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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ciao Tutti!

Buon Giorno Famiglia!
     Thanks for your emails this week!  Im so glad you all had a good thanksgiving!  I hope you all ate enough for yourselves and me.  Ill be looking forward to a good American Thanksgiving again next year:)  Now on to the Christmas season.  I cant even believe that christmas is almost hear!  And that a year ago i was a little stress case at christmas trying to get everything ready for a mission.  Time flies.  Thats for sure.  Im excited for Christmas here.  Its not quite as big as it is in America in the sense that there arent tons of lights and stuff.  Its going to be a good Christmas.  I can already feel it.  Sorella Miles and I bought a little, humble christmas tree and we love it!   We decorated last wednesday and i just love looking at our little tree.  We took some pictures and ill attach them to the email.  haha.  Im such a weirdo.  Sorry about that....
      I am going to write grandma buma a letter and an email this week but i just want you all to tell her how much i love her.  I have so many great memories with all my grandparents and i truely feel blessed.  I love that all day long i am teaching about the plan of salvation.  Teaching people that this life is not the end.  That its just a step we take on our way to eternity.  We can be with our families forever!  I know that.  So its hard, really hard, not being with my family right now and not getting to spend the last little bit with her but i know that she is going to be my guardian angel.  With her help I know our work is going to be so much better:)  You are such a strong person, Grandma!  Im grateful for your example of the kind of person we all need to strive to be.
      As for our week is was such a great and a fast week!  I realized that i havent said much about my companion.  We get along soooo well.  We laugh all the time but are really trying to work hard, too.  Its great!  She is so funny and has such a good attitude about everything.  I have heard sisters tell me that when you train someone, you really know that you 2 were meant to be together.  ANd i really think that both of us know that.  I dont think i could have trained anyone else.  She is great!  We are going to have a great christmas together!  We have a couple things up our sleeves... LIke the reinactment of the birth of christ that both of us do with our families every year.  We arent sure how we are going to do it with just 2 people but we will figure something out.  And we listen to nutcracker all the time.  We have both seen it a million times and so we can do the dances for each other too:)  Haha.  Good times.
    The in Ladispoli is hard but its going.  We have found some new investigators and its great!  our mission goal is to find 6 new investigators the last 4 weeks of this transfer.  We have already found 2 and we have some good potentials.  its just hard because every at christmas is so busy and say they have no time to meet with us.  The investigator we found this week is SOLID though.  He got a disease 2 years ago and lost his eye sight almost completely.  I dont really get it but apparently over time it should slowly come back.  Not all the way but some.  He is getting to the point where he can actually read a little bit now.  Perfect because he can read the BOM!  He told us that he never really knew if he believed in God especially with what he went through 2 years ago.  But now he is at a point that he knows he needs to search for this faith and find his relationship with god again.  ANd he know that he wont find it in the Catholic of the Jehovahs witness churches.  So he is willing to read the BOM and meet with us and its great!
     Our baptisimal dates.  First there is Cristian.  I think this week we are going to have to push his date back.  He just really doesnt show a desire to do anything.  he came to church the past 2 sundays for like the last 30 minutes.  We just dont want him to get baptized and then not ever be an active member of the church.  And he just has some things he doesnt understand.  We are praying for a miracle with him!  That somehow, he can find this desire to do the things that bring us closer to heavenly father.  I know that is what he needs in his life but we just cant force him to do anything.
    Andreina is so great and i love her so much.  We taught word of wisdom this week and i was a little nervous because she drinks coffee every morning.  So she is reading this paragraph that explains exactly what this is and im praying sooooo hard that her heart is open to accept it.  She finishes reading and talks about how she doesnt have any other issues except with coffee.  We talked about how its just not good for our bodies and creates a dependence and she said, "Oh, I didnt know that.  I guess i will have to find something else to drink in the morning!"  LIke it was no big deal at all.  She said that if heavenly father says its bad then she needs to stop drinking it.  She is drinking less and less every day so its going great.  The only obstacle i guess you could say she has is that she just cant trust the answers heavenly father has given her.  She will come around but it just might take some time with her.  I have learned one really important thing though, members are SOOOOO important.  That is what is going to help andreina the most.  Seeing italians that have converted and made this change in their lives.  That they are people more like her.  Members are crucial.  Take the opportunity to help missionaries when you can!  I know that this work goes so much better when missionaries and members can work together.  I have heard that a million times but i really see that every day!
     Ok, i have written lots today.  I think that about hits the highlights.  I need to tell you about Rosaria and her sisters next week.  They are 16, 13 and 10 and just like our sisters.  We call them "the girls".  I love them!  We have such great people here in Ladispoli.  I have so many things to be grateful for.  Im grateful for my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  I know what im doing is what i should be doing with my life right now.  There are so many people who just need this in their lives!  Thanks for all your support.  I hope you all have a great week and know how much i love you!  My family and friends are so important to me!  Have a great first week of DECEMBER!!!!  Crazy!  Love you all!
Sorella Chelsea

Me with Andreina and just some of the paintings in her house
These next 2 are me being really weird by the christmas tree.  We were really excited.....

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