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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 18--Ciao!

Hello everyone!
As always, thanks for your emails.  I am missing emails from some of my sibblings... YOu know who you are.  Dont forget about me!  I love to hear from you even if it is short.  Thanks for your love and prayers though. 
First, the other day we were walking down the street and heard this guy speaking in english on his phone.  so when he hung up we asked him how he knew english.  He says, "well i lived in Utah."  What??  SO random.  He continues to tell us that he studied at BYU for part of his masters.  I was so excited!  A little connection haha.  His professor here knew a professor at BYU and so this guy when there for a bit.  Also, this was a professor that i had and LOVED.  Random story!  But great.  Plus he said that he would meet with the Elders.  So that is great.  Usually we give younger guys to the elders because most of them only want to listen because it is 2 young american girls.
Next, we were out trying to find this lady that we talked to at a bus stop.  I had already given my Book of Mormon out that morning so we didnt have with us but she said that we could come to her house and give it to her some day in the morning.  So yesterday we were on her street but couldnt find her last name on the Citto (to get in any apartments you have to ring from the street and then they open the gate).  Plus she told us it was number 24  but didnt tell us the letter.  and there was 24 a b c d.... So we decided to just do some house at these apartments and hopefully find her.  next thing i know, i turn around and she is walking down the street with her daughter.  they were so excited to see us and she had told her daughter about us.  They were just leaving but we set an appointment with them for tomorrow morning.  Also, the last name is wrong on the street thing so it was just such a miracle that they came out at that exact moment.  I am just praying that their hearts will continually be prepared for the message we are bringing to them.  After they left we continued to do house there where they lived.  Someone opened the door so we just went it.  Hiked to the top and worked our way down.  No one would even open the door for us till the very bottom.  Then we found this SUPER old man and this lady that works for him (cooks for him and cleans.  kind of like a nurse.).  She was from Polland and they let us in for a min!  They said that we could come back on saturday morning to see them! 
Anyway, we also did finding with the elders with chalk.  Basically you go down to a busy piazza (we went down town on a sunday night) and draw the plan of salvation with chalk on a sheet.  I drew it and i will send pics of it next time.  It was so fun.  tons of people were coming up to us to see what was going on.  I dont know that anyone will have real interest but it went well.  Also we met this young couple from Holland!  Sweet huh! They spoke perfect english! 
Other than that, thats all i have to say this week.  Oh and we are going to see Cinderella tomorrow!  its in the opera house but we arent sure if its a ballet or opera.  Our mission pres. gave us permission and said that he loves cultural things.  Ill let you know how it goes.  It should be cool.   its a really old old opera house.  Ill take pics!  Love you all! Have such a great week and dont forget to write me!  Oh and pray i dont die of heat and humidity!  its HOT!  But its worth it.  I know why i am here and i have a testimony of this restored gospel.  I know it has been the biggest blessing in my life.  Im grateful for my Savior and the strength he gives me every day.  I really know i couldnt do this work on my own. 
Sorella Buma

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