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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Year????

    Che incredibile!  I cant believe that tomorrow is my year mark in the mission.  THat is NUTS!!!  I have been with sorella miles for pretty much everything big: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Year Mark and her 6 month mark (she has that the end of February).  Man, time just flies.  I feel like im just a baby in the mission and im one of the older sisters.  Thats crazy. 6 months ( i guess a little less) to really work hard and give it my all.  I am so grateful to be where i am!  I love my companion, Ladispoli, the ward, my mission president and the people we are teaching.  I cant imagine a better place to be.  We had a great week this week!  A great HUGE miracle that i made a recording about.  SO you can listen to it:)
    Anyway, we are calling this transfer "Operation Miracle Transfer"  Because that is just what it is going to be.  We have a goal of seeing 4 baptisms and i really think its going to happen!!!  I think i have told you about Giorgia and Edoardo.  Their mom is a member but the dad is pretty against the church.  They have been waiting for permission to be baptized and finally have it.  They wanted to wait to be baptized in the sea but then found out that one of us is probably leaving in march and so they decided very quickly that it will happen in february:)  Im sooooo excited for them.  Giorgia is 12 and is incredible.  She has such a strong testimony and just thinks and ponders about the gospel a lot.  SHe has great questions and a sincere desire to know.  Edoardo is 10 and is the same!  Its great!  So we are going on Friday to set a date for them to be baptized.  Pray for them!  This will be Giorgia's second time trying to get baptized.  The dad interferred last time.  It was a miracle that he gave them permission again!
    Jessenia and Delby are our miracles.  Jessenia already has a testimony and i think she would get baptized tomorrow.  They just showed up on church on sunday because finally after 3 years the mom wants to know about our church so her daughter can be baptized.  She is SOOOOOO cute and is 21 so we are all basically just great friends.  The mom is so funny and its going to be great teaching them.  Listen so the recording for more info.  It really was such a miracle to find them.  I have been praying so hard that we can find someone here in Ladispoli that is just ready to be baptized.  We have so many investigators that are so close but just wont make the step.  We arent giving up on them but to reach our 4 baptism goal its going to be necessary that we find people that are ready now.  ANyway, i think on sunday we are going with Jessenia and Delby to see the temple site and ill get some good pictures and send them your way.
    Next great thing, Mimoza (the blessing lady from Albania) is awesome!!!  Oh my goodness.  She is really scared to come to church and that is going to be our next big hurdle but she is reading the book of mormon.  LIke studying it.  She remembers all the stories and everyone's names and it is INCREDIBLE!  We have to go piano piano with her but she is really just doing it and its awesome.  We hadnt seen her last week because she was sick and stuff and when we went yesterday she told that she has been reading a lot and goes back over it if she doesnt get it. She is almost down with first nephi.  She said the most amazing prayer and at the end she said, "Thank you again for sending these girls to me.  I know that this was a sign that was sent to me from you and i love learning with them everytime they come."  Missionary work is the best!!!
     I am learning so many things.  Im really gaining such a strong testimony of the prayer.  That heavenly father is ready and waiting for us to pray.  What a powerful tool we have on the earth!  Its crazy to see how little people know about the prayer here.  They pray for the most basic things like for the world to have peace and for all the children in the world but dont understand that prayer is when we open our hearts and talk to our Heavenly Father.  That is something i LOVE about this work.  When someone gets it and offers a simple prayer but one that really is meaningful for them.  I love sharing that.  We dont have to memorize a prayer but its much simpler than that.  We open our hearts and tell our heavenly father what we need.  Then that is when the blessings really start coming.  I know that Heavenly father answers our prayers!
      Last thing.  We went to a members house not this sunday but the sunday before for lunch.  Then on thursday, this same member came and talked to us and told us that he can tell that me and sorella miles have a great relationship and because of it we  are able to bring a different spirit into people's home.  I always knew that was important but i guess i never really thought that people can just feel the love we have for each other and it makes the biggest difference in our teaching.  I love it!  I felt SO inadequate to train but i know that we are supposed to be together and it has worked out perfectly!
    Well, thats all.  I love you all so much and i miss you!  Thanks for your emails and love!  I feel it all the way here in Italy.  I love being here.  I sat in church just smiling and feeling so happy.  Im sure the bishop thought i was a weirdo but i couldnt help it.  I just felt so happy.  Thanks for being supportive while im here.  I need it and i feel it!  Have a great week and ill talk to you next week!!
Sorella Chelsea
4 Person bike:)
 Happy birthday package!
 all of us after the bike ride
 Us with the Del Core family.  Less actives that we love!

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