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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's heating up!

    Che Caldo!!!  Mamma mia!!  This week has been insane.  Its like 95 to 100 degrees and just so humid.  Oh man... At least gelato in Italy is soooo good so that keeps us motivated.  They say that today and tomorrow are going to be worse and then it should cool down a little bit.  Thats all i can pray for!  Thanks for the emails and for the letters!!!  Mom, its been sooooo great getting some letters in our mail.  Brynne and Brooklyn, thanks for your pictures!  They are hanging on our fridge and we love them. Grandma Joyce, im glad to hear that you are doing better.  What a scare!!  Hang in there.  We have a birthday for you to celebrate!!  You are all in my prayers.  I hope you know that and i hope you feel that.  I love my family.  I feel so blessed to have so many people that are at home supporting me.  I can feel your love!!!  2 families and lots of love!  Heavenly Father knew i would need having a big support system.
      We are doing well here in Ladispoli.  Its different being in 3.  I hope sorella Sudweeks feels our love.  She is doing great but having all the hard times that come in the beginning.  I remember how frustrating the language was.  Looking at my trainer and feeling like i would never speak that well.  And somehow, through lots of prayer and faith, it comes.  I have been reading my journal entries from the past in these days.  haha.  Its so crazy.  I know i have grown so much.  I really struggled at times.  ITs interesting though that i dont remember those hard times.  I had totally forgotten that till i went back and read it.  I love my mission.  I cant imagine being anywhere else.  Sorella Ivory is doing good too.  I think that she will be transferred when i go.  She is going to need a change up.  We have become SOOOO close and i think it would be better for her to have a change.  President agrees with me.  We are going to be life-long friends.  I know  i needed to serve with her.  I dont know how much i actually did to help her but i know that she is in such a better place than when she came to ladispoli.  She is a hard worker and i know she is going to do great things for the rest of her mission.  We have just become like sisters and its awesome!
     Oh, i also need to say that i forgot about Fathers day!  So happy late fathers day to you all!  They dont really celebrate it here.  But know that you are loved!  I have such great examples in my life!  Im so grateful for the priesthood that you hold as men in the Church.  I have really come to appreciate knowing that i can ask for blessing whenever i want.  Iknow there is a difference in families with a priesthood holder directing it and those that dont.
    Also, mom, I dont know if i acknowledged this last time.  I know my homecoming was changed to the 22nd and im ok with that.  I think the topic actually is better.  So we'll see how this goes....
     All of our investigators are spending lots of time at the beach... SO that is putting a little dent in our work.  haha.  I dont blame them.  We need to do some finding and keep ourselves motivated.  Giorgia is doing great and is regularly praying on our knees.  If only you all knew her!   You would know how big of a deal that is!  She is great!  I love her so much.  We are going to see the family this week and im excited for that! Elisa is doing well and praying to find her testimony.
     I dont have much time this week so im going to have to cut it short.  Just know that i love you!  Ill tell you everything in good details over the next while.  Thanks for all being examples to me.  I love hearing from you and learning from your testimonies.  Have a great week and know that i miss you!  We will see each other soon enough!!  Thanks for supporting me always but mostly while im here as a missionary.  I know that thisis the true Church.  Im so happy to be where i am sharing what we all know.  THe Gospel changes lives if we let it!
Sorella Chelsea

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