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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


     Im sitting in an internet point in Rome just dying!!!  Its soooo hot.  Holy cow.  I dont even know how the elders do it.  At least im in a short sleeve shirt with sandles.  Thats a plus.  I dont know how it is back at home but its just hot here.  Im so glad that im in ladispoli.  Its better there because we are right on the sea and there is a breeze.  Plus there just arent as many people.  Its insane how many tourists there are here.  And really weird when hear americans talking because in my 2 areas that pretty much NEVER happened on the streets.
      First i want to tell you something SWEET!  Cristian.  Remember him?  he had a baptismal date but then had to move.  Well, i heard from him the other day and he got baptized!!!!!  he was so excited to tell me and it was just so great to hear!  He needs the Gospel and he finally did it!  I was screaming when i found out and im sure that my companions thought i was nuts but i really was just so happy for him.  that baptism was a long time coming.
     Other news is that Elisa is getting baptized!  Its going to be on the 7th instead of the 8th.  And we are going to be doing it in Ladispoli in the sea!  Im really excited about that.  She asked me if i would talk about baptism at her baptism and im honored.  I love her so much.  She prayed to know if the church was true and she said that heavenly father answered her and said it was true but she will understand it all more as she gets older.  It was the cutest thing.  Also, her mom wants to give the talk about the Holy Ghost and we are just praying that this will be something that will bring her back.  Its the craziest thing.  She is the most normal person and has such a strong testimony.  I really havent meet tons of people in my mission like her.  But she just cant take the hard step of getting back in church.  Even though usually kids are baptized and confirmed right after, i hope that she gets confirmed in church on sunday because then her mom would come and i think thats what she really needs.
      We havent seen that family in a while.  They have been out of town and they are going to be moving soon so its been hard.  Mom, the pic you saw from Sorella Ivory is of a family in our ward.  They are so great!  Im trying to be better about taking pictures... Thankfully sorella sudweeks is a photographer so she makes up for what i dont do.  Giorgia is doing well but still working.  Im proud of her though because she is working a lot and it is tired but is still reading the book of mormon every day.  I hope its something she will keep doing when i leave!  Right now we are in alma 14.  we should be finished in august or something.
     No one else really has updates.  we have some referrals we are going to be meeting and hopefully that all goes well.  I need to make sure i leave ladispoli in the best way possible.  I just love this place.  the members and everything.  i know i have life long friends here. And free places to say:)  We have been doing lots of finding these days.  I love finding.  the best stories come out of it.  I talked to this lady yesterday and this is what she said to me, "Im Catholic.  Anyway, we'll see each other in heaven."  Then she tapped my shoulder and walked away.  haha.  it just kills me the way people respond.  We also were ringing people trying to get in an apartment complex.  one guy says "Ya.  Im on the eighth floor."  So we get up there.  HE IS A WEIRDO!!!!  haha.  he is in the middle of shaving his face and he curly strange hair and it was SOOOOO awkward.  Then he pretended like he wasnt the one that let us in... haha.  Knocking doors is so great cause you just never know who is going to be behind the door!
     I think thats it for me this week.  Its hot and im getting hungry:)  We are off to see the Vatican for my last time!  Im soaking it all in.  I LOVE ROME!  its such a beautiful city.  Hopefully i can come back and visit many times.  Im also going to get in the sea the next time i come!  thats a little hard when its so hot outside.  Thanks for the letters by the way!  On friday i got 9 letters!!!!  its was sweet!  Postcards from my family in Ireland and letters from Utah!  I felt so loved!  Thanks for your love and support!  I have 2 more weeks to really work hard!  Its going to be busy and good!  Tomorrow is zone conference and i have to give my "dying testimony" (weird mission terms).  I cant even believe that day is here in my life.  Its coming to the end of a chapter in my life.  I want to finish it off well!  Im grateful for the time i have to serve my heavenly father.  I know this work is important!  And im grateful for my savior that gives me the strength to do it every day.  Have a great week!!  Until next week!
Sorella Chelsea

Being weird...

Me and Delby

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