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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abbiamo visto i miracoli!

Ciao famiglia!
    Thanks as always for your emails and your prayers!  It really is such a blessing to hear from you all every week.  Im glad everything seems to be going good.  Busy but good!  All is well in Ladispoli as well.  i wanted to say really fast that if packages are coming for christmas you can just send them to the office.  Around the christmas season i think it will be better.  ANd on the customs form just write that its missionary supplies.  Thats all for my annoucements i think.  ummm....  Ok, im just going to dive into the week because really we saw tons of miracles and it was amazing.
     So, last week i was pretty bummed, you could say.  I just feel so much pressure being the older companion and literally no one would talk to us and my companion hated finding and it was just a bad situation.  I really used it as a time to work on my faith.  When we find, its hard yeah but there are people ready to hear the gospel where we are or we wouldnt be there.  So i really worked on focusing on this faith that i needed to have to see miracles.  To find people.  And i prayed a lot!!  We found some great people that we are really excited to teach.  Tomorrow we have our first appointment with a guy we met on the street and his family.  A couple years ago he had some accident and lost most of his vision.  He said that during this time he lost his faith and belief that there is a God.  But now is on his search to find Him again.  He was totally willing to let us come over and share the book and plan that we have that brings us the peace and comfort we need in this life.  Then i called to actually set up the appointment and he had told his wife about us and she was really excited for us to come over too.  We have that appointment tomorrow, and with a member, and we are really excited!
     Next, the casse miracle.  Ok so we were doing finding.  We had just talked to Alberto (guy from above) and were sooooo happy that we found someone who wanted to hear more.  So the next guy we talk to is this old african man named Casse.  He hardly speaks italian but said that he would want a book of mormon in french.  We set up an appointment on sunday at 5 to bring it to him. Well, i wrote down his phone number but forgot to write down his house number.  I had the street but not the number.  So im asking him if i can see this paper that had his information on it again and he was like you already wrote my number down.  I couldnt explain it because he doesnt understand italian really well and so we just left and decided we would call him when we got to the street.  So i call and of course, his phone is off.  I thought i remembered his house number being 127 so we went searching.  The normal road ends at like 50 but continues up this little dirt road.  So we decided we will keep looking.  we Stop and take a picture out in the middle of nowhere with this french book of mormon in our hands, seriously so desperate to find him and then walk all the way up this dirt road.  No sign of him so we turn back around and are just going to rind every house we can before our next appointment.  So we are walking down and I see this other african guy at a door but i cant really see who it is.(Keep in mind there are like 4 houses on this street and  the one that this guys is at is old and white and creepy and looks abandoned.)  I have just a glimpse of hope and so i walked closer to look again.  Ok Casse wasnt the guy that i saw originally but he came walking up the gate to open the gate for this other guy.  And we happened to be walking by right as he was there opening the gate.  IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!  He didnt let us teach him and honestly we were ok with that considering where we were but he accepted the book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet.  Who knows what will happen with him but i can say that i know that he needed the book of mormon that day.  We had been lost twice, taken a picture and then just at the right moment we were right where he was.  It might seem small, but it was such a testimony to me that heavenly father is so involved in this work.  He guides us and directs us even when it seems so small.
      Ok, next.  Lesson with Andreina.  Ok, so we had a lesson with her last night.  We took a member that is a little bit older and it was the best lesson!  We talked about the plan of salvation.  LIke always, she had tons of questions but understood it all.  Sorella Silva is a convert and just said the perfect things.  At the end i couldnt remember what invite we had planned to give her.  and then, so strongly i felt like we needed to invite her to be baptized.  I pushed it aside for like 5 seconds because we were going to be late to english course but then just had to do it.  We hadnt planned a date or anything so i just invited her to pray about baptism and promised her heavenly father was waiting to give her soooo many blessings.  She was BEAMING!  ANd it was one of the most spiritual moments on my mission.  Sorella silva said after that she just know andreina is so special and that she is going to be baptized.  Im so excited for our next appointment with her!  Pray that she comes to church this week!!!!!  and that she receives an answer that really this is what she needs to do.
      I have like no time left but i want to talk about monday too really quick.  So we went and met with this lady that i had called from our area book.  She came and met us and got hot chocolate with us and brought her cousin.  SHe didnt remember anything about the missionaries and hadnt even ever seen the book of mormon.  Anyway, we had a good lesson with them and they accepted the book of mormon and want to have us over for lunch to talk about the plan of salvation!  They are soooo cute.  Alessandra and Roberta.  Both in their mid 30s.  So we met with them and then went home really fast to get some brownies i made for our dinner appointment.  We see our neighbor out in the hall.  Turns out that he is a cook and cooks SO well.  He isnt married so we told him we couldnt come in his house but gave us some food to take home and eat.  Then yesterday we went to take brownies to than him and he ended up giving us some bread and stuff. So basically we have a little chef now.  I just need to get his recipes because he cooks soooo well.  He is like 70 and sooooo great.  Then we went to see raffaela and her boyfriend for dinner.  We have been praying that he will come around so they can get married and she can get baptized.  She has a testimony of everything and is essentially a memeber without the baptism.  Anyway, the miracle was that at the end, Carmine (the boyfriend) said the prayer!  It was awesome!  Anyway, lots of small miracles but we have felt so blessed this week!
      Well, i love being a missionary.  Its tiring but its the best!  I love what i do and just talking to people and sharing what is so important to me.  I love these people here.  Italians are such a passionate and great people.  Im excited for all of you to meet them.  You will love them!  And their food:)  I really have to go but know that i love you all SO much.  I miss you and pray for you.  Thanks for all your support!  Have a great week!  Talk to you next week!
Sorella Chelsea

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