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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ciao Tutti!

Man, i love getting to come and write my family about all the great things!  This week has been good and we are going to do some great things in the next couple days.  I just want you all to know first how grateful i am to my heavenly father for all of you.  I pray for my family and friends a lot and i hope you really know that.

First things first.  Its going great in our 3 some.  Its so fun!  In some aspects, yes a little bit harder but its been great.  This is my 4th 3 some for just a couple weeks.  haha.  Heavenly Father knows that i have a lot to learn so he has given me lots of companions to learn and grow from.  Hopefully im learning what i need to be learning from all of them.  we get transfer calls on saturday and it will be interesting to see what happens.  For sure either im out or sorella Miles.  I would love to stay here but lll be happy with whatever.  I love Ladispoli though and everyone that i know here!  The thought of leaving makes my stomach hurt a little bit.  Not that it was easy by any means to leave my family and friends but its just so different on a mission.  I know my family (and most my friends.  At least the ones that write me.... haha) will be there when i get home.  Yes, some things will be different but for the most part its going to be the same.  Leaving a city in the mission though is hard!  There are so many people that even though i want to stay in contact with, i know it probably cant be that way with everyone.  Definitely one of the hardest parts of a mission.  BUt maybe im not even leaving here so i dont need to think about that yet:)

We had zone conference this week and it was soooooo good.  I love Anziano Texiera.  Im so glad that he came to us twice since i have been here.  He and his wife are just incredible.  I always have such a strong desire to work harder but it was especially big this time.  I had a little break down in the train on the way home.  Not big but so many missonaries just kept telling me that im pracitically  dead (a mission term for when you go home).  Its not even true but it just scared me a little.  So it got me thinking and i was just a little overwhelmed at how many more things i want to learn and change before i get home.  I dont really think about how long till i go home so it was just a weird moment for me.  Anyway, its not over so i still have time to work hard and develop into the person i want to be.  We are hitting the pavement though.  ITs great!  I cant tell you about our goals yet but next week i will.  We want to see some good things here in Ladispoli!  Pray for us and our goals this week!  We really need it!

As for our weekend here, we are really excited.  All the baptismal interviews are done and everyone is good to go.  Keep Jessenia, Giorgia and Edoardo in your prayers this week.  I hope saturday and sunday are such special days for them.  Our ward is so excited because they havent had a baptism in like 3 years.  Hopefully that will help with the turn out.  Also president kelly told us that he is going to try and come to at least one of them.  That would be awesome!  They are all so ready and so excited.  Jessenia is telling all her friends and wants them to be able to be a part of this.  She has waited for so long and she is just dying to be baptized.  I hope all goes well.  We arent the ones filling up the font so hopefully that goes over better this time:)  The baptisms will be at the Rome 1 building and there will be pctures to come next week!.

Thats all for me this week.  I want you all to know that i know this is the true church.  What we have is incredible.  I love the plan of salvation.  That has brought me so much comfort so many times!  We were teaching Jessenia's mom the plan of salvation and she was just so confused about who God is.  That he and jesus christ are not the same person and that he isnt not just some spirit floating around but that he is a person that has a body and we are literally his children.  KNowing that makes our prayers so much more meaningful and real.  Joseph Smiths vision is proof that this is right.  And the book of mormon is proof that he was a prophet.  It just all goes together and i love it.  sorry if that doesnt make sense.  I hope you all have a great week and know that i love you!  Talk to you next week!!!
Sorella Chelsea
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