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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm getting married...haha

Hello Family!
     This week has been SO funny because i have had some nice marriage proposals.  Haha.  I dont know why it all started this week but it did.  People always told me there would be the crazy men in Italy that ask to marry me but i didnt really believe it.  Now i do... Haha.  They are all on the bus which is awful because we take the same buses with the same people every day.  The first guy is NOT with it at all and it was just funny.  We see him almost every day and now im just trying to avoid him altogether.  The other 2 were men that work for the Buses.  And they seem totally normal.  But its not normal to just tell someone you want to be engaged to them and marry them.  Anyway, its just funny.  Im SO grateful i have a great excuse of why i cant!  Meno Male!!
    Moving on to the week.  First, i learned so much from Sorella Tutt.  I learned that it really is possible to have a lesson in 30 min and its just so much better!  I think its so much easier for us Americans to do this because we dont know the language perfectly and we cant say as many things.  But its something that is so necessary.  So me and Sorella Tinoco are working on that right now.  Planning lessons that we can do in less time but then try and see people more often.  I also learned from Sorella Tutt (or re-learned) that it is so important to be yourself.  Its sooooo much easier to talk to people when i remember this.  When i remember that im a representative a christ and i need to make sure to remember this but also to be Chelsea.  Because i can connect SO much easier with people this way.  Anyway, I was really sceptical about this exchange because i thought it was maybe a waste of time but i am very grateful for it!  She is an awesome missionary!
     Next, Eleonora.  Ok, so i think i told you all that she got a job.  Which is great because she needs one, but now we can only teach her on sundays.  We thought we could saturday night too but turns out, only sunday.  Kinda a bummer for us because its hard to help them stay close to the Gospel when we can't see them very often.  She is awesome though and continues to read the book of mormon and everything!  Also, we are going to try and set a new baptisimal date with her this sunday for the sunday before i leave.  I hope and pray with all my heart that it happens.  Its going to be hard but i really think we can do it.  No, not us.  The Lord can do it.  She is ready, its just a matter of her saying yes!
      Ok, also this week, i had another random but turned out super cool for me experience.  So we found this new couple last week (I think).  Anyway, we found the mom in the park and started talking to her.  Her and her husband left the Catholic church and have been looking for the truth because they know it's not there.  For the past 6 months they have been studying with an evangelist church and are preparing to be baptized in september or october.  Anyway, she accepted the invite for us to come visit her and her husband.  So we went and they agreed with everything we said but just dont understand the authority.  They dont understand that there is only one church on the earth with the Authority.  And they brought up that they know that their church has the gift of the holy ghost because they have people that speak in tongues...  and they dont understand how this could be possible if they dont have the authority to baptize.  Anyway, we talked a bit about the spirit but then had to go.  We went again yesterday and i had a pretty cool experience.  The husband wasnt there, just the wife.  She brought up the gift of tongues again.  I told her that for me the gift of tongues is different.  I know that i have had the gift of tongues as i have been here trying to learn this language.  That we are blessed with this gift so that others can understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hear our testimonies in their mother language.  That this is not so we can speak in some random language that doesnt exist but to speak in a language that actually exists.  Anyway, it was awesome because as i was talking, i really felt this gift.  Im sure i didnt say everything perfect but i really spoke from my heart and the words just come.  I wasnt concerned about it in my mind but i was just talking.  Mostly, i had confidence.  Through the whole lesson!  It was such a little miracle but a big one in my eyes.  I have been praying and praying that i can learn this language.  I have SO much to learn still but it was a testimony that my heavenly father is right by my side to help me. Something i really needed to feel this week.  Anyway, i just keep plugging along in this language thing.  Its rough but i know its getting better.
    Ok last thing, one of our less actives we go see wanted to talk about talents.  So we planned a lesson about them and invited her to make a little of her talents using the prayer and asking her family to help her.  Then she said, I want you 2 to do it with me too!  So I have started but now i need to ask my family for help.  So... (I hate asking for things like this.  So humbling haha.)  if you think of a talent i have, it would be great to hear so i can add it to my list!  
     Other than that, thats all for the week.  The weather is still hot but it has been SO much better the past 2 days.  i think we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Also, i want to say happy birthday to my Mom and to Jessie!  Have a great birthday this week and know that i will be thinking about you!  Thanks for everything.  I have such great family and friends.  I hope you all have a great week and know that i love you so much!  Keep writing me:)  Friends included:)  Cant wait to hear from you all next week!

Sorella Chelsea

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