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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 25--Christmas in July

Hey Fam!
     Ok, my friends are going to KILL me but i did it... I celebrated Christmas in July.  haha.  We couldnt resist.  Every monday we have a district meeting and then eat lunch together after.  This week it happened to be on July 25th and we just had to do it.  I was really sceptical but im so glad i did it haha.  I dont even remember who's idea it was but it turned out great.  We asked sister bay for santa hats and she gave is the hats with a little present for us.  I got earrings that match the necklace she gave me for easter.  So nice of her.  The sisters got the elders something and vice versa.  they got me a watch and some earrings and a CD for after the mission.  they were so excited about what they had gotten for us.  It was SO fun.  Anyway, it was fun.  we have a great district!
      Ok, Next item.  Thanks for the packages!!!  It was the best day to have 2 packages to open.  Thanks for all the pictures.  Everyone seems happy and well.  Im glad to know that you are having fun without me...  Mimi, i got your letter this week. Haha.  I loved your first sentence.  You are welcome that i am here on a mission so that you had the opportunity to go to London.  it sounds like it was a busy and very great trip!  Mom, everything in the package is perfect.  Thanks so much!  it was perfect!  and sister tinoco LOVED her lotion! 
      Great news!  Saturday, the elders had a baptism.  It was so sweet!  you will be happy to know that i played the piano.  Not perfect but i tried.  Haha.  It was a man from the Phillippines.  He lives with a family from the phillippines that comes to Sigonella.  His wife and children are still there so he is living with this family till they have enough money to move to Italy.  Anyway, he was BEAMING.  It was such a sweet moment.   l loved seeing him all dressed in white and knowing that after this, he is going to have a new life.  A life as a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  A life with the gift of the holy ghost and all the blessings that come with it.  That's why im here!  So i can help people find this wonderful message.  That Christ's church is on the earth again, we have a living prophet to guide us, and if we live worthy we can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  Its hard at times but its so worth it to see someone right after they are baptized!  its the Lords work and im so grateful to have the opportunity to be here.
     This is good news.  We went and visited a less active family about 3 weeks ago and they ahve come to church every week since!  Its so great!  They dont have faith in the law of tithing but we are working on it.  It brings a smile to my face as i see these parents sitting in sacrament with their 2 little kids.  Im praying that they continue to come and they can find a tiny bit of faith to pay their tithing and trust that really the Lord blesses us so much as we do this.
     Next, a little update on the companion thing.  I am learning that when she says things, i just need to not take it personally.  The other day during companion study she was talking about how she just thinks something and says it.  And how she likes it when people are like this.  I told her its great that she is like that but something I dont want to do.  Most the time the first thing we think is not something that is going to matter in 5 minutes or in the nicest way.  Anyway, I think she is understanding more that im not like that.  I am way more sensative than the people here in italy.  Heres another story.  Kinda annoying but funny that this even happened.  So every morning we read the white hand book together.  Today was about what sisters wear and stuff.  After she asks me if i have any questions for her.  I say no.  She says there is this line under the part that talks about our hair and make-up...  It says that we should have hair at a length that is easy to manage.  then she proceeds to basically tell me that i need to cut my hair.  haha.  Oh mamma mia.  Considering i wear my hear in a bun every day because its so hot i just dont even see why she thinks this is a problem.  Maybe im crazy in thinking that i dont need to cut my hair.  What's everyone's opinion on the matter?
    Also, for all you who thought i was crazy saying that i was getting freckles... just know that its true.  I have freckles on my nose and im starting to get them on my cheeks.  Maybe they will go away in the winter but im definitely getting freckles.
     Well, i need to go but read Alma 57.  I LOVE THE STORY OF THE STRIPPLING WARRIORS.  What an example these young boys were to those around them.  I love it.  Anyway, i hope you all have a great week!  Dont forget to think of me next tuesday for my 6 month mark!  I cant even believe it.  its nuts.  I have a feeling after a year im still going to feel like a baby in the mission.  Cant wait to hear from you all next week!  Vi Voglio bene!  Ci sentiamo la prossima settimana. 
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Mom, how is my pharmacy license coming?

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