think about it or what to do.  I feel so inadequate to do this but i guess that is where prayer and the atonement come in.  President told me to take some deep breaths and that i would be fine.  haha.  I really cant believe this is happening.  I hope i dont ruin her!  That is mostly what im scared about.  and the fact that i have only been here for 2 weeks and we are going to be lost every day.  I had Sorella Foote tell me everything about Ladispoli and i have tried to write everything down.  Deep breaths.  Anyone have any advice for me?? I would love it.  I am excited though.  It will be an adventure every day.  trying to get around and then once we get there trying to understand.  Its so nice being the young one because if you dont understand you just turn everything over to your companion... I dont think that is going to be happening anymore.  Anyway, tomorrow i'll go to the mission home to pick her up.  I dont know who it is so its going to be a surprise.  Mom, you need to stop guessing things because you are ALWAYS right and its always something so scary!  Anyway, please keep me in your prayers this week.  Sorella Foote has trained twice and she said she grew so close to our savior and really started understanding the atonement when she trained.  Thats what I want to learn from this experience.
       As for everything else, this week was great but really hard at the same time.  Sorella Foote is going home and getting her all ready for classes and stuff was really hard.  Then Sorella Heiner had a little break down and needed a blessing from president so we spent a couple hours at the mission home too.  It was good though because sorella heiner is doing much better!  Plus we just got to spend some time with president and sorella kelly.  And they made lasagna for us.  Just made for a strange week because i felt like a lot of them time we werent doing missionary work.  All things that needed to get done but just was different.  I also learned that i need to start the registering for classes and everything a lot earlier because sorella foote and sorella tutt had problems with their deferments.  So i want to make sure mine is all good.  Our president is really good about getting everything done though.
       the ward had a halloween party!  It was so fun and the ward is so awesome.  The primary leaders all learned the thriller dance and performed it.  So fun!  They are a lot more americanized here close to rome than they are in Sicily.  Its really crazy seeing the difference in the ward and the people.
       Next, Francesca was WAY weaker this week.  I think i told you this but she is an artist and usually she still can draw really well and everything.  Not this week though.  She had 0 energy and we are hoping that she will make it through next week at least.  I want one more week with her.  She gave me her favorite drawing pencil yesterday!  So sweet!
       And this week we are going to do some good old finding.  Lots of it!  We have some great investigators but they are now at the point that they need to decide what they want.  They need to sacrifice a little and use their agency now.  I really want to find a good family to teach.  A mom and dad and kids.  I never really have before and this is something i really want!  I have been praying a lot for it.  Our ward could use another good family too.
        Other things about this week.  Oh my.  Yesterday we had a lunch and a dinner appointment.  Let me just walk you through an italian meal so you all will feel bad for me and my stomach and my body yesterday and today.  Well, first we started off with cheese and some bruschetta.  Then they had some other little anti pasta things.  Then they bring out a plate of lasagna.  And when i say a plate.  I literally mean a plate.  It was HUGE and i wanted to die eating it.  Then after we had pork chop things and sausage (sausage is huge here and i hate it).  I couldnt eat all my sausage.  then they gave us a huge slice of this cake type thing. I was dying.  But then our dinner appointment was the same thing.  it was actually the best meal i have had here and i was so sad i was so full because i didnt enjoy it as much.  Sorella foote also said it was the best she has ever had and it is her last day tomorrow.  But honestly while i was eating the pasta, after 3 bites, i was praying that i would be able to make it through without throwing up.  We felt like we were on fear factor.  And then to top it off, we have a lunch appointment in an hour!  haha.  Im going to die....
      I think thats it for the week.  I forgot my planner at home so i dont if i wrote anything else or not. Im going to try again and attach pictures.  I want you so see my adventures.  Mom, i will get my picture to you and send it next week.  We dont have time to go to rome today.  But i did walk through the vatican piazza the other day.  SOOOOOOO many people holy cow!  Well, wish me luck tomorrow.  Im so excited to get to share my love of missionary work and italy with my new companion.  I know what we are doing here is so important.  I have so much to work on!!  But i love what we get to do.  To bear testimony to everyone about the gospel.  that we can just stop people in the streets and its not weird because that is what we are called to do.  Thanks for your support.  I love my family and friends.  Ill let you know how the first week of adventures go!  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL!!!!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Congratulations Linds and Brycen!  Im so excited to hear the story!!!  LOVE YOU!!!  Dont forget to tell me a single detail!

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