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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 23--The sky is falling!

Well i'll start out with this story.  The other day we were walking for quite some time to get to this less-active family's house.  Well, I started feeling something kind of like rain drops on my face.  I rub my forehead and there is black stuff on my hand.  My companion started feeling it too and we were SOOOOO confused.  I look up at the sky and above us there is a cloud of black.  And as we continue walking we just get more and more black stuff on it.  we were holding pamphlets above our eyes to keep it out of our eyes.  Haha.  Well, what happened was the Etna, the volcano we had just hiked like 4 days before, errupted!  So there was ash/stuff from the mountain all over the place.  It was pretty crazy.  My hair had so much of this nasty stuff in it.  Plus is was SO humid that day and so we were all stick and just had dirt all over us.  It was pretty funny.  I was so confused what was happening.  It didnt seem to phase the italians.  They say that this is normal... Anyway, it was an experience.  i wish i would have taken pictures but i forgot my camera... Sorry!!

What else... Well I know heavenly father is teaching me many things this transfer.  We had a lesson on Agency in the Sigonella branch on Sunday and it was exactly what i needed to hear.  It is my choice to be happy.  To put a smile on my face or to be frustrated.  It is my choice to not complain and my choice to be optimistic.  Something I have heard all my life but i really needed to hear it Sunday.  it was an answer to my prayers.  There is a great talk in the Liahona from June that sort of talks about this.  Basically it says that we can complain to the Lord and say "Why me?" or we can take a step back and ask "ok, what do i need to be learning from this experience?"  I love it!  Its up to me and I choose to be happy.  To not complain about the hard things in my life but to really take an opportunity to learn from them.  There is also a talk from April conference that says we should feel blessed when the lord gives us trials.  It means that he loves us enough to allow us to grow and knows that we are capable of it.  It also says that our trials are laser pin pointed to us because they are made for us as an individual to learn a specific thing and grow.  Anyway, im learning a lot and i know my father in heaven has so much more for me to learn.  its not going to happen over night and is going to take my whole and more.  But im grateful for the trials in my life that really help me rely and depend on my Savior.

This is soooo random but we were at this house the other day teaching this lady and her TV was on.  Haha, she was watching Hannah Montana.  Keep in mind, she is like 70 or something.  It was so great!   A little reminder of my siblings at home that like to watch it with me:). 

As for the work, we are doing SO much finding right now.  This lady, Antonella, i dont know if i told you about her last week but anyway, she had such a great interest and was SO grateful for the Book of Mormon.  She said right away that this is something she wants to read.  Well, we were supposed to have a lesson with her on Saturday but called us and said that she really doesnt think that she can change religions and so she doesnt want to waste our time.  It was sad...  She cancelled the appointment and now we cant get a hold of her.  Man...  On a happier note, we had a great meeting with our American investigator, john.  The sisters started teaching him in March but he really hasnt made any progress.  He is super depressed and needs the Gospel but wont do anything about it.  he always says "Ya, i know that i need to be praying to God more and that i need to read this book.  Ya, Ill do it" but then we go back and visit and he has done nothing.  For our lesson monday night, i found a quote from an old ensign conference issue where elder ballard (im pretty sure it was him) talked about the Book of Mormon.  JOhn had a HUGE interest in the Ensign.  And this quote really brought a change in him.  He had a completely different light about him.  He had a different, more sincere desire, to read the Book of MOrmon.  So we challenged him to our challenge, to read it in 60 days.  ANd he was SO excited about it.  I am praying so much that this time he really does it!  We also let him borrow our ensign so he could read the talks and he was very excited about that and said that some of the titles really struck his attention.  So it was so great!  Ill keep you updated. 
I think thats all for the week.  Im grateful to be a missionary!  I love that i am able to spend my time teaching others about the Gospel.  It has strengthened my testimony so much!  We have a message that literally changes lives!  thanks for all the support everyone gives me.  It makes being away easier. I know that my family and friends are praying for me.  KNow that i am praying for you too!  Vi Voglio tantissimo bene.  Ci sentiamo la prossima settimana. 

Sorella Chelsea

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