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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still in Catania

Hello Family!
    As always thanks for your emails!  I cant believe school has started and next time i write, emily will have started at BYU.  I feel so so so old!  Good luck Em!!  Its going to be so much fun.  I remember my first year.  Haha so many good times.  I remember that i saw the Kjar's (i think that is how you spell it) son my first day and he asked if i was doing ok because i looked like i was going to cry.  I think i was just stressed about getting to my next class or something but it was funny.  I have tried to look happier on campus ever since then. 
     So we had a great week in Catania as usual.  We had Zone Conference this week!!!  That is my favorite thing of the transfer.  There is just such a renewed motivation to give my all to this work.  We had a little sisters conference at the beginning.  It was so great.  We talked about making lemonade out of lemons.  I loved hearing that we all pretty much have the same worries and concerns.  None of us are alone and we can know that we are all in this together.  It make me fee like i wasnt crazy.  One of these is that people, as sisters, dont take us as seriously.  We are the sisters and the anziani are the missionaries.  It was good to hear that not only in Catania but every where else its like this.  So together now we can help each other think of ways that we can change this.  we dont have the priesthood but we are here doing the same thing.  People just see us more as the cute sister instead of missionaries. 
     In Zone conference we had like 4 or 5 missionaries bear their testimonies because they are going home.  Anziano Medina was one of these.  It hit me really hard how short my time here is.  I already have less than 11 months and that is going to FLY!  Its so important that i treasure this time because before i know it, im going to be one of these missionaries that has to bear their testimony and be dreading it.  It was crazy to watch them.  It was like they were in shock that this day had come.  I loved hearing that the mission was the hardest thing they had done but they love the mission more than anything.  I still have time and i need to be grateful for that!  Make sure i use every day to the best of my ability! 
     More things, I got my permesso this week so im officially legal in Italy!  So great!  Haha.  Man its always a good time there.  There are just so many people and its NUTS!  The poor people that work there dont have anymore patience.  It was pretty easy though, and now everything is good to do!  I had to call the office to tell them when my permesso expires and they told me that they had me in the computer as going home in feb!  They were like good thing you called or we would have gotten you a ticket for feb!  Anyway, they told me my going home date which is super weird that i already know.  July 13...  Strange.  Anyway, thank goodness i dont have to think about that yet.  I have lots to do here in Italy before then!
      Right now i have a different companion for a day.  We are doing exchanges.  Her name is sister tutt and she is the same age as sorella pearson in the mission.  We will be together till tomorrow night.  Things are going good with sorella tinoco but its nice to have a little change for a bit. 
     To answer questions, im feeling much better.  Everything is good.  Its super hot here.  Someone told us that after the middle of august it cools down  and that is just not the case.  It has definitely gotten hotter!  Summer can end now.  I wouldnt be sad about that! haha.  My italian seems to be the same.  Im sure its getting better slowly but its hard to see from my point of view.  I dont know.  Its a constant battle for me.  I really know that im understanding more.  Unless its a random topic i understand pretty much everything.  But then i open my mouth and... haha.  I dont know.  Im sure im too hard on myself.  But yes, slowly its getting better.  I dont think i need anything from sister bay.  Just a hug would be nice!  Im so grateful i have them here.  I love that i have been able to have my family in Italy here with me.  They take care of me.  I think im good though.  I have been spoiled with packages (from both families...)  thanks Dad and Lois and fam for the package and letters this week by the way!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!  Im all taken care of here. 
     I dont have time but i want to tell you really quick about eleonora.  She found a job!  Good thing.  BUt it doesnt pay very much and now we can only teach her on saturday and sunday.  So her baptism is going to be moved back and we dont know if it will be this transfer.  Im praying we can make it work!  It just has to!  I have no doubt that she will get baptized, i just hope that i am here to witness it!  And really its good that she found some work.  She needs that for sure.  Now we just need to find a way for her to still get baptized this transfer!
      I think thats it!  It was a good week.  Hot, but good.  thanks for all the love and support.  I got emails from my friends and family this week and also letters from my friends!!!  Thank you so much!  You have no idea how much it means to me.  I know everyone is so busy so it means a lot that you take time to write me.  just know that it doesnt go unappriciated.  I love you all very much.  Good luck in your first weeks of school!  Know im praying for you and love you all so stinkin much!  keep writing!  Vi Voglio un sacco di bene!!!! 
Sorella Chelsea

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