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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Father's Day

How is everyone doing??  Pretty much all of my family is leaving this week to go and do fun things!  Everyone is going to cool places.  Have fun!  Im so excited for everyone and to hear all about it.  It sounds like everyone is super busy getting everything together for all the trips.  I dont like that part... but getting there is always worth it!
Well, i will start by telling you all about Cinderella.  First, it was a ballet.  Second, the Theatre is AMAZING.  I took pictures but really they dont do it justice.  We had great seats in the center in a box on the 2nd floor.  When we come back i want to take you inside this building.  It is soooo old and gorgeous.  During intermission they had refreshment stuff but its nothing like America.  They had a big open room with couches with big glass windows that over looked the piazza.  This room was just as pretty as the theatre.  Its just such a different culture here.  I loved it!  Ok... the only thing that was bad was that the ballet was SO modern.  It was so strange because you are in this beautiful old theatre and then they come out with really modern costumes and everything.  I didnt hate it but i really didnt love it.  It was worth it though to get to be in the Opera house and just experience that. 
Here is a little bad news.  I have to go to the dentist next week... I think i have a cavity because it hurts to eat cold things on the right side of my mouth on one of my top teeth.  Anyway, apparently there is a really good dentist here, Sorella Pearson went to him in like November or something.  So i figured that i might as well get it taken care of here where i know there is someone good.  I might just be paranoid... but i want to at least go and see about it.  So that is something i get to look forward to this week.  Sorella said that he is great, speaks perfect english but the only bad thing is that the lady that cleans the teeth just has NO mercy.  Im pretty sure she is way worse than Barb haha.  Im nervous for that.  Sorella was bleeding pretty bad she said...  I hope it goes ok.  I dont understand why all the sudden in the past 2 years i have had cavities.  Is there something i am doing wrong??
Other than that its been a pretty normal week.  I have been kind of homesick this week...  I have figured out the phrase "forget yourself and go to work" is a lot easier said than done.  I have been praying a lot recently that I really can 100% give my heart to my Heavenly Father.  I already only have a little over a year left and I dont want it past be wasted at all.  I dont want to come home and have any regrets or feel that i could have served better.  I want to come home knowing that i have returned with honor and served the people of Italy the very best that i could.  Its definitely true that we are our own worst critics.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming to think about all the things that i need to do and change.  I really am so grateful for prayer though and the feeling of love that i feel as a young missionary kneeling down to pray.  I know my heavenly father knows im not perfect but just wants me to be trying every day to be better than i was the day before. And i am so grateful for that knowledge! 
Anyway, sorry for the shorter email this week.  It was a good week and we are just finding, finding, finding.  We had SO many appointments fall through this week but what can you do?  We invite and then that is all we can do.  We cant force anyone.  Oh ya, we have zone conference on friday.  Elder Texiera from the seventy is coming.  Im really excited.  I think this is just what i need!  Well, I have to go because we are leaving to drive to Taormina.  Look it up!  Its beautiful.  Ill let you know how it goes!  Love you all!  Be safe in all your travels this week and have fun!!!!!  Happy Fathers Day and Happy birthday BUBBA!  Love you so much!   
Sorella Buma

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