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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 16--Transfer 2 has started

Hello Everyone! 
As always, thank you for your emails.  I love them!  I look forward to hearing from everyone each week.  Sounds like all is well. All is well here.  I thought i would start by saying just a couple of things about Catania.  First, it is the hottest city in Italy.  Summer here we come!  Haha.  That means that everyone is going to stink way more than they already do.  haha. Lets just say bus rides are interesting.  We try to not breath.  There are lizards every where.  We have found them in the church and they just kinda creep me out.  they arent big but they are SO fast.  they come out of no where!  Pretty much everyone has a vespa and there is so much traffic that its the only way to get around in a timely matter.  we really want to get one but we dont think that our president would be thrilled about that... haha.  People are super nice here and love Christ but just really arent interested in a new religion.  Basically i love Catania.  Its a big city and im really nervous for when my companion leaves because ill be the one that is supposed to know where im going... haha.  All the streets look the same and they are all one way streets downtown pretty much.  So i need to be paying more attention.  Also, you smell so many discusting smells walking down the streets.  haha.  We dont even want to know what we are smelling.  
We have bad news, Fillipo and Patrizia called and said that they dont want to investigate the church anymore because they dont want to pay tithing.  We are going to try to keep working with them but its hard.  It broke my heart when they called.  I just had seen the biggest change in them.  Especially Patrizia.  She is so much happier now and you can see it in her face.  I am hopeful that we can go see them later this week and try to figure it out.  Its just hard because they are SO poor and they dont think that paying tithing is right....  Its one of those things that they wont have a testimony of until they try it out.  There are blessing waiting for them.  I know it.  They just need to take a leap of faith and trust that if they pay the Lord first, they will be blessed.  So right now pretty much we dont have any investigators.  FINDING.  Im actually really excited for it!  We need to trust that the lord will guide us to those that are ready and just get out and work.  Ill let you know how it goes.  We have boxed off some zones on the map that we want to do house in.  Im excited.  Finding always has some good stories. haha.  
We have a new missionary here.  New, new.  So im not a baby anymore. His name is anz. hill and he is from southern california.  He just got here thurs night so i dont know him that well but i think he is going to be a great missionary. He has a lot of enthusiam for missionary work.  
I knnow this is super short this week but we didnt get as much time this week.  I will try and write some more next week.  I want you all to know that i am so grateful to be a missionary and see literal changes in people as they come closer to their Savior.  I didnt think i would ever be here, especially in Italy but i love it.  I love the people and the message that i am here to share.  Thanks for everything!  I love you all so very much!  Have a great week!  I cant wait to hear from you!!!
Sorella Buma 

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