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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buono San Valentino!

Buon Giorno Famiglia!!!
     Well, we are finally back in good weather here in Ladispoli.  It was soooo fun though.  It snowed a lot here but just didnt stick too much.  Saturday i saw the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen in my life.  It was just so fun because these people never see snow like this.  THey were all outside taking pictures and it was great.  Anyway, the sun is back and I love it.  It was seriously weird to be able to see the sea and then there was just snow everywhere.  Doesnt seem right that way! :)  I hear Mar got snow too and sara right?  Maybe my quick read throughs were wrong.  But its great.  I will have to say that the snow makes it a little harder to do work around here though.
     We had another small group sunday in church but it was such a good sunday!  So many miracles!  First of all, Raffaella's boyfriend came to church!!!  Oh my gosh i was SHOCKED when i saw him.  i really didnt know how to react because i was just so shocked.  ANyway, he apparently came to church one other time during the summer and because church was only an hour this week, he came!  And he is reading and praying.  Not every day but oh if you only knew him you all would be shocked like i am.  I love miracles!!!  Have I ever told you about Giovanni?  He is from Romania and has been an investigator for like 8 or 9 years.  He is on and off with the lessons.  He had been teaching him constantly till dec and then he stopped answering our calls.  Then i was leading the music and saw him walk into church!!!  Im sure i looked so dumb cause i was just smiling away.  I couldnt help it!  Ok, then we are sitting there and even though there was snow Delby and Jessenia were able to make it to church and that was awesome because it snowed a lot at their house.  But miraculously all the roads were cleared and they made it!  Then the miracles continue.  Before church, i had talked to delby and she told me that jessenia needed to talk to us.  Usually in those circumstances it isnt good and i have to admit, i lost a little faith in march 3rd that she was praying for.  So after church we had a lesson with them.  Jessenia is BEAMING and told us that she is ready and it so excited to be baptized on march 3rd!!!  OH man.  i am sooooooo happy.  SHe is great.  ITs like having a member present lesson everytime we teach her and her mom.  Her testimony is so strong and i love hearing it!  I hope all goes well with that!!!
     Yesterday we had a lesson with just jessenia because her mom was sick and it was so good. We taught the plan of salvation and she loved it.  She has already heard most things so its fun having her teach us what she knows.  Its great teaching her because we are the same age, more or less, and so all 3 of us really relate to each other.  
     As for giorgia and edoardo, they are still getting baptized but it will be the 3rd or 4th of march because of the snow we couldnt see them and it was just coming too fast.  But they really want to get baptized while we are still here and im content with that:)
     Other things about this week?  I think thats all.  I have been studying about angels this week and exactly what they are.  Its SO cool.  You hear all the time that we can be the angels for other people but it hadnt really hit me till this week.  I was reading about how God sends his angels to preach the Gospel!  So all of us as we are talking about and sharing the Gospel are God's angels he sends to others so they can know the truth.  I always knew that but being a missionary has made it more real for me.  It has made me feel an even greater responsiblity in sharing the Gospel and being the best missionary i can be.  My heavenly father has put his trust in me to be his angel here in Ladispoli right now. I dont want to let Him down!
      OK, well, i better get going.  Thanks for everything.  Oh, and Preparation day is going to be tuesday next week.  So dont forget to send emails early:)  Thanks for the emails!!!  I love you all!   Have a great week and know that im always praying for my family and friends.  Heavenly Father has put some amazing angels in my life:)  CHeesy but its true!  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!
Sorella Chelsea

P.S.  THe other day i was reading the Liahona during personal study.  In the middle of the talk i decide i should look at the picture. Bryce??  What??  Haha.  SOOOOO random. Anyway, you are famous now.  You made it in the Liahona!

p.s.s.  Pictures are coming in another email.  ONce again my computer doesnt have a USB thing.  at least not that we can find!

Beach and cold weather
 Check out my bangs...
 You can't really tell, but the snow really stuck a little bit for one night.

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