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Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving Ladispoli!

Ciao a tutti!
    Well, its been a good week here in ladispoli.  we have lots to
get done in the next month and its going to be great.  Basically im
thinking that its going to involve lots of eating.  Lots of members
have asked for us to come over before i leave.  Haha.  So we have
already started our list.  Yesterday we ate lunch with the famiglia
Torelli.  They are SOOOOOO great and she is the best cook!  Her
lasagna is to DIE FOR.  Seriously. Im really going to miss this food!
Im trying to write everything down but im sure its just never going to
be the same.  So im going to live it up while i can!
    As for this week, I just want to tell you about the conference we
had.  I thought about mary the whole time!  It was an area conference
broadcasted from SLC for like 6 countries in europe.  Italy and france
just happened to be there together.  Anyway, Elder Nelson, President
Eyring, one of the 70, and sister jean stevens spoke to us.  it was
soooo good and just so great seeing our little italians so excited to
hear from apostles.  elder nelson gave a shout out to sorella miles
and im sure she was just distraught!  haha.  She is in Bari now and i
wont see her for a long time and that makes me sad!  The conference
was so great.  It was really focused on the family and how parents
should be raising their children.  I loved it even though it really
doesnt apply to me yet.  Anyway, its always such a treat to hear from
our leaders.  Before i forget, Jessenia and Delby are going to be in
Utah for general conference and i need to get us some tickets.  Anyone
know how that is possible?
     here is some sad news, and some good.  Ill give you the sad
first.  Well, Paola has been dodging us for like 2 weeks now and
finally yesterday we got a hold of her.  She said that she isnt ready
to be baptized and doesnt really even want us to come over.  I was SO
sad!  Its so hard to see people give up something that you know is so
good.  I love the metophor of the church being like a hospital.  We
are all sick in our own ways but chirst and his gospel can heal us.
Paola desperately needs this but hasnt understood yet how incredible
it is.  I hope that we can see her again and help her feel the spirit
     The good news is that Elisa has a baptismal date again!!!!  July
8th, my last sunday here.  It really should go down this time.  We
explained that coming to church is so important so if her parents dont
want to take her they need to find a way to help them (elisa and her
brother) get to church.  The mom was really open to it and said there
will be a way to have them there.  I hope that just one time the mom
will bring them.  I know she has a testimony and she just needs to get
over the big wall of coming back to church.  Hopefully this baptism
will help.  she will have to come to church at least the sunday that
elisa is sustained as a member.
    I think thats about it for us here.  Its been cloudy the past
couple days (besides today) and i cant even tell you how grateful i am
when i see the clouds.  It just means one less day that im going to
melt away!  I want to make a promise to you all that im going to work
hard and finish giving it my all.  Thank you for your emails this
week.  It was so great this week to get so many emails.  Mom, ill be
waiting for all the mail!  Thanks for doing that!  I love you all so
much!  Ill talk to you next week!  Until then, know that you are in my
prayers!  The Church is true!  I know it and i love it!
Sorella Chelsea

I cant figure out the pictures!!  sorry!  Better luck next time!!

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