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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2+1=3 :)

     Well, President seems to always have a good surprise for us.  Me and sorella Miles were planning on thursday night and we got a call from President Kelly.  He told us that sorella Ivory would be joining us the next morning in Ladispoli!  She just needed a change of  scene and is now with us!  Its so great and i really think that its helping her a lot.  We are all getting along great and having a lot of fun together.  Just what she needs:)  We dont know exactly what is going to happen.  We will probably remain in a 3-some till the end of the transfer and then we never know.  President asked if i would mind staying in Ladispoli one more and i told him I would LOVE it.  He laughed and said he didnt think it would take too much convincing from me.  We still really have NO idea who will go and who will stay but at least now i know that there is a possibility that i might get to stay for another transfer.  I think for sure sorella Ivory will stay here so its just a matter of which one of us will stay with her.  I love being with her.  I have really lucked out with companions.  I have met some people that i know will be my life long friends.  Im grateful for them and how much they have helped me grow and for the love and support i have felt from them.
    One little bit of sad news.  Remember Leonardo, our neighbor/chef?  We went down to say hi to him the other night and to give him pictures we had printed off for him.  He told us that he is moving back up to northern italy early this year because he has to have surgery on his eye.  We knew he would be leaving but just not so quick.  He got teary telling us goodbye and it was the cutest thing. That is the hardest part of missions.  Saying goodbye to people i love!  He said that we are welcome to come stay with him in his house in Northern Italy any time we want.  I'm going to take him up on that.  He is my Italian Grandpa and i love him!  He gave us our last meal and it was so good!  I will miss him and our wonderful meals!
     Next, Jessenia is doing great and will be baptized March 3rd.  She has her interview on Friday and other than that is good to go.  Our bishop is going to baptize her and she couldnt be more excited.  I think we are going to sing a song with her at her baptism.  We were teaching her and her mom the other day and it seriously was incredible.  She is a missionary just minus the tag (and i guess the baptism part for now).  Sorella Miles accidentally said, "And just like sorella Jessenia said..."  we all laughed and she loved it.  I asked her if she could explain to her mom who Thomas S. Monson was.  She holds up a picture of him and just gives a perfect lesson.  Even with good questions to ask her mom.  It is too early to tell but i really hope she serves a mission.  She would just be perfect!
     Giorgia and Edoardo will be baptized on March 4th.  That will be a good weekend:)  THey also have their interview on Friday.  They are excited and ready to go too.  We did a lesson with them the other day and Sorella Ivory was blown away by them haha.  Its just crazy seeing 2 kids so serious and smart in the Gospel.  Especially considering the fact that their mom is lesson active and their dad wants nothing to do with the Church.
     Our other investigators are pretty much all just the same.  We need to really find more. I am so determined to find a family here in Ladispoli.  That is what this ward needs.  Another family and some kids for the primary!  We have been doing finding using family night.  We havent been able to find a family yet but onward we go!  It will be great im sure.
     Oh another piece of great news/miracle.  So i didnt tell everyone but i broke off a part of my camera a couple weeks ago.  it was still usable but just really annoying.  Well my best friend from english course (Giorgia, she is 35 but i love her so much.  I dont know how much i have told you about her but she is great.) took us to Rome last week to a Canon store to get it fixed.  They just happened to have the piece i needed from another camera they had fixed and they just gave it to me for free and it works perfectly!  Can you believe it?!  That was a load off my mind and i was soooooo grateful for nice people in this world.
      Other than that i dont think there is anything new.  Tomorrow is Zone Conference.  Elder Texiera is coming again.  He is in our area presidency and im not going to lie, it was really intense when he came last time... haha.  He is just opposite from President Kelly and all of us are really nervous for tomorrow.  It should be really good though.  I learned a lot from him last time but more than anything, i had such a motivation and desire to do better.  He is the one that gave us the 21 lessons a week goal.  Im glad i reached that before he came again:)  Ill let you know about it!
     Well, i love being a missionary.  I know i say that a lot but i really do love it.  I think with every day im more tired but find even more joy in what im doing.  I know that Heavenly Father is in this work with me .  I have been reading d&c a lot in this days and its incredible how many revelations were given for missionaries.  I love that to pretty much all of them the Lord gives 2 great promises.  First, that the field is white and they are going to find lots of people that are prepared for the Gospel.  Second, that they wont be doing it alone.  That the Lord will be by their side in all they do and say.  I have seen those 2 promises in my life so many times in the past year.  I know heavenly father is preparing people for the Gospel.  That there are people just searching for it.  Delby the other day was telling us that she goes out with her friends and does lots of fun things but at the end of the night, she still feels alone and that something is missing in her life but she just doesnt know what it is.  I know that she isnt the only person that feels that way and i feel so blessed to help her and others find that missing part in their lives.  I know that my Savior is with me every day in all that i do and through His atonement im learning a lot and am able to become a better person, missionary, and daughter of my Heavenly Father.  Im grateful for the atonement that makes up for all of my lackings.  No matter who we are, we all need the atonement.  Its for everyone!  I hope you all have a great week.  Know that you are all in my prayers.  Ill talk to you all next week, Wednesday like normal. Vi voglio un sacco di bene e sono multo grata per tutto ciò che fate per me!!!  Buona Settimana!!!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Buma and Moss family.  I got your packages this week!!  When they brought sorella ivory they brought the packages as well.  Man, we have been eating a lot of candy:)  Thanks though so much.  It was all perfect!

me and raffaella cooking:)
Me and Jessenia

Mom, these are those great gloves you sent me.  I left them in Internet point and then went back to get them a couple hours later.  Only to find that someone had BLOWN THEIR NOSE in my gloves!   I was not too happy...  I had to throw them away.  Luckily i have another pair.

Me, Sorella Ivory, Sorella Miles, Sorella Jessenia and Delby

Last meal from Leonardo

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