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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 17--Humidity

Ciao Famiglia Mia! 
Mamma Mia!  It is humid here!  And it is just the beginning of June.  Which, by the way, i cant believe it is June already!  That is nuts!  I thought it was bad when it was raining but now i kinda wish the rain was back... Haha.  Just goes to show, we always want what we can't have.  At least im a sister and we just wear skirts.  I cant imagine how the elders feel walking around in pants every day.  Anyway, sounds like everyone had another great week!  School is almost finished and everyone has great summer trips planned!  I look forward to lots of pictures:)
Well, First thing.  Fillipo and Patrizia wont answer our calls or call us back.  Im SO sad about it.  I just wish i could help them understand what they are missing out on.  But, like everyone said, everyone has their own agency and we can only invite.  I really hope that with time we can see them again.  They just need the gospel in their lives.  Anziano Medina talked to their son the other day and he said they are still reading the Book of Mormon and praying as a family.  So at least they are doing that!  But for now, we arent able to see them anymore.  We need to find more investigators! 
Ok this is a tiny story but i want to share it because i was SO happy after.  Well, the other day we were sitting as the bus station and this old lady sat next to me on the bench.  My companion was on the phone but i just opened my mouth and tried to talk to her by myself.  It was GREAT!  I didnt understand every word but i understood enough to carry on a conversation by myself.  My first one ever.  I really felt the gift of tongues. It was one of the neatest experiences for me.  I know i didnt talk well but it was enough that we understood each other.  Plus she was SO sweet and i just really enjoyed it.  She kept looking at me and smiling and squeezing my hand.We exchanged numbers and she said that we could come see her and talk with her sometime.  Oh and it was so cute.  She starts telling me how she plays the piano at the university and then asked if we wanted to come hear her play because it was probably her last day playing.  Unfortunately we were on our way to see someone...  Anyway, she was so great and I will always remember my experience with her.  We just had a little connection.  This is a side note but i am so grateful for anziano medina because he is SO nice and just tells me how good i am doing and is always quick to being encouraging to me.  I really really needed him.
Oh another story.  We were at another bus stop and this crazy lady, no teeth pretty much and eating a block of cheese (Dani would have DIED watching it haha), starts talking to us.  She asks where we are from and we tell her we are American.  Then she looks at me and says, "She Has almond shaped eyes.  She looks Japanese.  Yeah, she is japanese!"  Haha.  Oh my it was great.  Even the crazy italians can see my asian flap. Haha.  So apparently im not American, im Japanese. 
Oh also, I ate Nduja the other day with our district in disrict meeting.  This is what it is.  Spreadable salami (spelling??) which is gross enough.  But then they store it in a pig stomach.  It was so gross!  They made my try it so i ate one bite...  So gross.  Im sure that isnt the worst thing i will eat here which is terrible...  Oh well!  I just dont want people to tell me what im eating to after its over. 
Another thing.  Palermo, the other big city on sicily, stole our senior couple.  so we dont get them here anymore!  its sad.  We were so excited!  Maybe next time...  But for now, it is still just the 4 of us in Catania.  Which is fine.  I love my district.  We have a lot of fun together. 
Last thing.  We are stopping English course till about september and we are going to do a bible study thing.  I am excited to learn more about the bible and do something different but i love my english class and im sad.  Giorgio is my favorite.  He is like 60 or something and is great.  He loves sailing and promised me that when we come back to visit he will take all of us sailing.  So be excited!
OK well, im off.  Thanks for everything you all do for me.  Thanks for all the emails.  And for the letters!  It really is so great when we come home and there is mail!  I love it! Have such a great week and I cant wait to hear from everyone soon!  I love you all!  It is hard being away but i love what i am doing.  I love Italy and i love this Gospel!  Until next week!
Sorella Buma
The first pic is of our "Family" at the ancient temples in Agrigento.  That is where we went for p-day yesterday.  It was the coolest p-day ever!
Next, my feet tanlines already... haha.  I can only imagine what they are going to be like in about October.
Scale Dei Turchi.  SO Beautiful.  Anz. medina and Hill
Us doing Yogo on the beach... Haha.  It was Great!

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