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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And I'm...

Hello everyone!
Im staying in Catania one more transfer!  Now my next wish is to go to Rome next so i can be there for Christmas... Haha.  I doubt that will happen though.  Usually sisters go there for their last few transfers.  But Christmas there would be pretty sweet I imagine.  Anyway, for now, im in Catania still.  And im SO happy about this.  Its still a little difficult at times with my companion but we have some great things happening in Catania.   Im really excited for this transfer.  We already have some great things.  First, Eleonora (the lady that came to church and basically has nothing because her husband left her) has a baptisimal date!!  August 27th!!!  Im seriously so excited!  Its going to be great.  We are praying so hard that she will continue to feel this desire to get baptized.  really really needs the Gospel in her life.  

Here is a cool story.  So Sunday, our bishop talked to her and she was crying because she really doesnt have the necessary things to even feed her kids.  So he told the relief society and they are doing so much for her!  its been so amazing to watch these sisters give us so much food and things already this week for a lady they hardly know.  Im so happy she is getting a little help materialisic also.  I am still a little nervous just because i dont want her to be baptized just because the church is helping her have food.  She really is very attentive in lessons though and it seems to make sense for her.  She already gave us a referral too!  So good things are happening here.  Here is another little story.  For some reason, her 7-year-old daughter (the one with some problems) loves me.  Haha.  Its so cute.  When ever we see her she runs to me screaming "BUMA" and kisses me on the cheek.  Then she always makes sure to tell everyone im her favorite.  Also, she wont pray unless im the one that helps her.  its so cute!  I love it!  She turns 8 in November and i hope and pray that she will be baptized close to then.  She is a handful for sure but has such a sweet heart.  
Other things, The elders have 2 baptisms aug. 20th so this is going to be a month full of baptisms.  One of them is another philipino and the other is Italian.  Silvio is the Italian and he is AWESOME.  He is almost 50 and is pretty much homeless.  He is living in a room at a friends house or something but for some reason left home.  (In Italy it is completely normal to be living at home still when you are 50 if you arent married...)  Anyway, he doesnt have a job or anything but is so prepared for the Gospel.  His birthday is on monday and he says that the second half of his life is going to be so much better.  Im really excited for him.  Since he doesnt have family or anything, we are having a birthday party for him on monday.  Im going to get him a white shirt i think and anziano hill is going to get him a tie.  So he can be all prepared for church and his baptism.  Ill be sure and send pictures.  
Another thing.  We had an open house in the church on friday to give people an over view of who we are.  We had been doing publicity for 2 or 3 weeks and were really excited for people to know that we are christians and what we know to be true.  it was SO sad though because we only had 3 people come that werent members of the church.  One was Silvio, and the other 2 had zero interest in the church.  It was really sad.  We did our best and that is all we can ask for but i just wish people knew what they were missing out on!  
I think thats pretty much all this week.  Oh ya.  Im speaking in church this week.  In the Sigonella Branch so in English.  My topic is Sacrifice.  Im really excited to study about it.  I have so many examples of sacrifice in my life.  My biggest 2 are Christ and Joseph Smith.  With each day im understanding more and more what they did for me so that i could be here today.  Im grateful for the atonement.  Im understanding more that he suffered for me.  For Chelsea.  He knows me and knows what im going through.  He knows when im having my struggles and i love that i can turn them over to Him through the Atonement.  One of my goals during my mission is definitely to understand the atonment more.  Then, im grateful for the sacrifices Joseph Smith made.  I cant even imagine all the things he went through and he never denied what he saw.  He went through so much so that we could have the Church of Jesus christ on the earch again.  And this is what i want everyone here to know!
Thats all for this week!  Thanks for all the sacrifices you are making so that i can be here.  I have such a great family and i cant thank you enough for all you do for me.  You all are the best!  Have such a great week.  Enjoy the last little bit of summer.  School is starting already, i cant even believe it!  before we know it august is going to be over.  Be sure and write me next week!  I love you all!!!!  
Sorella Chelsea 

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