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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 20--Hello!

Ciao Famiglia!  Come state??  I have so much i want to say today and of course, i dont have tons of time so i am going to try and start with the most important things first.  But before that, i just want to say that i cant believe that pretty much my whole family is all over the world this week!  Its been fun to think during the afternoon what everyone would be doing at that time.  Except, i cant realy figure out what em is doing because i have NO idea what time it is in Thailand from where i am.  So mostly i just picture her dying of heat and trying to imagine how great of an experience she is having.
Well, first, we had zone conference last week.  Elder Teixiera from the 70 came.  It was AMAZING.  I wish i could explain how i felt but i really cant.  But it was exactly what i needed.  First Sorella Kelly spoke.  She is the nicest person in the world and radiates the light of Christ.  While she was talking I really felt the love my Heavenly Father has for His children.  I know He loves his missionaries and is with me all the time.  Even when im too dumb to realize it.  I know this work is not done by Sister Buma.  And im so grateful for that... haha.  I would be completly wasting time here without His spirit with me.  Sis. teixiera challenged us all to read the book of mormon in 60 days!  Im really excited!  Then elder teixiera spoke and he is GREAT.  He spoke on finding and how to make our finding more effective.  Basically, he gave me the courage i needed to open my mouth!  its been great.  I want to talk to everyone and im doing it by myself  Since friday i have gotten 5 numbers all by myself!  Anyway, his son went to Japan and baptized 7 times what everyone else in his mission had baptized by the end of their misison.  His dad told us that he just talked to everyone that he possibly could.  He wasnt anything so super special but he wanted everyone to know what he knew so he always opened his mouth.  That is what i want to be able to say.  That is doesnt matter how many baptisms i had but that i knew in my heart that i had talked with everyone that the Lord put in my path and gave as many people as i could the opportunity to accept the Gospel.
Next, i was reading in 1 Nephi 17 the other day and had a great experience sitting there reading about Nephi building a ship.  The Lord commanded him to build and ship and he had NO idea how to do it but followed what the Lord had told him to do and because of this, the Lord took care of the rest.  if nephi built the ship the lord promised that he would carry them across the sea, make their food sweet, be their light in the wilderness and prepare their way.  I thought about how Nephi building the ship and getting to the promised land is like me being on a mission.  This is where my Heavenly Father wants me and i have NO idea what i am doing but through prayer he is able to teach me how to build a great ship.  He will take care of the rest.  I follow the commandments and do my best and He takes over.  It has been such a comfort to me!  Im so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the examples in it that help me know what i need to be doing!
Oh this is random but i wanted to tell you because i loved it.  In our sigonella branch this week i was asked to play the piano for the primary children in sacrament as they sang to their dads.  It was SO cute.  I love little children and their spirits.  I was so grateful for them because my songs were not flawless but they are great no one even paid attention to me!
Another random thing, we were on the sigonella base last thursday for a relief society thing they wanted us to come to.  Anyway, so a member is taking us home and we go to leave and the gate starts closing and there is guy in front of it with a big gun.  Oh and all the military members had hard hats on (they never are just wearing these).  so basically they were having what is a called a "shelter and place" and no one was able to leave and no one was able to come onto the base.  It was like this for like a half hour or something.  We still dont know what happened but it was pretty crazy. 
I think that is all for me today.  Sorella Pearson is probably leaving me a week from today.  I am going to be sad but its something i know i need.  She doesnt really let me talk in lessons or use the phone which is just something i need to do to learn.  She realizes that she needs to and tells me that she needs to let me talk but then forgets.  Its good for change sometimes because that is how we grow!  Im super nervous for new companion but thats just how it goes.  Ill let you know the verdict next week.  I sure love you all so much!  thanks for your emails and i hope that everyone is enjoying their summer!  Let me know how all the trips went and STAY SAFE!  I miss you but i know that i am where my Heavenly Father wants me to be.  Until next week!
Sorella Buma, Chel, Chels, Scrapper--your pick!

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