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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
     I just have to say one thing that is going to blow your minds....  Well today for our preparation day, we had thanksgiving feast as a district.  So we were in charge of pumpkin pie and stuffing.  Literally i was laughing so hard when they told us because me and my companion dont have much practice in cooking you could say.  So anyways, they dont sell pumpkin in a can here so we bought some pumpkin, steamed it, mashed it up and made a pie.  We made the crust by hand too.  ALL HAND MADE!!!  Plus super yummy stuffing by hand too.  I felt sooooooo proud of us.  We took our lunch time yesterday and cooked like mad missionaries.  It was fun.  WE had our christmas music on and after it looked like a bomb blew up in our kitchen.  But everyone was impressed with us yesterday.  I felt pretty accomplished.ù
      This is random but remember our neighbor that cooked for us?  Well on thursday we got home for lunch and he stopped us in the hall and threw a bowl of pasta in our hands and said, "It's all hot right now!  Go up stairs and eat it right now while its hot!"  Haha.  So cute.  Plus he cooks so well so its just amazing!  Our little chef.  We think he is out of town because we havent seen him in a couple days.
     Ok now that i got the not so important things out of the way, i want to start with our week.  Sad but really actually happy news is that Francesca passed away on Monday morning early.  Her funeral was yesterday and she is now just so much happier.  I saw pictures of her from 6 months ago and was SHOCKED.  I couldnt even tell it was her.  Anyway, the funeral was in church and it all went well.  Her son was there and seemed content.  I know he is sad but we all know she is so much happier.  It was great hearing everyone at the funeral talk about the plan of salvation.  There were a lot of non members there and i know that this plan just brings so much hope to people.  I love it.  I love that when we teach it, it just makes sense to people.  That there isnt a glitch in it.  Everything is laid out perfect.  Heavenly Father wouldnt do anything less.  Im so grateful for our time that we had together though.  I loved singing with Francesca.  Her favorite song is All creatures of our god and king and she would just sing with us as much as she could with the energy she had.  We sing it all the time now.  I will always think of her when i hear that song.  What an example to me of someone that was in a tough spot and went through it with so much faith and hope.  She loved smiling and just being happy!  I could go on and on about her.  ANyway, one of the blessing in my mission and my life will be the time i got to spend with her.
     Other great news!  WE have 2 baptisimal dates!!!  December 17 for both of them.   The first one is Cristian.  I dont know how much i have told you about him but he has been an investigator for awhile but then went to spain for the summer and is now back.  He is like 26??  He wants to be baptized but then never does anything to show his desire.  Basically he never sacrifices for it.  So we told him if he really wants it, we will set this date.  A goal for him to really work towards.  I think he struggles with depression big time.  He never does anything and just always seems so sad.  I know that him putting the gospel at a priority in his life would help so much.  But we cant force him to do anything.  He will come around though.  He just needs some love and some good time in the book of mormon.  Ill keep you updated on his progress.  We gave him a baptisimal calender yesterday and i think that will really help him.
     The next one is ANDREINA!!!!  Oh man.  SO we had a lesson with her monday.  I guess first i should say that she came to church and sunday and had a lot of questions but really liked it.  She is becoming friends with a lady in our ward that we bring with us to her lessons recently and that has been perfect for andreina.  Just someone older that can relate more to her.  Anyway, so we knew we needed to talk about baptism again with her and set a date.  We prayed about the 17th and both felt good about it.  So we go and teach a lesson.  We used D and C and she LOVED it!  haha.  She was like can i buy that book??  Anyway, so the end of the lesson comes and im FREAKING out that i have to invite her to be baptized because in the lesson she said that she just likes to really research things before she will do them and really likes to take her time.... Anyway, i start talking about how we prayed about a date for her and i just started crying talking about how i knew this was right for her and heavenly father loves her so much and just wants to bless her.  I felt so much love that our heavenly father feels for her and i just couldnt help but cry.  I know she felt the spirit but was too scared to give a big YES!  But she said that its something she will really try for and that she wants to try and be ready for.  The key with her will be sorella silva.  This lady we take.
     Ok time for one more story and then i have to go.  So right before we had our lesson with andreina, we had a lesson with this lady named Guisy.  She is incredible.  LIke 30 and so cute with a husband and a cute little 3 year old.  Anyway, we havent seen her in like a month because she has been really busy with work and being out of town and sick.  But FINALLY we saw her.  SO we had planned to talk to her about the last half of the Gospel: Baptism, gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end.  Well, we talk about baptism and she says, " I actually was thinking about baptism today!"  SHe is telling us how she was thinking about it and thinking that it might be something she will never do even though basically she loves our church and knows its true because she would have to do it by herself. Her husband says she can take whatever road she wants and he will support her but doesnt have much interest right now.  ANyway, we talked to her about praying to know what Heavenly father wants her to do.  That Heavenly father has a plan for her and her family.  She needs to be an example to her husband and once he sees how much this is changing her life and how happy she is he will follow.  He is GREAT!  Just needs a little more time.  Anyway, i know she will be baptized too.  Not sure exactly when but she is so ready!
    ANyway, i have to go.   But i love you all!  Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!  Happy thanksgiving tomorrow!  I hope that it is the best day!  I am so grateful for a loving heavenly father.  That he created this perfect plan so that we can return to live with him forever.  Im so grateful for my family.  That He loves me enough to bless me with such a wonderful family.  and friends!  And im grateful i can share this with these people i love her in Italy so they can enjoy these blessings too!  Ill talk to you all next week!  Also we got permission to skype on christmas so ill get you details later but be excited!  Good christmas present!  Thanks everyone!  Vi voglio bene!!!!  A dopo!

Sorella Chelsea

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