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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 22--Fireworks and a happy 4th.

Man, so many things to say this week.  Its been a busy but a good week.  I hope everyone had a fun fourth of july!  Ours was great.   I cant believe that utah changed the rules and now you can have the cool fireworks.  We dont think there are any laws here about fireworks... haha.  Needless to say, at the Bay's house, we saw some pretty cool fireworks.  It was great.  I understand now why when missionaries come home they have a much better appreciation for America.  We sang all the American songs we could think of!  Such a great day.  I love italy and the people here but we are SO blessed to live in America.  At the Bay's for our spiritual thought we read from 1 Ne. 13.  Our country was protected by our Heavenly Father and is where He knew His Gospel could be restored again.  We have so many things to be grateful for as Americans.  I love that chapter!  Read it!  Im also grateful for the Bay's.  THey are so good about making me feel like im just part of the family.  I was really nervous for the Fourth of July because its one of my favorite holidays back home.  They really are such a blessing for me here!
So, with the companion, its good but difficult at the same time.  Its a hard transition to go from someone from your own culture and things to someone that has a different culture and speaks a different language.  Its just going to take a little bit of time getting used to everything.  2 people told me yesterday, though, that my Italian is getting better!  So that is good.  She doesnt speak much english but wants to learn so i just speak very slowly.  Most the time though we speak in Italian.  i speak in VERY simple ways but i can get my point across.  She is much better about letting me speak in lessons and such too so that has been really good.  I really hope by the end of this transfer my confidence in Italian is much better.  I know i can carry on a conversation but i get so intimidated by these Sicilians that talk so fast! haha. I love them. 
This week i found something in the bible from Sunday School that i love!  Its in Luke 22:42-43.  So Christ asks His Father if this cup can be past from him because it is such a painful, hard thing but then says he will do the Father's will and perform the atonement.  Then it says that angels were sent to help support Christ as he performed the atonement.  Anyway, it hit me really hard.  This week has been hard but I can find comfort in knowing that im not alone.  Heavenly Father doesnt give us things to do without providing a way to do them.  I know that I am supposed to be where I am and with Sorella Tinoco for a reason.  I have a lot of growing to do and its hard.  But like Christ, im not alone.  Also i like jacob 3:1.  I read that this week and it goes right with this! 
Good news!  We found 3 more investigators.  And they are so great!  The first is Antonella.  She is 32 and was a referral from a member.  We taught her at his office Thursday and then he brought her to church sunday.  She is so interested and was so grateful for the Book of Mormon and has a big desire to read it.  We are planning on inviting her to be baptized the end of this transfer!  Then we went and taught a less active family in our ward and there was a 20 year old guy and an 18 year old girl there (cousins of the family we teach) and they are our other new investigators.  We taught them and are going to have another lesson with them on Friday.  The guy doesnt want to read anything when we ask to read but then has these great comments to make after someone has read.  So we just need to get him to actually read.  So we are really excited to work with these people!
Anyway, I have to go. We are going to hike Etna again because the elders from another city and here and want to go see it.  So that is where we are going for our P-day today.  Hopefully i dont die hiking is this heat haha.  Thanks for everything.  Not a day goes by that im not thankful for my family and friends.  I pray for you always!  LOVE YOU!!!  Have a good week!  Until Next week!
Sorella Buma

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