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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello Fam Bam!
      Thanks for your emails this week!  I cant believe everyone is getting ready for school.  Thats nuts!  Em, im so excited for you to go to BYU.  I never thought i would say this, but i miss school... haha.  I know ill eat my words when im back in it but enjoy it.  BYU is awesome!  I also never thought i would want summer over but i kinda do.  Just because its really hot.  And also because people will finally be back at home.  Its so insane to me that everyone just leaves for August.  I dont get how it even happens.  But it does.
    Speaking of everyone leaving.  Monday was a holiday here (something for Mary like all the other holidays.  I think it was for the day she ascended into heaven. Anything for a holiday with the Italians.)  Anyway, for this holiday EVERYONE goes to the beach with their families.  LIterally nothing is opened.  No grocery stores or anything.  So for this day, all the missionaries stay home and clean the apartment all day.  Thankfully President said that if we finish cleaning early we can do something fun.  So we cleaned really hard for 7 hours and the rest of the day we did fun things.  First we had a birthday party in the morning for Silvo, the elder's investigator.  It was great.  he was so grateful.  I made pancake with chocolate chips for everyone:)  then we went home and did our crazy cleaning.  Mom, i kept thinking of what you used to say.  Remember when you put a timer on and said that we had like an hour of cleaning and then 10 min of fun.  Hahaha.  So funny.  Instead this time it was a lot more than 1 hour.  After we went to the church with the Anziani and played a game.  It was great. 
     Also this week, i was sick.  I dont know if i for sure had strep throat because i wasnt throwing up but my throat hurt so bad and i had a fever.  Not super high like 101.6 or something.  Anyway, that was a bummer.  We were home inside for thursday and friday.  I called the doctor and he told me to get some amoxicillin.  The anziani were nice enough to go to the pharmacy and get it for me.  That is something super different here.  Especially for me because i worked in a pharmacy.  There are pretty much no rules with pharmacies.  You can just walk in, tell them what you want and buy it without a prescription.  Im glad its not like that in America but it sure makes it easier to get medicine here!  Anyway, my companion was SOOOOOO great.  She told me that she would be my nurse and it was so great.  We had a lot of fun telling stories and stuff.  It was a great bonding experience for us.  Thankfully im all better now and we are back in business!
     Speaking of my companion, mom i wanted to answer your questions.  First, She has been out exactly the same time as sister pearson but since she only did 3 weeks in the MTC she doesnt go home until January.  Im her 5th companion.  The others have either been Italian or leaving to go home so they speak pretty well.  We have some good laughing times with the language.  She served in Bari first, then Sardegna and now is here.  She loved Sardegna and isnt convinced about Catania yet.  Its really different for her to be in the south.  Her family members are all members of the church but her dad is inactive.  We are the same age.  She turns 23 in September though. 
    Other questions you asked mom.  My talk went ok.  I was sick so that made preparing it a little hard.  So basically i was supposed to talk for 15 min and i talked for 25... Ya... Next time i need to watch the clock. It just went by really fast and i had NO idea.  Now i know that i really need to watch the time.  Our work with the members is going better.  There are a couple members that i really have a good relationship with.  There is a lady named Maira.  She was a missionary in temple square awhile ago.  She is 41 and her husband died a year ago of cancer.  She is so funny.  I love her.  We have gotten really close.  I love having her here!  The ward here is great.  Really i love them so much!  We still dont eat with them tons but i think that is because its the summer and they are all gone to the beach all day during the summer. 
    Other things this week.  Um... Well yesterday we were at the Maiori's house (a less active).  The mom is such a sweet, humble lady.  Her husband got in an accident a couple years ago and now is paralyzed.  Anyway, their dog had puppies and the mom and all the puppies died except one.  SO yesterday i wanted to hold the little one that is left.  She put him in my hands and HE POOPED ON ME! haha.  It was so gross but so funny.  He is so cute.  I forgot my camera but next time we go i want to take a picture of the puppy and a picture with Sorella Maiori.  Then i will send them home for you all to see!
      Last thing before i have to go.  Eleonora is doing great.  We havent been able to teach the lessons as fast as we would like and we might have to move her baptisimal date back a little just because with 2 girls is super hard to teach a good lesson because they are always interrupting.  But she is reading the book of mormon and is really excited for her baptism.  And we already have 2 new investigators that were referrals from her.  A friend and her boyfriend i guess you would call him.  They are awesome too.  We have only taught them once but they seem really open. 
     Anyway, the work in Catania is going great and we are all happy and healthy again. Mom, thanks for the package!   Brother Bay brought it to church on sunday!  Sister Tinoco was so excited.  The bug spray is perfect because i can just carry it in my bag!  So thank you very much.  That will be very helpful.  We are going to watch a movie today (we are allowed to watch church movies like the best 2 years once a transfer) and i brought the candy for us to eat while we watch.  So thank you!  Have a great week!  Thanks for all the love and support.  Im grateful for all your prayers and letters and emails.  I love you all very much and hope you all know and feel it!  LOVE YOU!!!!  Keep writing!  (friends included!!!)
Sorella Chelsea

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