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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow and goodness!

Ciao Famiglia!!!
   Well this week was a really strange week for Rome.  It snowed
quite a bit there and hadnt snowed in 26 years!   So crazy.  So that
put a little damper on our week this week...  It really hardly snowed
at all but some of our investigators and the majority of our members
dont live in Ladispoli.  They live more in the mountains and were
pretty much stuck in their house.  All of our appointments friday
night and all day saturday were cancelled because there werent any
buses.  And there were like 20 of us in church on sunday. haha.  It
was still a great sunday and all is well now.  We are in Rome right
now and most of the snow is melted.  They say it might snow again
later this week.  Just PRAY for us that it doesnt.  We have a really
important lesson on thursday and on saturday that we really cant miss.
 Ill get to those in a min.  Anyway, it hasnt snowed in Utah and
apparently we brought the snow with us here.  Sorry!
    Well, first i should say that we have 2 baptismal dates!!  With
those 2 little kids, Giorgia (12) and Edoardo (10)!  They still need
to make sure its all ok with the dad but we talked with them and their
mom and set it up.  Feb. 25th.  What a perfect day:)  haha.  Im really
excited.  They are just the cutest things and i have never meet 2 kids
their age that just have this pure desire to know everything and they
ask great questions to make sure they understand.  They are great!  We
are going to see them Saturday so we should know better everything
that the dad said.  Giorgia really wants her baptism in the sea but i
just think they would die from the cold.  I hope that she will be ok
doing it in the church.
   Really quick, Diana Marchetti from the ward wont be going to the
MTC till the middle of March now cause her visa isnt done.  Im
guessing that she will actually be at temple square in May.  Im SOOOOO
excited for that.  Ill make sure to keep in touch with her because you
need to go see her!  She is the cutest!
    Oh, one more really quick thing.  Could someone check on the U's
website and tell me what the pre requisites i need to do to get into
an occupational or physical therapy school?  that would be great
information to know so i can figure out my classes in less time.
     Ok, on to better things.  Jessenia and Delby (Miracle story from
last week)  are incredible.  We had the most amazing lesson with them
on thursday!  I asked jessenia what her feelings are for the book of
mormon.  She told us that she feels joy and peace while she is reading
it but has tried to share it with her friends and they give her
doubts.  She said there are just sometimes when we doubts what she has
felt.  I dont even remember what we said to her next but then she just
started crying and said that she couldnt deny it and knows the book of
mormon is true!  She said she couldnt believe it has taken her 3 times
of coming in contact with the church to realize it.  Then we all bore
our testimonies to her mom about how she can have a testimony like we
all have if she will continue to read and pray and come to church.
And she really is doing it.  They are both reading every day.  And not
just reading but really studying and reading slowly so they understand
everything.  We also invited Jessenia to be baptized yesterday on
march 3rd.  She is praying about it to see if its right for her.  Man,
I love them.  She is just so prepared!  And they are coming to Utah in
September to visit family!
     Well, i think thats it for us here in Ladispoli.  I just feel so
much more blessed every day to be here and be with Sorella Miles.  we
are best friends and it makes this work so much easier!  I love it!
Its going to be really hard when one of us goes... Thats for sure.
Anyway, I love you all so much.  I love this work.  I feel joy and
love serving these people.  They are such a great passionate people!
And im turning Italian... haha.  If you think i talked with my hands
before my mission... haha.  You should see me now. :)  I know that
this Church is true.  it just all makes sense.  I am so grateful to
know that im a daughter of God.  Knowing that all these people here
are children of god and He wants so badly that they have the truth is
the best motivation.  Thanks for the love and support you have given
me!  Alla prossima!
Sorella Buma
P.S.  Nathan Broadhead.  I got your package!  Thanks so much for that!
 It came on my year mark.  PERFECT!  Letter coming your wayr!

Happy birthday Year Mark!
Fighting with the wind....  I lost...
Natalya (member going to Ukraine on her mission next month) and her mom
 Birthday cake we enjoyed at District Meeting.  Thanks;)

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