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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something fun and exciting

Hello Family!
Well, how is everyone??  I hope great!  Sounds like all the trips were fun!  Now im just waiting for emily to get back from Thailand and hear about that! 
Ok, now i need to explain the title of my email... So, saturday last week we got transfer calls.  So Sorella Pearson answers the phone and President tells her she is getting transferred to Rome 3.  Then he says "Can i talk to your companion?  I have something fun and exciting for her!"  So i get on the phone and he says, "Sister Buma I have something really fun and exciting for you!"  I say, "Ok what is it??"  Then he says, "You are going to be with Sorella Tinoco."  She is ITALIAN!  Holy cow!  Im freaking out!  Haha.  He was saying that he really thinks this is going to be good and that my italian is coming along great.. haha he cant say that cause he has never heard me speak italian.  Anyway, we were thinking that maybe she would be pretty good at English by now because she has been out for a year but her last companion for i think 4 transfers was italian... So im pretty much thinking that she wont speaking English.  Man, i dont know what im going to do haha.  I wont be able to communicate with my companion.   President told me that she is encouraged to learn english so we will help each other.  He also said she is really obedient and super nice.  She is technically from Peru but has lived in Milan for most her life im pretty sure.  Also, her brother is in the same mission and is on Sicily right now and so i have met him before.  I was telling sister bay about it on sunday and i was like "What am i going to say to her when she gets off the train??  Do i say hello or ciao?  Do i say Come sta or come stai or how are you??"  Haha.  This is going to be so interesting.  Im seriously so nervous!!  Im really going to learn Italian fast because i will have to learn it or i wont be able to communicate with her.  Anziano medina says that he wishes he would have had a native companion early on in his mission.  Anyway, if heavenly father thinks that i can do this, then i just need to trust him and trust that it will all be ok.  because on my own, i know that i cant do this.  Thank goodness I dont have to do it alone!
Next, We have a new investigator!  We found her doing house.  Her name is Avane and she is from Poland.  Which makes it a little hard but we got her all the pamphlets and a book of mormon in polish.  She has lived here from 6 years so she knows enough italian but she doesnt know very many gospel terms (which is pretty much the only thing i know haha).  She is a care taker of an old, crazy italian man.  Last time we went over there he was just yelling at us to get out because he didnt know us.  Im pretty sure he has alzheimers or something.  Anyway, we are going to have to try and find times when he isnt there or meet her another place because we cant teach while he is there.  She needs the Gospel though.  She is alone here and her 2 children are in Poland.  She has been having such a rough time and needs peace in her life.  We are meeting her tomorrow (Me, a sister from Siracusa and Sorella Lewis because all our companions dont get here till tomorrow night).  Anyway, im really excited!  We just have to talk really slow with her... perfect for me!
Oh, this is just a thank you for the packages!  Mom, thanks for the package!  Everything is perfect!  Lois, Thank you for your package too!  Haha, we took a picture in our night gowns.  Im sending them today if i can get it to work.  Jenna, Thanks for the pics!  I wrote you a letter last week just havent bought a stamp yet so it is coming!  YOU WERE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!!!  I look at all the pictures you sent me, mom, and also from Jenna all the time and show them to people.  I love it! Thanks!  I LOVE PICTURES!  Everyone else, send more! :)
I think that is it for me this week...  Im very sad to say bye to Sorella Pearson but change is good.  Especially for my Italian (probably even more so for my confidence in my italian) this chang is going to be really good.  Lots of things will be different, but it will be so good too.  Pray for me that we can communicate with each other and that it will all work out.  Anz. medina and hill are both stayin too and they promised they would help me too.  Also, I have the Bays.  They are SO GREAT!  They are having us over for the fourth so we can celebrate:)  Have a great week and know that i love you all.  You are in my prayers and im grateful for all the prayers said on my behalf.  Have fun at the baby blessing.  I wish i could be there but right now im where i need to be.  I am so grateful to be able to share my testimony every day!  Im grateful for the the joy in my life because i know this church is true!  It brings me so many blessings!  Dont forget to write me!
Sorella Buma
p.s.  Happy Fourth of July!  I cant believe that its already july!!!  That is nuts!  Bring on the summer!  Take some more pictures of Flat Chel.. Oh and i have to say GO BYU!!!!! haha.  thanks for the pic mom!
The first one is when we did chalk and i drew the plan of salvation.  (I didnt write plan of salvation or draw the celestial kingdom... Blame anz. hill for that... haha)

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