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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 14--Missionaries in Sicily

Hello Everyone! 
     How is everyone??  All seemed well when i talked to you.  Everyone looks good and looks about the same.  That is comforting... It was so good just to actually get to talk to everyone and see your faces!  It felt way too fast though and i felt like i didnt get to talk to everyone enough.  Just know that you are always in my prayers and I love you all very, very much. 
      Ok, So i found out the numbers of missionaries in Sicily.  There are 36 total.  We have 2 senior couples and 32 elders and sisters.  OH and this is a little side note but we are getting a senior couple in catania in June.  We are so excited!  Especially because starting today the elders dont have a car anymore.  Anyway, there are 24 elders and 8 sisters.  So almost half of the sisters are on sicily right now.  Crazy huh?? Im excited because today is a zone p day and tomorrow we have zone conference so i will get to see everyone.  I dont really know any other missionaries except the sisters here.  So ill meet all the elders today. Everyone says Zone conference is so great and just gets you so pumped for the work.  Its gonna be good.  Plus, president and sister kelly will be here and I have only seen them once so im way excited! 
As for the work in Catania.  Its going good except we are really sad about Fillipo and Patrizia.  I told you on the phone that we taught them the quit smoking program.  They have acted WAY weird since.  They cancelled our appointment on Saturday and then they didnt come to church and then we went to teach them yesterday and they just werent there.  They just decided not to show up.  I dont know if they arent interested anymore or just dont want to quit smoking or what the problem is.  But its really really sad.  They are amazing i just see the desire they have to change their lives and have something better.  Hopefully we can get an appointment with them on friday or saturday because it would just be good to know what they are thinking.  We will see how it goes...  Also sad news, Sofia is moving to Rome the end of this week.  I love her so much.  She really is just the sweetest person and has a good head on her shoulders.  She said that she wants the sisters in Rome to continue teaching her and i really hope that she continues to progress.  We went over on monday to teach her and she bought us presents to tell us thank you for all we have done!  She gave us both a pair of earrings.  It was SO nice of her.  I will really miss going to see her.  We are hopeful though that her sister will continue to let us come over and teach her. Other than that we really dont have any investigators that are making progress.  We are going to do more finding because we need to find the people that are ready for baptism.  We need more people to teach!
So, on monday we went to visit Lia in the hospital.  I am so grateful for america and i really hope that nothing ever happens to me that i need to go to the hospital here.  I cant imagine!  it was a culture shocking experience.  Ok first of all, its just mass chiaos.    Second, there were just people on their hospital beds in the hall.  And we were trying to walk by them to find LIa and it was SO just uncomfortable.  Then we get to Lia's room.  There are about 20 beds in the same room and people everywhere.  it cannot be sanitary.  I wish i could describe the scene.  it was so loud and i dont know how anyone gets any rest to help them get better.  It was incredible.  I looked around and felt so bad for these sick people that were confined in this room with so many others.  We are all so blessed to live where we do.  You dont realize what you have until you are somewhere else....
Oh also on monday, i had my first real mission and rain experience.  So it kinda looked like it was going to rain so i asked Slla. Pearson if i should bring my umbrella and she says no.  So i didnt.  Well, we got out of the hospital and its pouring!  So we had no other choice to make our 45 min walk to the bus station that would have a bus that goes near our house.   Needless to say, we were SOAKED!  Literally.  Haha.  we were just laughing.  We got on the bus and about died and how we looked.  its so fun to be a missionary... haha.  these experience are ones i will always remember.  Everyone looked at us like we were crazy.  We finally got home and i had to take a shower because i was FREEZING!  I learned a lesson though.  If i have a feeling to take my umbrella.  Im not listening to my companion!  She felt bad... haha.
Well i think that's about it for my week.  IM so grateful for the experiences i am already having.  I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary and sharing what i know is true.  I know the Gospel has blessed all of our lives and that it will make a HUGE difference in the lives of people that accept it here.  They need it.  Anyway, I hope all is well and that you all are safe and healthy.  Thanks for your encouragement and support.  Remember to write me!  Dont forget about your missionary in Catania!  Thanks for everything.  I couldnt ask for a better family!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  Oh and we get transfer calls on saturday!  I am sure i am staying here.  I hope they let me be with Slla.  Pearson one more transfer... cross your fingers!
Sorella Buma 
The first picture was easter morning haha.
next is the D'uomo in Siracusa
Anz. Medina outside our van that is going away...  it has seen better days.
These are the caves in Siracusa

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