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Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli (RM)

Address for the mission home in Rome:
Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome RM

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome Sorella Sudweeks!

      Well, we are now here in 3 in Ladispoli and its going great.  Definitely a little harder always in 3 but we are making it!  Its been great and Sorella Sudweeks is so great!  She is from Provo and studying photography.  She graduated in 2009 so me and sorella Ivory just feel like grandmas... haha.  Its always so fun to have a greenie.  She fits right in though and i keep forgetting that she doesnt know where we are going because it seems like she has just always been here with us.  She has a great desire to use time wisely and get things done.  Its going to be a good transfer!
      As for the week... First paola.  We had a little mishap with her this week.  The lady in our ward that found her is a little off.  She is new member and just hasnt quite got this member missionary thing down yet.  Anyway, she took Paola to the beach with her on saturday and i dont think that went over so well.  She first told paola that she needs to dress more modestly and that she cant run around like that because she is over 40 now and needs to change...  Then she also explained the word of wisdom and law of tithing.  Lets just say that i think  it was too much for Paola.  We have seen her once since but now she started working and its hard finding time to see her.  I dont know.  Pray for her.  Pray that we can find time to see her this week and that all will go well.  She needs the gospel, just like we all do.
     We saw the Family on sunday!  It was so great!   we are going back to see them on friday.  The dad has ADD im pretty sure and so the bishops wife took him and distracted him so we could talk to the mom.  She is so great and sooooooo prepared for the gospel.  I seriously love her.  The catch is that sometime between now and the midde of July they are moving to another city on the other side of rome.   Im pretty sure there is a church close there though and i know that if its not here, they will get baptized there.  Ill take a picture with them when we go on friday.  They have twins and they are the cutest little girls.
     Giorgia is doing good and we had a sweet lesson with her.  Listen to the recording for a few more details on that.  She just needs to give in because she is so ready.  Its crazy being able to really see how heavenly father has just prepared people for the Gospel.
    Sunday was a SWEET day in church. First of all, the family came!  Salvatore, antonella and there 3 kids.  That was sooooo sweet!!  Then during sacrament it was incredible.  Ok, there is a girl here, Mariangela, that has been less actve for a while.  She is 21 and always wanted to serve a mission.  But then she really got off the right path.  We have been seeing her for about a month now and she is a completely different person.  for the better.  She wants to go on a mission again and is getting everything back on track to go.  She bore her testimony about the book of mormon and how she is reading it now and she knows its true and that it has such a power.  it was sweet!  I loved it!  Then jessenia, shy little jessenia, got up and bore her testimony about the book of mormon too.  Doesnt stop there.  Then umberto bore his testimony too!  All of them for the first time.  He talked about how the gospel just makes us a happy people.  His dad asked him why he was so happy and he said it was because he was going to church. I felt the spirit so strong.  I love the book of mormon. THe power it has is incredible.  This gospel gives us the opportunity to change and its great!  Ilooked at these 3 people and was so happy to see the difference that has come into their lives because they allowed the gospel to change them.  I love being a missionary and seeing this in people.  In those i teach, my companion, and more than anything in my life.
      I have to go for this week but just know that i love you  and miss you all.  Thanks for holding out and writing me!  YOu are all the best ones!  Im finishing strong and so happy to be here.  Thanks for your love and support and prayers.  I say it a lot but i know i couldnt be here with out you all.  So thank you.  Have a great week and ill talk to you next week!  LOVE YOU!!!!!
Sorella Chelsea

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