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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 40: Hello Family

Ciao Tutti-  
      Ok... first i need to say that my exclamation doesnt work on this keyboard and its really annoying but thats just how it is.  How is everyone??  It sounds like everyone in my family had a busy, busy week last week and this week.  Good luck with everything you have to do.  Know that i have been and will be praying for you in all that you are doing.  Work and school and everything.  My week has been pretty stressful too...  Just a lot of responsibility.  But ill get to that in a minute.  Thanks for all your emails and your prayers.  Its been hard but i really can feel the Lord helping me.  Im so grateful for that because literally this isnt something i can do alone.
      My companions name is Sorella Miles.  SHe is from Bountiful and this is the big thing.  Her grandpa is elder nelson.. Yeah... Talk about pressure.  She is super cute though and pretty young.  Her parents are mission presidents and so she was able to leave early on her mission.  Its been a lot better than i pictured it going in my head.  First, she loves just trying to talk to people and its awesome.  She will get the language fast just because she is so willing to try.  And she wants to work hard.  Im really excited for our transfer or transfers we will have together.
      For me... its good but really hard work.  Making sure that we have appointments scheduled that we understand everything, that lessons go well.  Everything.  Its a lot to do.  But i really have felt the gift of tongues so strongly.  I can get by in Italian, its not like i am really really struggling, but i wouldnt call myself one of the good speakers by any means.  Its amazing though because i realy have been able to understand anything that is really important and have been able to say anything that needs to be said.  Probably not perfectly  but i dont really feel super hindered by the language.  Its interesting though because when its not so necessary i really cant speak like i was in a lesson or something.  These gifts are real.  I know that.  I know that what i am doing, i am not alone in it.  THat heavenly father qualifies those whom he calls.  That has been the biggest source of strength for me.  Knowing that i can pray and that he listens.  One other really hard thing has been finding.  NOTHING we have tried has been working.  I dont know what happened but i know Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something.  Singing worked so great till sorella miles got here.  I just feel so bad because she thinks we are totally wasting our time and i know she is frustrated with finding.  Its hard work in Italy but I know that there are people that are ready and willing to listen.  Thats where my faith really comes into play.  We have some more ideas for finding that we got in our district meeting and im just praying and praying that it goes better.  We did some calling of old investigators and have lots of appointments for the rest of this week though.  Its going to get better we just had a couple rough days.
      SUnday was awesome though.  I really felt the spirit in church.  That heavenly father loved me and was happy with where i am and the work that im doing.  Exactly what i needed to feel in that moment because i really felt like i was failing.  Then we had 2 really good lessons that night.  One was with Andreina and i love her so much.  And we are just ready to work hard this week.
     As for our investigators.  Andreina, she is the one that is 84, and she is seriously awesome.  SHe has so many questions.  They all have to do with the restoration and the plan of salvation.  I know the other sisters have already taught her these things but we are going to start over and go slow so she really understands and can ask her questions.  She has received a testimony of the book of mormon but just is too afraid to fully trust it.  She is expecting something big that covers all her doubts.  So that is our goal with her.  To tell her that through the pray and meeting with us, her questions can and will be answered and that she will be ready to follow christ and be baptized.  Raffaela is the one that is living with her boyfriend.  SHe love the BOM and loves coming to church and everything but now told us that she doesnt know if she wants to be baptized or not. I could see the sadness in her eyes as she was telling us.  I know that she wants to be baptized but her mom and boyfriend are standing in the way of her receiving the blessings.  We are trying to go teach her more when her boyfriend is there and hopefully he will come around.   he is realy nice and will listen to the lessons but for now doesnt want to do anything about it.  He is great though and i think with time he really will want this.   Cristian is our other investigator close to baptism.  He tells us that he wants to be baptized but then doesnt do anything about it.  He comes to church sometimes but comes super late.  His actions just arent showing it at all.  we are going to set a date with him and really explain that if he wants this, he needs to show the Lord that he is willing to sacrifice for it.  Its just hard knowing what we can do to help these people.  Especially with Raffaela and Cristian, they are at a point where free agency is going to have to be used.  We cant really do anything else except love them and pray for them.
     Other than that, i think thats about it.  Training is hard but i really am loving being here.  I love our ward and our investigators and all the people i get to talk to every day.  I knew this wasnt going to be easy but its so worth it.  Its so worth it to have 1000 people say no but then to see someone that really has a desire to know Christ and be a part of their journey.  Thanks for all your support you show me as family and friends.  I know that is one of my biggest blessings in my life.  Ill talk to you all next week.  I love you all more than you know.  I miss you but i know this is where im supposed to be.  I have lots of things to learn on my mission that i know will help me for the rest of my life.  Have a good week-lot of exclamation marks.
Sorella Chelsea

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